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Posted on Fri Jul 6th, 2018 @ 12:24pm by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Ojnas Generational Vessel
Timeline: Current
Tags: Sachzny


The ship appeared on Sachzny's scope, but it's size made it visible even at this distance. 5.6 million of her kind lived on that vessel, it was almost a planet more than a ship. It's size and slow speed meant it was kept at a distance from any fighting, but now because of the peace talks it had to be brought to the system to prove Ojnas openness and faith in the Federation and their envoy. Traveling some four hours behind that vast vessel was Sachzny's final destination, a smaller more homely ship almost filled with just one family. Her family, one that she hadn't seen for over two years.

=^="Sha-Rathsue N'Sachzny P'Glosho of the P'som Tee, I seek permission to dock"=^=. The operations Officer listened to the Pilot of the incomming fighter with a scant regard, =^="The P'som Tee are not welcome here, Sha-Rathsue. But Sachzny of the house P'Glosho would be welcome if she arrives as a Federation representative"=^=. The response she got shocked Sachzny, to openly oppose the P'som Tee was unheard off. If this movement was more widespread her mission just might work, but first she had get aboard that vessel.

She slowed the fighter down to shadow the generational ship, dressed as she was permission to dock was never going to be granted. =^="Do you have replicators on board?"=^= The op's officer was curious, =^="Yes we do, both food and clothing types. Why?"=^= Sachzny now had a way to board, =^="Allow me to use a clothing replicator, I will then wear the uniform of the Federation"=^=. A long silence followed, =^="I grant you permission to dock with us and use a replicator, but the uniform you wear will be forfeit as we are short on re-supply"=^=. She had no problem with that condition, =^="I understand, and will comply. Sachzny of the house of P'Glosho hereby swears it"=^=. A chuckle came across the either, =^="Then dock your vessel Sachzny, welcome home"=^=.

Pulling her ship into a tight turn she headed for the landing bay, the doors opened and a vast hanger appeared before her. She gaped in open wonder as other Ojnas could now be seen moving about, But flashing lights showed her where to go. Auto pilot now took over and the ship entered a small covered hanger, a replicator and nothing else was there the meaning was being made as clear as possible. Climbing down from the fighter she crossed to the replicator, quickly inputting the specifications of her normal Star Fleet uniform she smiled as it now appeared. Hiding under the wing if the fighter she changed, placing her P'som Tee uniform into the recycle container. As it disappeared she replicated her rank insignia, once on she exited the small hanger and stood almost surrounded by Ojnas.

"I am Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho of the USS Washington, a Federation vessel. I serve my Captain and Star Fleet with honour, and will defend my ship until death". A small male Ojnas pushed his way through the crowd, "I am Kie-Rathsue Anigam P'Glosho of the house of P'Glosho, welcome to my vessel. I to serve my vessel and house with honour, and will defend both until death". With the proper greetings now given and received Anigam beamed at Sachzny, "Welcome home sister of mine, and welcome to the Federation of which you serve". Sachzny looked at the Ojnas, "Thank you brother of mine, blessings upon you. But I must speak to our House Defender, much needs to be done in a most short time. The Federation conducts talks of peace and the return of the seven, the P'som Tee wish to prevent this. As do the Council of Elders, we must act to stop their interference". Anigam simply nodded, "Be at peace sister, much has happened and changed since you left us. The Elders no longer control the P'som Tee, as they were defeated in battle with Grand Council Forces. Both now hold no sway over our people, your light and the Federation you serve have guided us here. Fear nought, only the Grand Council will attend as only they and they alone now guide the Ojnas".

Sachzny was dumbfounded, the very thing she had wanted to happen had already taken place. Her mission had been completed before she even left, what should she do now? "Anigam, what pre-empted this?" She asked, thinking just how she would report this to her Captain. Anigam pointed to the open space around the ship, "We were told a Federation envoy had promised the return of the seven, the Council of Elders attacked the Grand Council to stop this. But the first families stood with the Grand Council, and the P'som Tee fell to OUR troops. That is why we escort the council, our family stands for the return of the seven. And when we learned that you were with the Federation envoy, then we knew our course was true. News of this event will be made known to all, at the peace conference". Her mind in a compleat muddle, Sachzny looked around her. oO Our people will finally know peace and have a home Oo she thought. "I must return to the Federation, my Captain and Federation envoy must know of this. I will return one day, but I am a Federation citizen and so there is where I will serve". Anigam bowed to her, "I am proud of my sister, please return to us soon. Go with our honour and defend our people with the Federation".



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