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Security Set Up

Posted on Sun May 20th, 2018 @ 9:53pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis

Security Log

We will be arriving at apparently what was once the Ojnas homeworld in the morning. The Tholians have requested passive and short range scans only so we won't know exactly what the planet itself is like until we enter the system. Sachzny has given some basic information to us, but a great deal of what she could provide was only speculation and oral tradition passed down as her race was driven from the world several generations ago. It makes me wonder what kind of information would be provided about Earth and the Sol system if humanity were driven from its homeworld.

The Tholains have tied our hands for the most part when it comes to what we can and cannot do. The captain I think tired of my protestations and finally forced certain issues with the Tholians in regards to allowing for a single armed security officer being part of the diplomatic party. The captain decided to take myself as that security officer after I gave him no real alternative. I am looking forward to seeing what this world looks like, but I am acutely aware that a great many dangers lurk. I wish we had more information to work with, but I will just have to plan quick and fast once we enter the system.

End Log


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