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Time to go a-hunting

Posted on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: Current


Sachzny looked onto the corridor outside her cabin, it was clear. Moving swiftly she headed for the shuttlebay, and once there liberate a shuttle. She had to find an Ojnas vessel, and quickly. The Washington was already above her planet, but she knew the Ojnas delegation vessel was still on rout to the conference. The reports stated it was alone, Sachzny knew different. That vessel had escorts, she intended to find one and use it to her advantage.

She entered the bay and looked around, it to was empty of personnel. Locating a Type 2 shuttle she readied for launch, but that would be the hard part. She had earlier managed to disable the tractor beam with out being caught, now she needed to open the shuttle doors with out alerting the bridge. After five minutes of trying she decided to just leave and take her chances.

Entering the shuttle, Sachzny had put the door opening on a computer operated timer. She made ready and waited, suddenly the doors cracked open and the alarm sounded. Pushing the throttle to full ahead she shot out of the bay, comunication with the Washington was not an option she had disabled her radio and put in place a scattering field. They wouldn't be able to beam her out, nor talk her back to the ship.

She banked hard over and below the ship, and used the bulk of the Washington against it's self. She waited for about a second then inputting the heading for the Ojnas vessel blasted away at full speed, her heart ached at her actions but she had to do this for her Sinkahue. She hoped they would understand, and would allow her back when she completed this mission. Maybe Jon would understand, she hoped he would.



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