Biography - Captain Robert Joeseph McHenry

Name Robert Joeseph McHenry
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 200
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Robert is a very tall, very proud man. He carries himself with an air of importance yet exudes quiet confidence. That is he doesn't say much until he has thought it through.


Spouse Divorced
Children Anna Francine - 8
Father Douglas McHenry
Mother Jennifer Ann McHenry
Brother(s) Stephen McHenry
Sister(s) Autumn Marie
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robert McHenry is a kind captain, ready to explore and sometimes overly curious. He is an accomplished diplomat as well as strategizer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Robert is kind almost to a fault even though his appearance shows a hard exterior. He tends to help those in need even when they haven't asked for it. Not much of a family man since his days in the war, Robert doesn't like the fact there is family on his ship but would not be parted with his daughter.
Ambitions Robert wants to bring together legendary warring factions such as the Romulans and the Federation. He grew up fast during the Dominion war and since that time has come to respect strategy and diplomacy.
Hobbies & Interests Robert enjoys roaming the decks of his ship in his off time to make sure everyone is on their toes. On the outside he is a hard man, but on the inside he really cares. He enjoys piloting fighter shuttles as a hobby along with scifi mysteries in the holodeck. He also does his best to raise his daughter right.
Languages Terran, Klingon, Bajoran, Romulan, Vulcan, and Ferengi

Personal History Born in Edinburgh, Robert was the son of a military officer. His father and mother both served the Federation and he was pulled along for the ride. They hopped from one starbase to another on assignment until the first Galaxy class ship was built. The USS Galaxy was his fathers first deep space assignment and Robert was a rebellious sixteen year old.

He vied for admittance to the academy and was turned down twice before finally being accepted to flight school. For the most part Robert kept to himself, performing menial duties and trying hard to not get noticed, until that fateful day when the Dominion invaded.

Right away Robert knew the war was going to be bad based on the intel regarding contact with the Gamma quadrant. He made his decision right then to make a difference and with every attempt during the war, did so. He was decorated several times for bravery and valor, even once for saving the life of his commanding officer.

Then near the end of the war, during the last push to reclaim DS9, the Rothburg was seriously damaged by the Dominion fleet and Robert was injured severely. His right arm and leg eventually had to be regrown and modified to compensate. He spent the next several years pushing paperwork at Starfleet Command.

There during a vacation to the hills of Scotland he met his wife and together they settled down and bore one daughter, Anna Francine. After three years his wife left him to pursue other interests and he decided to go back to Star Fleet.
Service Record Ensign on board Pegasus, 1 year.
Lt. while on board the Phoenix 2 years.
Lt. Commander on the Rothburg until its destruction at the hands of the Dominion. 3 years.

Spent several years pushing paper until he was offered command of the Patriot-A.