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USS Patriot B official rules:

The USS Patriot B observes all Independence Fleet rules and regulations.

1) Be respectful of others at all times.

2) This sim is rated PG-13.

3) Character names must not be in use in another form of fiction (movies, television, books, etc).

4) Players may have no more than one character in the sim at any given time.

5) Players must post at least once per month.

6) Players may not send two mission posts in a row in less than 24 hours (A few examples: If Bob posted at 1 o'clock, he can't then post again at 5 o'clock if no one else posted between his two posts. However, if Joe also posted at 3 o'clock, then Bob could send that second post at 5 o'clock. Another example: If Bob posted at 1 o'clock on Monday and no one else posted by 1 o'clock on Tuesday, Bob would be free to post again without waiting for someone else.)

7) Players are not permitted to kill or permanently maim other player-controlled characters in-story.

8) Players are not permitted to destroy the USS Patriot B in-story.

9) Players must post in the prose format, script format, or some combination of the two. The prose format is standard writing that one would find in most literature.

10) Most importantly, have fun!

Please be aware that I'm dyslexic, so please forgive a few spelling mistakes.

Right now on to how the ship will be run.

Each player may have one Character and one NPC.

The ship operates like a standard sim so no controlling someone else character, without first asking them and if they agree to inform me.

Each mission will have one main plot and one subplot. These will in turn be split into three parts, beginning middle and end. At the start I will set the plot's but players can add suggest or propose a future plot line. Just entitle the post with Suggestion for Plotline. I will post future plot in an upcoming episode.

Unlike other ships this ship will not instantly ban you for asking a question or mild criticism. If you have ever of theses please don't hesitate to ask. Just entitle the message with Question or Criticism. (I hope you never have to send the latter.)

If you wish to do a post completely unrelated to the plot, to develop your character feel free to do so. Just let me know and make sure the post has CD listed in the title, if it involves a flashback please but flashback in the time. However this post must end at the end of the post, so we can get back to the plot.

Finally please respond to any message from me within 72 hours.

Breaking the rules will earn you a strike, one a warning, two a week's suspension and three you will be shown the door.

However any player showing racist, homophobic sexist or any other form of discrimination to another player will be imminently be removed. This also goes for sabotaging the ship.

If the Patriot B sounds like the type of sim you'd like to try, feel free to join us today. Select the "main" tab at the top of this page and then click "Join" on the right side of the menu.