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A Sudden Family Meeting.

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2018 @ 11:38am by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Deep Space
Timeline: Current


Sachzny's shuttle hung silently in space, everything had been closed down as she waited for her prey. Then she noticed a vessel approaching, she knew by its outline that this was what she was seeking.=^= "Sha-Rathshu P'Glosho of the P'som Tee, I require recovery as this alien shuttle has trouble with the engines"=^=. By stating she was P'som Tee, it would place the crew under her Command. Even the Sinkahue of the vessel wouldn't challenge her, it was her only way of getting onboard and damaging the hold of the P'som Tee its self.

=^="Kie-Rathshu S'Poitus of the Republic Forces Yanetru Senior Flight, I understand your difficulty. We will render assistance forthwith, please stand by"=^=. Sachzny listened to the reply, she detected no hesitation in the voice. A tractor beam locked on and she was pulled into the ships shuttle bay, she watched as the crew rushed to secure the shuttle and prepare for her arrival. Straightening her uniform and standing behind the door she pressed the button to open that door, stepping out she watched as the shuttle crew moved away from her.

She motioned at a crewman to approach her, "Take me to the Sinkahue of this vessel, I must speak with them". The crewman bowed but remained where he was, "Sha-Rathsue, I require you come no further. Our Sinkahue is a P'som Tee also, she orders you to surrender to her". This was a problem Sachzny had not foreseen, if the Sinkahue had checked with their High Command she would know of Sachzny's exile and being condemned traitor. "Surrender? A P'som Tee does not surrender, now take me to the Sinkahue". She hoped by bluster that the crewman would buckle under her orders, he moved forward but only to draw his weapon. "Sha-Rathsue, surrender what weapons you carry now. Or I will open fire". Sachzny pulled out an Ojnas phaser and dropped it onto the deck, "I will remember this insult, and I will remember you".

Following his pointing she walked slowly towards the doors, her mind raced to find an answer to this situation. Once clear of the shuttle bay the crewman lowered his weapon, "Pardon me Sachzny, but I know of you and your exploits with the Human Federation. You should not have come here, our Sinkahue is indeed P'som Tee and very dangerous to you". The fact this crewman knew her name shocked her, but to then speak to her in such a way meant that she was indeed known for what she was. "What is your name?", she asked. "C'Astnoy P'Glosho. I am one of you own family, thank the Gods you gave me the chance to intercept you first. As a traitor you are under sentence of death, and many onboard know of this".

Family, a word she hadn't heard for over two years. And now before her stood one of HER family, one she had never met nor did she even know. "Astnoy, what do you suggest? Now I am here, it will be difficult for the Sinkahue NOT to know of my condemnation". Astnoy smiled, "You are not alone in what path you have chosen to travel, I have heard your thoughts and believe your course is correct". They were connected? But she had heard nothing, "How have you heard my thoughts? I surely would have heard you, or can you shield those thoughts?" He shook his head, "No, but you have forgotten how to be silent when you need to be. Those Humans have led you astray, and you now must re-learn how to be Ojnas".

Walking towards the secondary shuttle bay, Astnoy pointed at an Ojnas single seat fighter. "This was damaged in combat, but now it sits here forgotten. Behind us some ten light years is our generational vessel, it is there you must travel in this. Our family head will welcome you as I will inform them of your arrival, work with them and become what you have now chosen to be. A new Ojnas that works with and knows this Human Federation, help bring us home and end this war". Sachzny nodded and placed her hand on his arm, "I thank you Astnoy, blessings upon you and our family. I will try and live up to your hopes". Climbing into the fighter she placed the helmet on her head, suddenly she shot out of the ship and hitting the throttle sped to what she could call home.



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