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Ramblings of a mad Ojnas

Posted on Mon Apr 30th, 2018 @ 1:17pm by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho


"Blessings to my Captain, blessing upon my vessel. So now the Federation and Star Fleet will finally help my people, but to do so they place this very vessel directly in the firing line. I wonder if that it is because I serve upon this vessel, that they do this. The Grand Council I hope will assist us in our endeavours, but the Council of Elders could be our main problem. No doubt the P'som Tee will be involved in some way, and I can almost be certain that it's involvement will not be positive.

My Captain appears to think this mission will be difficult, how right he is. My people may prove unmovable in certain respects, our home planets being one that I can think of. They may also want the original seven systems returned, as to what condition these are in after all this time I dread to imagine. Jon seems less inclined to this mission than the Captain, Enomblo and his actions have never left him nor has he forgiven my people for arresting me and condemning me to death. He still I believe, blames himself for what transpired.

I must conduct myself openly and with honour when we make contact with the Ojnas vessel which will lead us to the Grand Council, they may demand my removal from proceedings as I have been deemed traitor to my people. How will the Captain deal with such a request?

Blessings to my family and this vessel, computer save log and place it in my personnel file".



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