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Away Team Conference

Posted on Tue Aug 21st, 2018 @ 10:15pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Shran's Office on the Ojnas Home World
Timeline: Current

Sachzny made her way to the Captain's Office, she had to inform him of what had been said when she had gone with the Ojnas peace party. Just how this would be taken was as yet unknown, She rang the door chime and waited.

Shran had been through quite a lot in the last 45 minutes, and it felt like he was nearing the finish of the treacherous challenge, but he still expected a surprise to pop up. Part of him had expected the fanatical part of the Ojnas to attack, which was why he had sent Sachzny on her solo mission to begin with, not that he could ever tell anyone that. So far it appeared that whatever she had done had been a successful conclusion to that mission. The other part of him thought the Tholians were going to be unnecessarily uncompromising, simply calling this conference to avoid immediate action by the Federation should the Tholians decide to make a final coup de grade. They had thus far been somewhat aggravating but compromising, so far. He walked to his drinking shelf and grabbed the bottle of Romulan ale he had, pouring himself a sizeable drink. It would be the only drink he would have until this was complete, but he needed it to keep his nerves from fraying. He heard the door chime. He wondered if it was Jon come to discuss things again, or perhaps Estella or Celes come to discuss matters with him, or Ayana wanting to reiterate security concerns, or Sachzny wanting to discuss more about he people. Whoever it was, he knew he was going to have to make it brief so that they could get back down to the conference quickly. He took another long slip from his drink and then spoke, "Enter."

She heard the Captain and entered, "Blessings upon you Captain, and your family. The Grand Council have voted to accept all that was proposed, despite some reservations from the Grand Defender and my father. But I feel this is going too easily, do you not feel the same?"

A recent conversation with Jon and the present negotiations between the Ojnas and Tholians weighed on Estella's mind. After some deep reflection and contemplarion, the counselor decided to touch base on both subjects. She paused a moment outside the open door and peeked in. Sachzny was already there. The weight in Estella's mind fell to set like a barbell on her chest.

Shran nodded and then took another gulp from his beverage. "I have had thoughts on that matter. I have several possibilities, but a human saying runs through my mind that seems relevant. The saying goes to not look a gift horse in the mouth. I have also thought about an old human historical tale of a ploy known as the Trojan horse, which leads to the human saying, beware Greeks bearing gifts. As these thoughts have run through my mind, I have wondered how cautious your people should be regarding the Tholians in this matter. I believe the Tholian offer is genuine, but I do not think they believe your people capable of taking care of themselves. This may be an elaborate ploy to return your people to solid ground only to enslave you later under the guise of saving your people, much like the Klingons did a century ago during their expansionist period. But as the humans say, we have an ace in the hole. The Federation will honor our protection agreement with your people, and I suspect your people are far more resilient than the Tholians give them credit for."

Bowing Sachzny smiled, "I thank you for being so complimentary Captain, I have read the story of the Greeks and their horse . But I do not think even the Tholians could be so stupid, we are more than ready to defend ourselves. And would the Federation really risk war with the Tholians, just to protect the Ojnas?" She walked over to Shran and stood a few feet away from him, "The Grand Council has many doubts about how the peace can be defended without offending either the Tholians or the Federation, do you think a neutral zone such as the one between the Romulans and the Federation would work for us?" She didn't want to seem overbearing but Shran was the one with the answers, the Andorians had been in a similar situation themselves early in Federation history. This gave his people a unique perspective on her peoples situation, and he himself a kind of intimate knowledge of how the Ojnas would react.

Estella stood silent in the doorway and listened as the Captain and Sachzny exchanged words and their thoughts on the recent negotiations. She couldn't argue with what she'd heard of eithers observations. The process seemed to have gone far more smoothly than even she had anticipated given the long history between the Tholians and the Ojnas. It had struck her as more than a little odd that there hadn't been more demands made. However, she wasn't about to complain about their good fortunes. Though she did have to wonder a bit about the question Sachzny presented as she was curious about that matter herself. How far would the Federation go to help the Ojna? Would they risk open war or would they leave them to fight the matter out on their own? The thought of the latter worried her some. "I have wondered the same, Captain." Estella piped in softly only addressing one of her concerns openly.

Shran glanced towards the door and with a smile beckoned the counselor to enter. "I don't think a neutral zone is going to happen here. It would require both sides to give up systems. The Ojnas can't afford to do that, and the Tholians have no desire for it. That leaves the Federation to play peacekeeper, a role the Federation knows well. While the Federation has no desire to go to war with the Tholians or anyone else for that matter, the Federation protects its friends and allies, and I think we can safely assume that before all is said and done, that will be where the Ojnas and Federation stand."

Glancing round to look at Estella, Sachzny smiled. "It is good to see you again Estella, but this reunion maybe short lived. Jon has decided that we can no longer remain friends". She then returned her gaze to the Captain, "Your thoughts are correct as usual Captain, but I fail to see how the Federation could possibly complete those promises without the Tholians resorting to war?" She walked towards the councelor, "How do you think we should proceed Estella?"

Shran shook his head. "The Tholians can't afford to go to war with the Federation. It would violate their treaty with us to begin with, and our other allies would join the war as well. A war with the Federation would mean a war with the Klingons and potentially the Romulans as well. The Tholians simply can't win such a fight. The war they have with your people has remained, sadly, considered an internal conflict until now. Once peace is achieved, the rules for the Tholians change. Perhaps the Tholians have simply tired of war. It is a hopeful thought." Shran finished his drink and then placed the glass down next to the bottle. "You two seem to need to have a moment. I'll leave you to it. Remember though, we are due back on the planet in just 7 minutes. Not much times to chat." The Andorian side-stepped the two females and took his leave.

The Counselor's hazel eyes dimmed, clouding over into a winter's morning gray upon hearing Sachnzy's words. Pride. Tholians, Ojnas, Andorian, or Human all instilled a certain sense of it. Jon clearly had acted on his while it was wounded. Her gaze lowered and Estella's shoulders tensed at the Captain's mentioning of two words. War and Romulans. Old wounds that had never fully healed due to the distance it had put between her and what was left of her family. Perhaps it was those same emotions, those same burdens that made her want so badly for things to mend between Jon, Sachnzy, and Shran. "Noted Captain," she nodded and glanced over at Sachzny. "Can we talk a moment, Sachnzy?"

Hearing a hint of pain in Estella's voice, Sachzny suddenly felt things were comming to an end. "Of course Estella, I hold no animosity towards you. Jon wishes to end our realtionship, but I would miss our talks". She moved closer and let Estella say what needed to be said, while wishing that things didn't have to alter.

There was no easy way to ask what she was about to. So Estella got straight to the point. "We both know how Jon can be." The counselor held out her arm to Sachzny, hoping to perhaps reassure her friend. She wanted to ask Sachnzy the same questions she was sure that Jon had asked himself a thousand times over, but chose not to. That was between them. "His pride has been wounded. He's hurting. Please, don't let him push you away. Give him time." The request was a personal one and one Estella hoped Sachzny would honor. Yet, she had no expectations. Either way, her feelings for them both would remain unchanged.

Sachzny took Estella's hand, "He has done more than push me away, he has doubted my oath to him. His back has been turned by emotion, his heart has become cold towards me". She looked deep into Estella's eye's, "His heart is yours, his being is yours. All that he is, is yours. My existence troubles him, so for those reasons I must do as he wishes. I must leave, and you must take my place. I have yet to ask for a transfer, so you have time". She let the hand drop and walked towards the door, "My people called me a new Ojnas, called the Federation the way forward. Perhaps it is to late for me, perhaps this P'som Tee Sha-Rathsue must now find another place to call home". She followed Shran, stopping at the door she turned, "I will miss you Estella, my Human sister".

Estella's fingers laced with Sachzny's and squeezed. In his anger, Jon had deeply wounded a dear friend. Just what had he said to Sachzny to make her feel the need to leave? The counselor met her friend's gaze and her heart ached at the Ojnas' words. Sachnzy cared for Jon in a way that he couldn't possibly imagine. Why was it that men could not see what stared them in the face? "Will you not reconsider?" Estella asked, half pleading. She gave Sachnzy a questioning glance. "A P'som Tee... Sha-Rathsue?" So much of the Ojnas remained a mystery to her. It had been her hope to understand Sachnzy and her people better and to forge a friendship with the strong willed woman in front of her. Those hopes had been dashed with Sachnzy's decision to leave.

The request to reconsider took Sachzny by surpries, "Would my departure wound you so much Estella?" The pain on her dear friends face certainly hurt Sachzny greatly, "Unless Jon recants his wish, I have little option. I have no wish to leave, the Washignton is now my home. You and Jon along with certain others are my new family, this I can not deny nor will I". She hesitated her mind now in turmoil, how could she walk away from this friend no sister. "I will allow you to talk to Jon, speak to him and ask if he recants how he regards me. If he does indeed recant, then my sister I will remain here". She gave Estella a smile, how did this Human female become so attached to her? Why did the idea of leaving her cause so much heartache? Looking at the floor Sachzny turned to leave before Estella saw the tears deveolping in her eye's, "We must join the Captain" was all she could say.


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