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One Step at a Time

Posted on Tue Jun 19th, 2018 @ 1:29am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Deanna Celes

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Ojnas Homeworld

Shran took in the sight of the sky for a few moments longer, enjoying being on a planet again. This planet was special though; it held special importance to a member of his crew, to a person who he considered a friend, and that made this place that much more special and important. His duty here weighed upon him like the gravity of a red giant star, and he knew that the situation was going to be as volatile as a star nearing supernova. But for just a moment, he enjoyed the view of the sky.

A voice in his mind that he knew all to well returned him to his focus. "We must move along captain" said the voice of Celes in his mind.

He nodded. "Indeed" he said aloud in a tone not much higher than a whisper. He began to walk through a stone archway and into a hallway, Celes beside him and Ayana moving to the front on point, he guard on high. Estella was a few steps behind them, looking a tad apprehensive.

"I worry that the telepathic mental strain is going to tax you rather quickly" Celes said aloud as they walked.

Shran gave a half smile in her direction. "You must think me a rather feeble old man. I assure you, I can keep up with you or any other telepath as needed."

"You do possess an endurance that is above average to be sure, but even still, I do not think that your will power alone will get you through this" she responded.

Shran smiled again as he sent a mental image to Celes. She turned to him in mock shock as her cheeks tinged a light red, "You dirty old man" she said with a chuckle in her voice as she lightly punched him in the arm.

"Never underestimate me obtaining whatever I desire. I have decided to give my all to ensure a peaceful resolution that ultimately ends with the Ojnas returning home. No race deserves to endure the loss of a homeworld in the manner in which they have, and if I can make it right, I will." Shran stopped for a moment and was quiet, "Sachzny has earned this opportunity, this chance to see her world, a world that is only a legend essentially to her and her people. Her people deserve to get this chance. And while not all of her people may like the Federation, it is because Sachzny has sacrificed herself in some way to be part of the Federation that this opportunity now exists. We will be neutral in the manner we must be, but rest assured, the result that comes from this diplomatic meeting is already set in my mind."

Shran began to walk again, and Deanna took a moment to gather herself and to take a rather sobering look at the situation. She had never felt Shran's convictions so strongly before. She could tell that Ayana and Estella had felt the emotions he had fleshed out as well. This certainly was going to be interesting. "One foot in front of the other I suppose, one step at a time" she said softly.


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