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At Long Last, Peace

Posted on Thu Aug 30th, 2018 @ 12:07pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Ojnas Homeworld

Shran transported to the surface, leaving orders for the rest of his delegation to follow when they arrived. He couldn't risk arriving late and upsetting the Tholians. Anything could trigger them to step away from the table, and he wasn't going to let that happen. He materialized just outside the conference room and took a moment to fix his uniform tunic.

After the awkward conversation with Sachnzy, the Counselor straightened up her uniform and prepared to join both her Ojna friend and the Captain on the surface to conclude the negotiations. With luck, she wouldn't arrive late as punctuality was not only important to her, but crucial to the peace talks.

The Andorian stepped back inside and saw that miraculously, he was the first to arrive. He took his place and like clockwork, moments later the Tholian delegation arrived, led by Azrene once more. He nodded in her direction. A moment latter the Ojnas delegation entered and Shran nodded towards them, keeping eye contact for a moment with Sachzny's father as a sign of respect. "As peace envoy, I now declare this meeting once again in session. A proposal by the Tholian government was on the table awaiting Ojnas consideration. I ask the Tholians first, do you still stand by the offer?"

Azrene began to creek, "We do, so long as the Ojnas and the Federation can both live up to it."

Shran bowed his head towards Azrene in a sign of respect and then turned to the Ojnas, "An offer for peace has been placed to you, and then you and your people given time to deliberate. The Federation has agreed to continue play mediator and will honor the terms laid out. I ask you now, what is the answer of the Ojnas to this peace offer?" Shran waited in suspense for the Ojnas to answer, even though Sachzny had told him what they were to say. He never counted something as done until it was done.

Grand Defender Kashzir Umptirsa stood up slowly, he bowed to Shran. "We thank you Envoy, and your Federation for aiding us". He then turned to the Tholians, "The Ojnas hereby swear to uphold this peace treaty with the Tholians, and also ask for the assistance of the Federation to aid us in the endeavour". He then bowed a second time, glancing at Shran he grinned at him then sat down. Could the war finally be over? Would the Ojnas now walk on their home worlds again? He hoped so, plus he wanted to learn more about Humans and the Federation.

Shran took the physical document that had been created and walked to the edge of the barrier which gave way enough for him to place the document on the table before Azrene. She looked at the Ojnas and then to Shran, starring for a long moment at both. Finally, she took a writing device and adhered her name to the document. Shran gathered the document, reviewed the signature, bowed and then turned to the Ojnas and made his way over. While it was only a dozen or so steps, each step felt like another gravity was being added for him to push through. He finally placed the document before Kashzir and awaited his signature. He took a moment to look for Sachzny and Estella, but they had yet to make it down here. He found that odd. Sachzny in particular he thought would want to be here for such an occasion.

Kashzir looked at the treaty, deep within his mind a small thought took root. Peace would finally happen, and Ojnas would have a home to return to. He picked up the pen and wrote on behalf of his people, the fear of the Tholians fading as he looked towards Shran and the Federation.

Meanwhile outside Sachzny arrived in a plaza, in front of her stood a large temple. Moving forward she slowly approached it, from where she stood it looked complete. At the door she read the large sign in her native language, "The Basilica of Kar im Toru". The pillars at the front seemed so high but the portico when viewed as you approached fitted the building perfectly, she pushed the large doors open and entered. The main area was circular and very large, looking up she was astounded to see a dome with a circular hole in the centre. This was the first time she had ever seen a place of worship for her people, and this Basilica was so large and yet perfectly proportioned that it felt intimate. Without thinking she sank down and sat facing what had once been a statue, at it's feet a bowl shaped indentation full of water. Silently she prayed, she prayed for Jon and Estella. She prayed for her Father and her family, she prayed for the Washington and its crew. Sachnzy ended her prayer with but one request, she prayed for a second chance with her closest friend and that they could find common ground so she could stay and not be alone. Standing up she bowed towards the statue, tears fell from her eye's her heart broken at the thought she would end her days alone in a far flung outpost of the Federation.

To the Counselor's relief, she managed to arrive on time and fell into step behind the Tholians and took a seat next to Shran and listened quietly as the final delegations began. Estella managed to keep a stoic expression even as Azrene commented. Sometimes the Tholian's attitude toward the Federation rubbed her wrong. To her, it seemed the Tholian female had a large chip on her shoulder. Despite that, all seemed to be going well as the Ojnas remained humble and gracious. Yet, there was no sign of Sachnzy anywhere. This troubled the Counselor and she worried what kind of impression it might leave on the Tholians and the Ojnas. But for the moment, it seemed no one even noticed. That worried her even more. Sachnzy had made some bold moves and personal sacrifices to make this possible. Could no one see that? Perhaps that was what made this mission so difficult, knowing the cost of peace had been high. Was that why Sachnzy had not come?

Shran picked up the document and reviewed the newest signature. He smiled ever so slightly, looked up at Sachzny's father and bowed to him before turning and returning to his spot in the middle table. He took notice that Estella had arrived, as well as Sachzny's absence. He placed the document down before him, picked up the pen and adorned his name to the document as well. Upon finishing, he looked up and said in an even tone with just a hint of joviality, "It is done. From this point forward, the Tholians and Ojnas are at peace."

Azrene clicked a bit, then looking at Shran said in the nicest tone she had presented the entire conference, "We shall be watching closely captain to see if the Federation will uphold what has been agreed upon, as well as watching the Ojnas. We celebrate peace, do not force us to resort once more to war." With that, she creaked once more before dematerializing along with the two aides.

Shran look to the Ojnas delegation, "I believe your people have a home to return to sir."

Kashzir shook his head, "This can not be Envoy, we have our home back". He looked around the room, "Envoy, where is Sachzny? I thought she would be here for this day, after her work in aiding us. Has something happened to her?" Mozztar now looked at Shran, "Envoy where is my daughter? Have you sent her away for some reason?" The Ojnas delegation now started to move towards Shran and the Federation people, clearly they now wondered why the only Federation Ojnas was missing.

The missing Ojnas was at this time stood outside, looking up at the building and fearful of entering. Since being at the Basilica Sachzny no longer wanted to be a part of what was happening, she no longer felt part of it all.

"I expected her to be here as well. Give me a moment to determine if she is still aboard the ship." Shran stepped back and checked on his missing officer. Getting an answer, he returned. "It appears Sachzny has transported down to the planet, and is outside. I suspect this moment is bigger than she is prepared for. Perhaps you should go speak with your daughter, unless you would prefer me speaking to her."

Estella remained quiet while Shran exchanged words with Azrene and Kashzir. Her gaze wandered from the Sahnzy's empty chair to the door, half hoping and expecting her Ojnas friend to walk in at any minute. The Counselor rose slowly from her seat and bowed as she had seen Shran do to Kashzir before addressing Shran. "Captain, with your permission, I would like to go and speak with her. That is, if Grand Defender Kashzir Umptirsa has no objections."

Looking at this female, Kashzir only shook his head. "How the mind of the female works is beyond me, if you can reach Sachzny then please go to her. Tell her of this, ask her to come here and see her new world that she assisted in creating". Mozztar moved towards Shran, "Envoy, what ails my daughter? I feel a sadness so overpowering, is she injured?"

"I will do my best," Estella answered softly. With both Kashzir's and the Captain's blessing, she quietly took her leave of the room to go looking for her friend. After all that Sachzny had done and sacrificed to make this happen, why hadn't she come? Was it because of what had happened with Jon? Did Sachzny somehow feel unworthy to be there? If anyone, she was the most worthy and deserving to be there.

By now Sachzny had turned away from where the treaty had been signed, her mind was now empty of thought and her heart broken. She resolved to not return to the Washington, there was nothing to return to.

The Andorian was perplexed by the question before him. "The best answer I have for you is, in all honesty, I do not know. I can offer up only this, that your daughter is as complex a person as any I have ever encountered, made more so by her gender. I do not know for certain how it is with you race, but with mine and many others I have encountered, the mind and logic and rational thought are often overpowered by emotions and matters of the heart. I suspect your daughter is dealing with emotions rather than with rational thought and it is causing her anguish. With luck, the good counselor will be able to quell those emotions at least enough so that the rational has a chance to return. I would very much like to have your daughter return to duty on my ship, but only if that is what she wants."

Mozztar nodded slowly, "Only Sachzny would have emotional issues here and now, as a child she would connect with all sorts of creatures so she could empathise with them". He placed his hand on Shran's shoulder, "Envoy, I envy you not. I do not think my daughter has ever truly known what she desires. If this crew member can reach her, then please go to her. Wish her peace of mind from me, and inform her only to follow her heart".

"I hope Estella can reach her. She has a far better chance to do so on an emotional level than I do. She respects me as her captain, perhaps even as a friend, but I fear only Estella can fix this right now." Shran now waited with the Ojnas delegation to see what would happen next.

Estella lingered a moment outside the door and closed her eyes as she heard Shran address the Ojnas representatives. "As do I..." she muttered. "As do I." She just hoped that it wasn't already too late. Hand falling away from her heart, she walked through the halls in search of Sachzny. She prayed that her friend hadn't gone far and that she was nearby.


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By Commander Jonathan Grayson on Thu Aug 30th, 2018 @ 6:57pm

Excellent post by all involved. Lets hope Sachzny has her request filled.