Biography - Lieutenant Harley F Quinn

Name Harley F Quinn
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 154 cm
Weight 49 kg
Hair Color Blonde & Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Harleen has blondish brown hair that is shorter in cut. Her face is beautiful but sharp. She loves to wear makeup such as lipstick in bold colors to match her personality and sometimes even wears makeup to hide her trill spots. She has a sweet smile and a cute nose. She is short and very fit. She enjoys wearing tight jumpsuits that show off her curves. She has long attractive legs and skinny arms. She smells like flowers.


Spouse Not in Database
Children Not in Database
Father Not in Database
Mother Not in Database
Brother(s) Not in Database
Sister(s) Not in Database
Other Family Not in Database

Personality & Traits

General Overview Harley is a sweet young woman with good lucks and a spunky attitude. Harley can be very sarcastic and even sadistic at times. She hates being called Harleen, her birth name, and will throw a raging fit if someone calls her by this name. Harley enjoys making people laugh and having a good time. She can forget about her worries a little too easy at times taking her fun a little too far. Ms. Quinn can be very persuasive with her clever wits and her sweet gentle voice. When Harley doesn’t get her way she usually resorts to anger, violence, pouting, and throwing things. Harley can’t stand men most of the time and usually chooses a female companion for friendship and dating.
Strengths & Weaknesses Harley is very strong for her size as she is very fit. Personality wise, Harley’s strengths are her humor and love of laughter. Her weaknesses are emotional things like anger. She can deal with authority but once pushed too far she can resort to sarcasm and even at times, verbal assault and more. She hates being picked on as this happened to her when she was a child. She embraces love and compassion but can easily throw it aside to get even.
Ambitions Harley’s ambitions in life range from just wanting to be happy to finding someone special that will always show her love. She wants a high position in Starfleet and to seek revenge on her enemies.
Hobbies & Interests Harley enjoys collecting things of all kinds. Harley loves indulging herself and others in fun stories and games and making friends. Harley can also be quite nerdy at times and obsessed with knowledge. She studies continuously. Harley doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty as she loves tinkering with things in her spare time. She’s intrigued by warp engines and fast ships.
Languages English

Personal History Harley was kidnapped at a young age. Her life growing up was filled with pain and sorrow. She learned to pass the time away by creating funny stories to amuse herself. Eventually this humor led into a sadistic route where she eventually killed the people that kidnapped her. She returned to Trill hoping she could start a new life just to find that her family was deceased. Not knowing what else to do, Harley ran away on a random transport leaving for Earth. She arrived on the planet with curiosity and the longing to start a new life. She felt it hard to fit in with her spots and began covering them with makeup to fit in. Harley put herself in school to learn and gain knowledge. She thought that maybe no one liked her because she wasn’t the brightest child. She was unable to attend school when she was younger due to the kidnapping and decided to take responsibility for herself. She graduated school and decided to join Starfleet. She has found it difficult but not impossible. Being that her young life was hard has made her a bit different than most other people causing problems with her temper and emotions. When Harley learned that she could take the test to be joined with a symbiont she got her hopes up high. Harley failed the test and was deemed “mentally to unstable for a symbiont.” She left Trill again swearing to never return there ever again. Since then she has graduated the Academy and served on two ships in the alpha quadrant.
Service Record Federation Starship
USS Maverick NCC-3397
2 Years Engineering & Damage Control

Federation Starship
USS Oracle NCC-49971
1 Year Conn Officer

Starfleet Academy
San Francisco, CA