Biography - Lieutenant Commander Emra Danar

Name Emra Danar
Position Chief Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Emra cuts a fairly imposing figure, tall, with fine smooth ridges, fast movement and with her hair in a single long braid. weighted by a silver clockwork broach. (A gift from Professor McNair at the Academy). She's a touch slight in weight, but just a touch, and her figure tends a little towards the muscular, especially by engineer standards. It's slightly hard for other species to guess her age, though a Cardassian observer once commented that she is 'younger than she looks'


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Gul Ba'rek (Dead, at an unknown time)
Mother Legate Zahn (Died at the Battle of the Omarion Nebulae)
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Gul Tarras Danar; Emra's adoptive father, and former commander of the CMV Aldara. Killed by Jem'Hadar in the battle of Cardassia Prime.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emra at first glance is unassuming: quiet, focused on her duty, and with little in the way of a personal life. The circumstances of her departure from Cardassia have left her a touch watchful of what she says to people, even after having made several friends amongst her academy fellows. She's still not sure of how to estimate the abilities and personalities of others, and this also tends to drive her to remain distant from those around her. She can seem her most emotional when working on a plasma coil, humming to herself and smiling even as sparks fly.

Alongside those who she is comfortable with however, Emra is rather upbeat and enthusiastic, happy to speak at length about almost anything, practical or more philosophical. She deeply enjoys conversation, and treasures what few friends she still has. She's even willing to talk about her people with those she truly trusts, expressing her exasperation with the Union, and hope that they can turn towards a different path.

Her biggest problem is undoubtedly trying to deal with those who hold a negative opinion of Cardassians; perhaps a majority of the rest of the galaxy. When it comes to matters of the Dominion War, Emra tries to confront the matter directly, offering her apologies, and speaking about some of those Cardassians who also died, admitting that they were on the wrong side of that conflict until the end. That is all she can see to do, and that much is somewhat painful. When that is not enough, or if the inquirer brings up Bajor, or the Marquis, Emra tries to avoid conversation, though if pushed will defend the Union, out of impulse and faith in her people more than a belief that they were in the right there.
Strengths & Weaknesses Emra has a litany of strengths. Despite her youth, and short time spent in service to Starfleet, she has significant practical experience as an engineer from her time aboard the Aldara. She's used to having to work around a problem with minimal materials, and working within the Federation has left her eager to experiment slightly when possible, to push 'her' ships to new heights. Couple that with a life spent being ready for battle, some small degree of natural intellect, and a focus on dedication to duty, and you have a fine Starfleet Officer, if a somewhat young one.

Her weaknesses come primarily from her temper, and her pride; both in herself, and her nation. The current Detapa Council might be fools, but they are still the state, still Cardassia, and only she or another Cardassian should be allowed to call them such. This attitude won her few friends at the academy, and whilst a skilled Engineer, Emra still is unused to working with Starfleet Officers, rather than the more resolute and unquestioning Cardassians she served with before. Command will not come easily to her. Also, there still seems to be someone active in the Galaxy with plans for the young engineer; Emra's almost miraculous promotion remains unexplained, something that does concern her. Good things never happen without consequences.
Ambitions Emra's first and foremost ambition is rank and respect within Starfleet, and the Corps of Engineers. She originally simply wished to be away from her homeworld, and to work as she saw fit to attempt to help her people, but thus far is unsure of how to accomplish anything of note without power, authority or connections. A rather large part of her would simply be content to find some small colony world, and take a job there as an architect, but the patriot in her keeps returning to the memory of Cardassia Prime, nine years ago. The Dominion shattered her people, left their world even more in ruins than it had been beforehand. Turning her back on that responsibility would be a betrayal of her ancestors, stretching all the way back to the Hebitians, even if her elders disagree on what best to do for the future.

It is less important, but also perhaps worth noting that Emra has always wanted to visit Bajor. Danar once said that she'd been born on that world, rather than Cardassia Prime, and yet Emra has no memory of the former colony. She's heard enough at the Academy to understand how uncomfortable such a visit would be, but has still not abandoned the idea entirely.
Hobbies & Interests Emra's cultural interests remain primarily Cardassian; the Repetitive Epic, the Enigma Tale, the music of Gul Wir'lan. She has investigated a little of human culture, predominantly poetry, but is still unsure of what to make of the majority of it. She's been working on an Enigma Tale of her own, though has yet to make over-much progress with it, as she's been focused on trying to highlight the form in a way other cultures might appreciate a touch better, playing up the focus on each individual in turn. Perhaps utilizing first person narrative...

Emra is still fascinated with design, both of devices and buildings. She regularly used a holo-suite and her own programming to conjure up theoretical designs, and walk through them, reflecting to herself on recent events. Other than that, her favourite pastime is music; a habit retained from her days with the Aldara. She still carries her old pipe, and whenever the conditions on the world below are appropriate, brings it with her to play a little music.
Languages Cardassian, Federation Basic, Dominionesse, Romulan

Personal History Emra's first memory is her father walking with her through the Valley of the Hebitians. It was resplendent even then, if a touch old and weathered. She was perhaps four at the time, but she can still recall the strong wind in her hair as she turned her head, looking at each side of the valley in turn, the stone pillars rising high. Her father told her of the treasures these tombs had once contained, majestic swords, crowns, jewellery. All of which were gone now. Sold to other nations, or melted down, so that Cardassia and her people might have the resources it needed to live. "Art and beauty have their place, but they are secondary to our people as a whole. Remember that, daughter. The Union must always been the first concern."

That memory always defines her father for Emra. A man dedicated to the state. To such a degree that his daughter was entirely secondary, bar that one moment of education. She was raised by a friend of the family, Gul Danar, who had quietly sought to bring up a child after his own wife died during a miscarriage. When news came that Gul Ba'rek and Legate Zahn were both dead (one to some foolish operation in the Gamma Quadrent, and the other in circumstances still classified by what remained of the Obsidian Order) he adopted the girl formally, bringing her into his family, and giving her his name, along with a proper education.

Emra was always grateful for that, even though the Gul was never exactly the most generous man. He expected his child not only to come with him to war, but to work alongside him. If not fighting, then assisting the engineering crews, be it in fixing the warp core, reconfiguring sensors, or occasionally in planetside construction efforts. The younger Danar was always happy to help, and viewed Engineering as a second home. She used to joke that she now knew what those Hebitians must have felt like, having to spend so much time building, shifting, fiddling with bits of metal, though she was still happy with her lot, not truly understanding the politics and darker side of war.

But she grew up. She started to realize how badly the War was progressing for her people, to what degree the great hero Du'kat had sold them all into the slavery of the Dominion. Things that were never spoken of by her father, or the men, but remained present at ever meal and every gathering, none the less.

And then, came the battle of Cardassia Prime.

It is impossible to put that day into words, for almost any survivor. So the events themselves must suffice.

Danar gave the order to open fire on Dominion ships as soon as word of what'd happened at Lakarain City came through. However, they were in low orbit, having just left dry-dock when the Federation'd arrived, and were in range of the Orbitals. The things reacted more quickly than Danar had anticipated, and the Aldara was shot to pieces before she could rejoin the fleet, forcing her crew to the escape pods.

The pods scattered, but Emra, Danar and a few others all landed close to the Valley of the Hebitians. They tried to reunify inside the tomb complexes, but unfortunately, Jem'Hadar forces were attacking in a matter of minutes. It was a fast paced, brutal fight, both above and below ground. Gul Danar was shot, though he survived to see his daughter blow up the entryway to one of the tombs, bringing half a ton of rubble down on the heads of the Jem'Hadar below. When they were done, the Valley was strewn with corpses; some Jem'Hadar, but many more Cardassian.

And looking back, it survived the war better than most of their homeworld.

Emra was left Danar's sole heir, a more or less worthless position; his property, money and possessions were all destroyed during the fighting. She had no family remaining that she was aware of, nothing but the state. So, living in a small apartment in Central City, she tried to think of how she could serve now, away from the military, thinking back to the Valley and the tomb chambers. Cardassia needed to rebuild, how could she serve better than as an architect? New designs, ones commemorating what had come before; they were receiving Federation aide now, they could work to a grander scale, let their sense of the aesthetic show. She studied the practicalities of the matter, classical styles of her own people and alien races, trying to find a style that blended grandeur and practicality.

It is surprising to no one but Emra that the Cardassian Institute for the Arts turned down her every application and idea. As did the Institute of Science, when she attempted to broaden her horizons to new ship and engine designs. Even now, the authorities on Cardassia Prime remain set in the old ways of thinking; resources might be scarce tomorrow, no matter how many colonies we have, so use as little as possible, wherever possible, and don't bother with the aesthetic.

Emra was left more or less penniless at this point, and growing nervous. There were many jobs, but also many homeless who needed work, she didn't stand much chance of even finding manual labour. And she'd started to receive threatening glances whenever she tried to talk with certain older members of the military, people who'd been kind towards her when Danar was alive. Her constant applications and studies had started to be talked about, and left her with a reputation as an unstable element. Enough to mark her for death had the Obsidian Order still been operational.

It took her perhaps a week to figure out an escape, but it was a rather grand one. She applied for Federation citizenship, and then, once in their space, for Starfleet. It seemed like a logical idea at the time. They also held to the concept of duty (or claimed to fairly repeatedly) were always building new ships, and could always use Engineers. And perhaps the Institutes would take her a bit more seriously if she could cite a service record from her time amongst the humans...

Dealing with other races has been strange, but ultimately, Emra is happy with how her time at Starfleet Academy went. She studied hard, has considered a few issues from quite different angles, and holds herself to a higher standard in her work now. More than that, she actually made a few friends amidst the cadets, an experience that she hadn't felt since the war's end. She has contact details for three of them, and intends to remain in touch for as long as possible. She needs someone to help her through whatever comes ahead.

She served for perhaps a month as an engineering officer aboard Deep Space 7, when suddenly orders came down for her. Promotion to Lieutenant, and a posting as Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Patriot. Whilst grateful, the new assignment ultimately has Emra concerned. She has no experience in any kind of command role, and is unsure why or how she was the one chosen for this. Still, she intends to throw herself into the work; viewing it as a kind of test of sorts. If she can show her competence here, perhaps she can begin building a reputation with the academic community as someone to be taken seriously on the subject of engine design.
Service Record Cardassian
2369-2375; Assistant Engineer on the CMV Aldara
2375; Battle of the Hebitian Valley, under Gul Danar (Part of the Battle of Cardassia Prime)

2380-2384; Starfleet Academy training: Graduated with majors in Engineering, Astrophysics, and ATP (Advanced Theoretical Physics)
2384; Engineering Officer, Deep Space 4
2384; Chief Engineering Officer, USS Patriot