Swiftly & Silently

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The Washington is ordered to the Neutral Zone to meet with representatives of the Romulan government. While believing this is a straight-forward diplomatic mission, they soon find out that the Tal Shiar is making a play for power in a silent coup attempt that forces the Washington to decide what is best for the Federation, a Romulan Empire controlled by the current regime, or one controlled by the brutal and treachery Tal Shiar? Learning that Sela is leading the Tal Shiar forces certainly puts things in perspective, and the Washington in jeopardy.

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The Washington crew gathers on Jupiter Station and prepares for the first voyage together.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Training Day

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The Washington heads off to the Neutral Zone with a special mission that includes following up with the Romulans after the USS Titan has left. A mystery quickly ensnares the crew and requires that they put to use bonds as a crew that have yet to develop.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Shore Leave

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The crew takes a quick shore leave on the Starbase before moving forward to the next mission.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Open Wounds

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The Washington is ordered to inspect the progress of the provisional government on Cardassia Prime, only to find something far too familiar festering at the heart of the world.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Starbase Victory

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The crew of the Washngton takes leave while the ship is repaired and they await orders for their next mission.

The Cestus Incident

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The Washington is ordered to the Cestus system to check on a colony world that has gone silent...again. Just like what happened a century ago, the colony of Cestus III has gonesilent once more. Are the Gorn once again guilty of attacking a Federation colony?

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Moments of Joy

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The crew of the Washington returns to Utopia Planetia for ship upgrades. While the ship is in drydock, the crew goes on shore leave and gets the opportunity to relax after some very stressful missions.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

A Trip to the Drugstore

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The Washington is sent to make a medical supply run and assist with a convoy. But is their vile powers hiding in space waiting to ambush the Washington and convoy?

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Ace of Spies

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Intelligence work includes spying and spies. The Romulans are known to be the best at this. But that doesn't mean StarFleet is devoid of such people. The Washington gets pulled into another spygame, and things could get deadly before it is all done.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Port Call

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Hold over between missions

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

What Honor Requires

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The Washington is ordered to join a small Klingon contigent inside Klingon space to further bolster the friendly ties between the Federation and Klingon Empire. But when an event happens that requires immediate response, honor must be satisfied, but at what cost?

Between Missions

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Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Needs of the Many

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The Washington is sent on a humanitarian mission to a new sector of space. The mission seems simple enough, but what unforeseen mysteries and perils await the crew?

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Starve a Cold, Feed a Future

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The USS Washington is to deliver much needed supplies to a struggling Romulan outpost in Nequencia. It seems like a simple shakedown cruise for the new command team until murder and rioting turns things sour. Can the crew calm down the population, figure out whodunnit, for what purpose and bring them to justice?

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

We're off to see the Beta Quadrant

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The current mission is the ship leaving the earth and start heading towards the Beta quadrant.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

There is a Destiny...

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There is a Destiny which has the control of our actions, not to be resisted by the strongest efforts of Human Nature.

The USS Washington is entering a White Dwarf Star System decimated by the explosion of their star going nova many centuries ago.

All but the last planet of the solar system has been melted, evaporated or completely decimated in some way. The outermost planet is completely barren and scorched on one side but approximately half of the planet was not fried by the nova explosion.

The Washington will survey the outermost planet until unusual circumstances draw them toward the remnants of the star.

Part of Current Missions under Capt Kelley

Ancient Power

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En route to rendezvous with a supply vessel, the Washington encounter a species not seen in a century, using technology that is over a millenia old and still a mystery. With a dangerous and greedy race holding Federation citizens hostage and with an ancient technology currently in control by such a race, the washington must find a way to rescue the hostage and eliminate the ancient technology before the entire universe falls prey.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

The Forge

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The crew of the Washington travels to Vulcan for a conference, but trouble is abound when a group of rebels is found to have infiltrated the conference in hopes of assassinating several key ambassadors. Can the crew of the Washington discover the plot and foil the rebels in time?

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Starbase 6 - Shore Leave

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The crew gets to have some fun for a few days while starfleet gets together the next official mission of the Washington.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Artificial Intelligence

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The new captain and crew are faced with a M5 style situation, only this time it is the Romulans who get themselves into trouble.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

Fresh Adventures

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This will be a short mission to allow everyone to get on-board the Washington and for us to get re-oriented. The USS Washington has docked at Starbase Prime, get some R&R and enjoy the station's facilities, meet the CO and other new players etc.

Part of Pre Capt Kelley/2012 missions

The Royal Path of Life

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In the wake of the destruction of Romulus, many Romulans were away from the planet at the time. One of which was an imperial star wing led by Emperor Augustulus. Upon hearing of the Destruction of Romulus, Emperor Augustulus decided he would take his imperial star wing to find another planet that he could rule over... a new Romulus from which to direct the scattered remains of the Star Empire and consolidate his power once more, to better pursue the Romulan’s destiny of conquest.

The Washington has been ordered to track down Emperor Augustlus’s star wing and find out what has happened to it... and if necessary, to stop him from conquering a planet outside the Neutral Zone, expanding the Empire’s borders with their new homeworld.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

I Don't Wanna Grow Up I'm a Washington Kid

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The Crew of the Washington will all be transformed into children except for the ESH.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

Back to Earth

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We have been ordered back to Earth for much needed R&R.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

Ojnas Peace Challenge

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The crew of the Washington are sent on a special diplomatic mission that has major implications. A third party has been requested by both the Tholians and the Ojnas in an attempt to end hostilities between the two races. In a surprise move, both races looked to the Federation, and even more surprising, demanded Captain Shran and the Washington to host an mediate the talks. But peace will not come easy for these two long battling foes, and while peace between them would bolster Federation relations, personal issues with both races lurk beneath the surface looking for a way to manifest and break up the peace talks. Will the Washington manage to do what seems impossible?

I stop the world and freeze with you

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The Washington is sent to planet Pyewacket after the federation lost touch with the planet. When we arrive we discover the planet is inhabited but the entire planet and its ecosystem is in cryogenic stasis.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

The search for Safefta

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Safefta has been kidnapped and we are currently trying to find her

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

Wibbly Wobbly Wedding

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Matt and Safefta find their propoosal, engagement and marriage happen quickly

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

I Can Hear the Psirens

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The crew of the washington is sent to an area of space where ships have gone missing. It is named the Devils space.

Part of Current missions under Captain Elphaba

Coming Together

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The new crew of the USS Washington comes together on the newly refitted vessel, and must learn about the ship, and each other. But being in dock isn't always without mystery.

A Planetary Survey

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The crew of the Washington explores a star system, and finding an M-class planet sends down away teams to explore. But things go wonky for the crew once they get ot the surface, and mysteries need to be solved before tragedy strikes.

Solving a Mystery

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The Washington investigates the sudden communication blackout with the New Chicago colony near Orion space. With no way of knowing if the problem is mechanical, natural, or an attack of some kind, they look to determine the situation and correct it as quickly as possible.

Of Gods & Men

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The crew of the Washington encounter a entity that refers to himself as Puck. The mischievous entity seems to have Q-like powers and seems to love the works of William Shakespeare, turning the ship and crew upside down with his hijinks. When the crew gets fed up enough, they have to come up with a way to stop his games before somebody in the crew ends up serious injured, or worse.

Shadow Games

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The crew of the Washington is given a mission from Starfleet Intel and Security. The crew is kept at a need to know manner, but things are eerily quiet as the captain gathers his specific personnel for a portion of the mission he won't discuss with everyone.


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The crew of the Washington arrives at the paradise planet of Pacifica for some much needed R&R and hijinks of all manners entail.


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The Washington is given orders to seek out and assist a colony ship that requested assistance but then went silent. The crew locates the colony ship marooned on a Class-M world that it wasn't meant to land on, the colonists forming a thriving colony. They also find that the planet already has an indigenous species that is moving from an Industrial stage into a computer age, and the colony will soon be located by this expanding species, who has accidentally already been exposed to the colonists biologically, causing an illness that is beginning to spread like a plague. With multiple problems to be solved, most notably a Prime Directive issue, how will the Washington handle things?