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The Lost And The Lonely

Posted on Fri Aug 31st, 2018 @ 5:00pm by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Ojnas Homeworld
Timeline: Current


Sachzny continued to walk slowly around the area of the peace negotiations, her mind swirled with thoughts and every time she seemed to arrive at the same result. If she stay's with the Washington, she will end up alone. With her own people, she would have a place where she belonged. After all this time she hadn't found this on the Washington, no one called her sister or wife. The Humans had friends, Jon called her friend. Not sister, even after all this time she was not his sister. Her feelings for him hurt her so much, were they the feelings of a sister for a brother? As an Ojnas she would say yes, but these Humans didn't think that way.

Then there was Estella, her Human sister. But again this Human didn't think that way, even after she had called Estella sister the Human seemed to not hear her. Why was this? Again Sachzny's feeling for this Human confused her, like Jon she loved this Human. But not in the fashion the Humans loved each other, she still could not understand the Humans. Sachzny stopped and looked around her, the empty streets reflected her life at this time. The destruction also seemed to reflect how her life was heading, soon all that would be left were memories.

She started to walk again, there was no direction in her mind no journey to finish no mission to complete. Aimlessly she wandered up this street, down that street in this door out that door. Stopping at another shrine she removed her communication device, the Humans could use it to track her and she didn't want that at this time. She shielded her mind from both Ojnas and Human, even the Andorian would be unable to locate her as she closed herself off from everyone and everything. Looking upwards she could make out several vessels, she even found the Washington. Where was her home? Was it here on this dead planet of her ancestors? Was it up there on a Federation starship called Washington? She didn't know.

Sachzny now entered the shrine and once again sat facing a statue, this one was complete and the building smaller but just as grand as the first. She stared at the statue, it's features had been worn away over time and like her it seemed out of place. She tried to pray, but this time found she couldn't. Her heart wasn't in it any more, what was there to pray for? Peace? The Ojnas must have that by now, family? That had been and still was denied her, oh she had an Ojnas family that much was true. But she herself didn't have a family, she didn't even have a mate. Again a wave of despair washed over her, and she sank even deeper into herself.

A thought now entered her mind, it was an evil thought a desperate thought. The thought was to end it here in this place of worship, she had a phaser with her. All she need do was pull the trigger, and end this pitiful life. But that evil desperate thought was against her very nature, an Ojnas would not could not think that way. Then why did Sha-Rathshu N'Sachzny P'Glosho think this way? WHY? She could find no answer, perhaps there was no answer. Had it come to this, had she finally started to sink into madness? The thought scared her, standing up she turned to leave. But where to go?



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