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This Months Awards!

Posted on Thu Jan 2nd, 2014 @ 4:29pm by Captain Elijah O'finnigan

May i just take a moment to say that this month above any other has been very hard on me and what little crew i have if any at all now.CHristmas came and went and we lost our X/O so im struggling to find a replacement.But i am persevering and getting through i need to get some more recruitment done so that i can bolster out the ranks a little and start to get this mission back on the road.Unfortunatly i lost My X/O Michael Bruce so at the moment im trying to find a replacement.

Now Onto This Months Awards!

Genesis Post: Give Me The Lowdown (Captain Elijah O'Finnigan and Ensign Cythar Skyfire)

Best Post: Abuse? (Ensign James Dean and Ensign Cythar Skyfire)

Funniest Post: What The? (Ensign James Dean)

Most Valuable Player: Commodore Sabrina Pandora

Most Improved Player: Cythar Skyfire

Rookie(s) of the Month: N/A

Most Posts: Admiral Landon Wakeland

Recruitment:Captain Elijah O'Finnigan


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Category: General News