The Sim

Welcome to the Federation starship USS Washington NCC-81533-E, a member of Independence Fleet.

This sim is set in the year 2387 in the original timeline, post Dominion War.

The war with the Dominion is over, but the job of the Federation and those that serve has only just begun. Starfleet is once again able to focus on exploration and research, but it also must be a peace-keeper and rebuilder in the now occupied Cardassian space, and it is being ever mindful of the events unfolding with its close ally in the Klingon Empire and its tentative peaceful ally in the Romulan Star Empire.

The Washington-E is a Sovereign class vessel that has been upgraded with the latest in weapons and defensive systems. Her mission is one of peace, but like her captain, she is always prepared for war.

Players MUST be 15 and over and content typically fits inside a film level PG-13 rating, unless permission for more graphic content is approved by the captain.