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Talks Continue

Posted on Thu Aug 16th, 2018 @ 11:46pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

The talks between the Ojnas and Tholians continue to go unexpectedly well. The Tholians put up an interesting offer that I honestly would never have conceived of if given a thousand years to contemplate. The deal hinges on the Ojnas accepting that they will not get all of the worlds they wanted, but getting the majority of the original colonized worlds, including their homeworld back. The caveat imposed was that they had to make a peace agreement with the Federation, whereas the Federation would function as guardian overlords to a degree as the Ojnas return home and become a true civilization again, no longer nomads in space.

A short recess allowed for me to go into negotiation with the Ojnas delegates directly, and after making certain concessions that I am certain both Starfleet and the Federation Council can live with, I believe a peace accord in essentially now in place, though the more technical details will have to be arranged by the more seasoned diplomats once these current talks conclude. I don't know if I feel worse for the Ojnas or the likely diplomats regarding that, but likely the Ojnas, as I am certain that for talks such as these, a Vulcan will be sent in to lead the talks, and my people know all too well how aggravating they can be.

As an aside, I have had a disturbing talk with my XO Jon Grayson. He feels I went behind his back and that I do not trust him due to me sending Sachzny on a personal mission to her people. Like most humans his emotions overwhelm him at times when a conflict regarding duty is involved. I can understand his point of view, I simply disagree with it. He is a fine officer though, and I couldn't run the ship without him. I still believe he will make a fine captain in another year or so once I finish up the, what is the human expression, spit and polish?

Counselor Stratton came to speak with me regarding Jon, but I avoided speaking with her directly on the subject because of actual pressing concerns, though Sachzny was not as lucky. I am certain I made a verbal error though mentioning the Romulans around her, as I know they are a personal sore spot for her due to her family loss. I will have to make up for that once these talks are concerned, and that may mean having to do something with the counselor and perhaps Jon as well. It will be for the best I am sure.

I must get back to the planet. The Tholians do not take well to tardiness. I am hopeful that we will have a positive resolution to report to command soon.

End Log.


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