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Seeking Inner Peace

Posted on Mon Sep 3rd, 2018 @ 5:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

Mission: Ojnas Peace Challenge
Location: Ojna Planet

The counselor's steps fell heavy as her heart. How could she help her Ojna friend and where had Sachzny gone? Sachzny had been open with her. More so too than she had expected and gained much of her admiration, respect, as well as trust. For all that though, Sachzny had been left wanting. There was an emptiness. Estella had heard it in the way Sachzny had spoken to her. There was a deep longing in the Ojna's heart. One the counselor wanted more than anything to heal so that she might see the woman she had come to care about so deeply. Estella's hand rose to her comm badge. "Jon, I need you here." She didn't bother to give any explanation. Instead, she took the moment to think of times when she'd felt alone. Desparingly so. Would Sachzny have sought some form of solace in a spiritual entity or place?

Seated in the command chair aboard the Washington, Jon heard Essie's quiet plea for him to come to the surface and instantly he knew it had to be something with Sachzny. Tapping his com badge he answered, "Understood. I'm on my way." Rising from the chair, his eyes drifted to Hillis at the tactical station. "Lieutenant Hillis. you have the bridge. Try not to hit anything." He quipped as he headed for the lift and then to transporter to beam down to the planet's surface.

Moments later the familiar whine of a Federation transporter faded away and Jon found himself staring at Essie. "What's wrong?" He asked going right to the heart of the matter.

Jon's quick response eased her troubled heart a little. It didn't last. Her fingers pressed on the Comm badge again. This time the counselor tried to make contact with Sachzny, but she got no answer. Estella considered seeking out the shrines and paused mid-step when Jon beamed down. "Sachzny wasn't at the signing and she's not responding." She hesitated. "And my knowledge of the Ojnas is limited, and there is one place I can think to look." Estella glanced over her shoulder at Jon. "Will you come with me?"

Jon's brow furrowed as Essie told him about Sachzny not being at the signing and not replying. "That isn't a good sign." He acknowledged. He replied without hesitation, "Yes." He answered simply, despite his lingering anger, Sachzny was his friend and Essie's as well and he didn't want anything to happen to her or have her make a rash decision she would regret later. "Where are we going?" He questioned.

"Where one might go to find solace or peace, Jon." Estella whispered. "A church, temple, or shrine." Being a Catholic herself, Estella could understand needing some kind of ties or foundation. Especially when at a loss. The Washington had become that solace, even her escape when she'd lost her father and twin brother. She had found peace in both her work as well as being around the crew. Estella had no clue though what thoughts Sachzny might entertain aside from those that she expressed of leaving the Washington. "Jon, she has talked putting in her resignation." The Counselor said nothing of the confusion she felt as their Ojna friend had spoken of that in the same breath that Sachzny had come to regard her as a sister. Estella struggled to see how her Ojna friend could do that. Love in the same breath she chose to walk away. It only confirmed her thoughts. Sachzny was conflicted. She needed them now, more than ever.

Jon considered her words and nodded in agreement, "That makes sense. Where do we start? Got any ideas in which direction to go?" He admitted then stopped and looked at Essie, "She's talked of doing what?" He asked even though he had clearly heard what Essie had said. "Well, we need to find her, stop her from doing anything rash and make her see just how important she is not only to us but the Washington crew as well." He grew silent, he was clearly thinking and finally he put voice to his thoughts. "Is this because of me getting angry with her?" His voice going low as he waited for Essie to reply. He knew he could count on her to be honest and forth coming. The question would then become how did he deal with what she told him.

Sachzny exited the small shrine, the cold wind making her mood even more down. She looked about as footsteps echoed around the deserted buildings, she slowly reached out with her mind and found Jon and Estella. Why were they here? Were they looking for her? She retreated slowly so that Jon wouldn't pick up her mental connection with them, she had still to sever that tie to the Humans. Where to go in this city of the dead, as she didn't know the city her options were somewhat limited. Looking to the sky she wiped the tears from her eyes, she had chosen not to return.

Estella shrugged. "No." She wished to God she did. There was a moment's pause before she answered Jon. "Yes, I do. She has given up so much to acquire peace for her people and I believe, she hoped you would understand that." Her words were harsh and Estella hated that. However, there was no sweetening the bitterness of the situation. Sachzny had reached out, in her own way, and the Counselor had no idea what to do to help. Other than what she now tried. That was to bring Jon and Sachzny back together and mend what had been broken. In the hopes that perhaps that some of Sachzny's broken spirit might heal and that Jon might realize just how much he had meant to their friend. It was also Estella's hope that Sachzny might see how much she meant to him too. That maybe also, Sachzny might realize how badly she was needed by them both if nothing else. Estella had lost a her father and a brother, and her mother never spoke to her... although she didn't say it, she wasn't sure she could bear the loss of a woman she was starting to love as dearly as a sister.

Jon stiffened at the harshness of Essie's words but he didn't lash out at her or attempt to refute what she had said. He was here to find Sachzny and show the Ojna female just how much she was needed by him and Essie as well as the entire Washington crew. That she had a home and family there. "I have a theory Essie. Every time I've called Sachzny friend, she doesn't react and she in turn calls me or refers to me as brother, I'm sure she has called you sister. I don't think she knows what friend means and can't relate to it emotionally or see how much value we put on the word and the person we call friend. I think that is another part of her current problem, she wants a family, having a brother or sister would be the start of that family." He looked to Essie, "I'm going to reach out to her and see if I can make a connection." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, * Sachzny, my sister, it's Jon. I'm sorry for getting angry with you and pushing you away. You are my sister and I love you very much. Please excuse my ill spoken words and let us talk as a family. Essie is here with me." He opened his eyes and glanced at Essie, "Okay, I sent a message out to her. Now we wait. Hopefully she'll reply and failing that, I can get a read on where she is."

The voice in her mind stopped Sachzny from moving, it was Jon calling to her. She re-entered the shrine and hoped the pair would pass, oO The time for talking has passed brother, love and treasure our sister Oo. The thought was almost an automatic response, and Sachzny couldn't stop it quickly enough. Her only hope was that Jon was unable to use it against her, crossing the space between the door and the statue she now sat down. Looking up at the deity she now prayed, she prayed that her heartache would soon be over.

Jon heard the heartache in Sachzny's thought and he thought *What have I done?* He was consumed with guilt over his treatment of her and that made him all the more resolute to find her so they could talk and hopefully patch things up and make then right again.

He looked at Essie, "I got her. She's hurting. What have I done?" He said not expecting an answer. "She's this way," He said, taking Essie by the hand and leading her in the direction the thought had come.

Sitting in front of the statue Sachzny took out her phaser, she laid it on the floor in front of her. Looking at it she noted it was set to kill, just one blast from this weapon would end her life. Sachzny now concentrated on the phaser and sent the image to Jon, if he truely understood her then he would know what the image related to. She began to pray once more.

An image of a phaser filled Jon's mind and he almost staggered at what it meant. "Essie! Hurry! We have to get to Sachzny!" He pleaded and began to pull her along in desperation to reach Sachzny, his sister. he sent a desperate thought to her. * Sister, I am coming,we are coming. Please, let us talk. Let us put right what I have torn asunder.*

Jon's words echoed around her mind, oO You can not undo the pain Jon, the one that needs you most stands beside you. It is no longer I you need, that you made clear on the Washington Oo. She now reached for the phaser, what was it like to die? Tears fell from her eye's, what was there left?

Etella lengthened her stride then broke into a run. She didn't need ask Jon what was going on to understand the urgency of the situation. She just prayed that they made it in time before it was too late.

The phaser fell from her hand as emotion flooded her senses, she grabed at air as she couldn't see the weapon. The sound of it hitting the floor sounded like a cannon going off, the phaser clattered away from her. Wiping her eye's she recovered the weapon, and sat back down in her original spot. Looking back up at the deity she closed her eye's and prayed for guidence, she didn't want to die here alone. Even one member of her family would make the passing easier, but she no longer had that family.

Jon broke into a run, *NO Sachzny! NO!* He thought urgently as his feet pounded on the tiles of the street as he searched for Sachzny. *You are needed here. Essie needes you. I.... I need you!* He admitted. * I was wrong before. I was angry. I thought you didn't need me. I made a mistake. Just like you are making now. Please Sachzny!* He begged his friend, his sister to listen. *We can fix this.* He sent to her just he came upon a shrine. Was it the one Sachzny had taken refuge in? He wasn't sure but he was going to find out. He pulled the doors open and stepped inside.

A sound caught her ear, then the sound of the door opening made her turn her head. Standing in the half light stood Jon and Estella, the phaser fell again from her hands. Jon's words had sounded loud in her head, she shook it to clear her head. "It seems you have found me, just what do we do now?", she spoke quietly and to both of them. Her mood was depressed and the spark which she normally had seemed long gone.

Steps falling in unison with Jon's, Estella ran up the street. Tile clicked under her feet. She glanced at structures as they whipped past. There was no sign of Sachzny anywhere. Her heart hammered in her ribcage and her mind was a whirlwind of possibilities. It came to a dead stop and Estella's breath caught at the clattering of the phaser as it hit the floor. A moment later... and Sachzny would have. The Counselor's vision blurred as she kicked the phaser away. "We make this right." Estella whispered and looked between Sachzny and Jon.

Jon's eyes were fixed on Sachzny even as Essie spoke of making this right. His anger had disapated rapidly like snow melting under a full sun. It was replaced by genuine concern. He moved to her slowly, not speaking a word until he stood in front of her. He stood for several seconds just looking at her. He appreciated and cared for her far more and deeper than she knew. Finally his arm flew open wide and he pulled her to him and he hugged her tightly. "Sachzny, my sister. Please let us make this right."

As he swept her up in his arms, Sachzny began crying again. "Make it right? My brother only one thing will make it right, my removal from this place. Is that not what you wanted?" She turned her head towards Estella, "Are you my sister? Are you comfortable with this emotional display towards me?" She raised her arms to hug Jon, but stopped herself. "Can I hold you? Will not your lover feel threatened?" Sachzny's mind now filled with doubt as she struggled to fully understand what these two Humans really wanted of her, first they drive her away then they come and find her to have her return. Her mental and physical strength finally gave out, and she became limp in Jon's arms. If this Human wanted her, then she would refuse no longer. But how would this strange life now unfold?

Jon shook his head, "Sachzny, I was mad, angry and I lashed out. I said words in anger that I truly regret. What will make this right is you being here with us and yes you can hold me." His voice thick with emotion just as Sachzny went limp in his arms. He held her, looking down at her, "Sachzny? Sachzny? Are you alright?" He looked as Essie, "She just went limp."

Estella was quiet while Jon and Sachzny exchanged words. She understood the reasoning behind her sister's hesitation. The sweet Ojna female must have felt out of place. Given her own history with Jon and the way she'd left things, in some ways, Estella couldn't help but feel that Sachzny had helped mend a hole. A hole she had left when she'd ran away from him and their relationship. He'd made a connection with Sachzny. One that at times, the Counselor had envied. Mostly because she couldn't understand it. Also too because she'd become so disconnected from those she loved. Estella's gaze met Jon's. "Get her to sickbay. I'll inform the Captain."

Sachzny could hear them speak, why coudn't she answer them? Her mind seemed to be going blank, did she carry out her final misson? Was this what dieing was all about?

Jon nodded and held Sachzny tighter. "Grayson to Washington. Two to beam directly to Sickbay." He looked at Essie again, "Don't be long getting up here." As the transporter enveloped Sachzny and himself in a rainbow of colors. A moment later they were gone.


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Comments (3)

By Commander Jonathan Grayson on Tue Sep 4th, 2018 @ 3:00pm

An excellent post. That shows the depth of feelings the characters have for each other. Kudos to Counselor Estella Stratton and Lieutenant Commander Sachzny, on jobs very well done.

By Captain Shran dh'Klar on Wed Sep 5th, 2018 @ 8:44am

This is a post I will hold on to for some time. As captain, these sorts of posts are very rare for me to participate in, but getting to read something like this shows me the passion each of you have for your own character and for the other character's you have formed a close, realistic bond with. True emotion, true drama, I applaud you all for such excellent writing.

By Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho on Wed Sep 5th, 2018 @ 11:53am

My two fellow writers help make this post memorable for me, and for that I am thankful. When one is blessed with two such writers it makes the telling of the story so much easier, I also thank my Captain for his praise I hope we three continue to give more, I know the other two will. I hope I can keep up.