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Christmas Story of the Year 2013 USS Sunfire

Posted on Tue Dec 24th, 2013 @ 11:15am by Admiral Landon Wakeland


It'd been a rough few months... years really for the Sunfire crew, and no-one felt this more keenly than the ship's Captain. There'd been wins, losses, deaths and transfers, the Sunfire family a dynamic and ever changing one. Whilst studying at Starfleet Command, the Bajoran CO had learnt of the tradition known as Christmas, where friends and family gather and feast to celebrate. The giving of gifts was common, as was the overconsumption of food and alcohol. For this occasion, Rhenora had chosen the cargo bay and had replicated a number of festive decorations that she'd placed in the appropriate locations. Metallic tinsel, strange glass baubles, angels, stars and other significant figures she recalled from her time on Earth. A long table ran the length of the room, spread with as many delicacies from as many words as Malone could come up with on 24 hours notice. It was an impressive selection of food, and there was more than a few bottles of various goodies that he'd revealed from his stash. Never one to come empty handed Rhenora had brought a bottle of Spring Wine from her own collection, happy to share the rare vintage with those she cared so much for.

Sassy flitted around the room, giving a nip here, a tuck there and readjusting yet again the large floral center piece on the gift table. Her own contribution, it had taken five hours of her precious down time to create, as she'd had to go with substitutes because the Sunfire replicators were not well-versed in Christmas florals. Still the effect was lovely and the time well-spent. Happily, she took her much thinner and toned self over to stand by the door, acting as hostess until Rhenora arrived.


"Come on, Janet, it will be fun!" Dave told the less than enthused science officer as moved to face her and try and get in front of her work. She had been throwing herself in her work since she got the news that Lieutenant Lexington had jumped ship.

"No. I have too much work to do. Go enjoy yourself....I might catch up with you later," she told him and moved to another part of the science lab.

With a heavy defeated sigh Dave left the science lab, leaving the mopey scientist to her brooding. He wasn't going to let her spoil his fun.


While there was no Christmas on Andoria, there was the Frostheart- the day of the year when Andoria was furthest from her sun, and usually the coldest day of the year. The tradition was to gather with family and huddle for body warmth, but in the technologically advanced age, the tradition was slowly dying off. Getting together with your family when you had to stay close to stay alive was often like being in a bag with a number of grelnic badgers.

The invitation had said 'Christmas Fun'- those were the Captain-Admiral's own words. In point of fact Talla had seen a number of the human celebrations of Christmas from her time near the north pole in Barrow Alaska. And she remembered an old trick that seemed appropriate.

It took a while, chatting at the computer and having it try to narrow down what she was after, and it was somewhat laborious. But the security sprite was nothing if not determined, and eventually she had about what she wanted from the replicator. She slipped it on over her coldsuit, then paused before turning the temperature control down low. It would feel more like a Frostheart, she reasoned, and it would put her in a festive mood. She would consider the drain on the batteries a holiday gift to herself.

She had to remove her oversized boots to get the curly-toed shoes on. Once on, she took a few steps and realized how irritating the jingle bells would be and recycled the shoes to just have the curly toes and pointed backs of proper elf shoes. The long tunic that fit her like a miniskirt was divided in the middle by a wide black belt, while the long sleeves hid her bracers. Cartoonishly large white gloves covered her hands, and she perched on her head a pointy elf's hat that only jingled when she moved her head suddenly. The lime green velour costume with the white faux fur accents complemented her bright blue skin nicely.

Gifts... Christmas was supposed to have gifts. In a mild panic Talla looked around her room. She owned next to nothing save for her photos and souvenirs on the wall of her bunk. Then she remembered the replicator.

Five minutes later, the ridiculously-attired Lieutenant Talla P'Trell marched into the party dressed as a department store elf, bearing a box of Bajoran bourbon wrapped in festive paper.

I mean, that's just not something you see every day.

Rhenora couldn't help but chuckle as she saw Talla enter dressed as some festive creature from Earths' mythology. She'd opted for a simple summer dress herself, despite the tradition of the majority of Earths climes around that time of year being winter.

" Well you seem to have dressed to the occasion," She smiled, handing Talla a glass of spring wine. How the Andorian would react to alcohol was anyone's guess..... Taking a sip from her own glass she waited for the reaction.

"It is like a costume that I used to wear, when Sheriff John Littlebear would dress up as 'Santa' for the holiday back in Barrow Alaska," the cheery sprite explained. "It always made children very happy, and it made the adults laugh a lot. So I thought I would see if it would be... Christmas fun?" As ever, even when she didn't say it, the tone was there as Talla sought approval. Sipping the wine, her gaze flickered down to it.

"That is very tasty I think!" she observed with a smile and drank the rest in a few more gulps. As evidenced by her mess hall activities, Talla was not much of a nibbler nor a sipper- she inhaled her meals then ran to get back to work, and it seemed she'd likely do the same here unless told otherwise.

" Well it is a good vintage," Rhenora giggled, taking a sip of her own wine. She poured Talla a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it- not wanting the pocket rocket to end up plastered before the events of the evening even got underway. She sipped her wine and guided Talla to the long table full of tasty yet wholesome treats.

"I did not realize that we would be celebrating the Earth holiday, Captain-Admiral, so I did not know what to get you for a gift. But I hope this will be all right? Talla handed over the wrapped box as she eyed the delicacies laid out by the Sunfire's master chef, then she let out a slight inadvertent squeal of delight as she spied Andorian spice cake amongst the treats. She only allowed herself very few indulgences, but occasionally this was one, and she particularly enjoyed Chef Abraham Malone's interpretation.

" Oh Talla, that's very thoughtful of you!" Rhenora smiled and accepted the brightly wrapped box, peeling off the wrapping and revealing the contents within.

" Oh my... thank you!"

"You are welcome, Captain-Admiral. I... um, I always brought Sheriff John Littlebear a bottle of bourbon as well, so... it is a gift I know how to give," the sprite beamed happily, then returned her attention to the table of food. She tended to watch what she ate with a military regimen- despite her odd metabolism, she tended to fat easily and thus she watched every calorie. But tonight was a celebration, after all...


Laria dithered about an outfit. It had been months since they'd had the time to gather as a crew for a celebration and because she spent most of her time in a uniform and lab coat, she felt like she wanted to dress more festively. Christmas was not a Cappellan holiday, but her family's ancestors had originated on Earth and so most of her family had continued the tradition when they had fled for their lives and their talent to Cappella. Her family's tradition of "dressing to the nines" stuck with her.

So after careful examination and long conferencing with Ramiren, she pulled the royal purple chiffon from the back of her small closet. The color was vivid and had a high-low hemline, which showed off her slim yet firmly muscled calves. The matching scarf complimented the strapless style of the dress and she wrapped it fashionably around her bare shoulders. She hung large concentric circle earrings from her earlobes. The updo that she usually wore now glistened with sparkling jewels that glittered in the light each time she moved her head. Silver glitter pumps completed the outfit. She stood looking in the mirror.

The invitation had promised fun. She was mostly a stranger to fun these days, so a certain amount of anxiety now spread through her middle. Fun was what you had when you were a kid. With no responsibilities. Fun was what you had when you had someone to have fun with. Her anxiety rose a bit more. She was good in crisis'. Parties were not her forte. Before she could talk herself out of going to the party, she tweaked her left earring for good Christmas cheer and hurried out of her quarters.

She stood at the doors of the Cargo Bay. Music spilled out when the open doors and the sound of happy voices along with it. Placing a smile on her face, Laria stepped into the room.

Rhenora noticed the doors open again, allowing the ship's CMO into the light filled room.

" Laria! I'm so glad you could join us!" She smiled, giving her best friend a hug that spoke volumes.

"It's nice to let down a little. It will be good for morale after the stress of the last few missions." Laria surveyed the room. " I see I'm not too early or late. And you've already started. What's your drink of choice tonight?" Laria smiled. This was not a coffee party.

Rhenora beat her to it, producing a bottle of springwine from the table.

"From my collection" she smiled broadly and poured the doctor a glass.

Laria snagged a glass and smiled. "Why, Admiral, you've sprung for the good stuff!" She held the glass out for Rhenora to fill and then brought the sweet smelling beverage to her nose. "Mmmmmm, that is a must welcome fragrance." She caught Rhenora's gaze. And held the glass up. "To good friends."


Latoya Bonaparte wobbled into the cargo bay. She could barely walk straight, her vision was blurred, and her breath smelled of springwine mixed with various other alcoholic beverages. She wore a tight red cutoff dress, cleavage and legs exposed, a cute little red Santa hat adorned with small Christmas like ornaments. She had on red Santa gloves, a giant sized candy cane bigger than her in her left hand and a cup of who knew what in her right.

The young unknown Sunfire crew member shouted, "Whaddup ya'll!!! What, what!!! Raise the roof!!!" She made a raised roof gesture with her candy cane and her cup, spilling its contents on the floor. A few people at the party glanced at her, but ignored her. She didn't care, she was there to have fun. It was quite possible she didn't realize how loud and obnoxious she really was.

"Boooooring," she said to herself. "Let's get this parteh started." She went for the nearby replicator, "Gimme a mic comps, and blast the joint with some music. Hmmm, gimme 'Santa Baby' by Eartha Kitt, Earth circa 1953. A little Catwoman, meow!!!!!!" She threw the cup on the floor, splashing the contents everywhere. She picked up the mic and turned.

The music started pumping in the cargo bay "Ba boomp, Ba boomp, Ba boomp" as Latoya started walking hips swaying towards a group of three men. "Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me, been awful good girl." She started to use her candy cane to wrap one of the handsome guys' neck towards her. Bodies touched they were so close. "Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight." She gave the handsome guy a wink.

While the trumpets of the song blared loudly she gave the handsome guy a kiss on the cheek, and put the mic to the side so no one could hear. "Hey handsome, watch where your giblets are touching," she whispered. The young crew member started to blush uncontrollably and was clearly stricken with her. "Ya know how to stuff a turkey handsome?" She laughed out loud before pushing him away and wobbled towards the long table that housed a vast assortment of goodies for the party.

She continued singing, "Santa baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue, I wait up for you dear, Santa burrpppp", she belched out loud. The music continued playing in the background. "I guess that means I need another drink," she shouted. At this point everyone was staring at her, the women in disgust, the men all hit by cupid's arrow. Some drooling, some gawping at her, one or two seemed to have a candy cane in their pocket.

She leaned over, making sure she showed off her cleavage to the boys while supping whatever drink was on the table. She continued with the song, out of tune, "Think of all the fellas I haven't kissed---" She twirled once, twice, wobbled as she couldn't handle the balance because of the alcohol and fell face first on the food table breaking the table in half. Giant candy cane flying and bonking a guy on the head, knocking him out. Everyone was shocked and a few guys went to go see if they were okay.

She was okay, just sleeping it off. "She's okay folks, she's okay!" One of the guys said. "Get back to your party, one of the nurses will come for her and bring her back to her quarters."

"The guy is okay as well, just unconscious." With that, everyone went back to the party.


The assembled crowd mixed and mingled amongst themselves, eating, drinking and generally being merry. Whilst the aging Admiral wished she had gifts for them all, she could only give them this evening of festivities. The Springwine was rapidly diminishing, and out of no-where someone topped up her glass. Feeling a little lightheaded, she decided she better get a speech out whilst she was still capable of doing so. Reaching over to the table she grabbed a spoon and gently tapped the rim of her wine glass, the traditional call for quiet.

" Excuse me everyone, I would like just a moment of your time to say a few words" She started, pausing for a moment to remember exactly what she had planned to say. There was a chair nearby and she clambered on top of it to gain some height.

" It's been a tough year, in more than one way. We've had some good missions, and some not so good ones, some good times, and some not so good times. We've met some new races and brought new members into family, and lost others. But what doesn't change, is the fact we strive for what we believe in, and it's the journey that's important, not the destination" Okay.. so that didn't sound too bad. She raised her glass high in the air.

" To the journey!"

"To the journey!" Dave the science officer said with a raised glass.

"HA!" Janet said loudly when she came up beside her friend and bumped into him. "What a crock of shit."

The words took Dave by surprise. He never heard Janet talk like this and when he inspected his friend he saw her disheveled look and knew the young science officer was obviously drunk not to mention mad it seemed.

"Janet..."Dave started to say and put a hand to her arm which she shrugged off.

"Gedoffamee..." the blond officer moved her arm quickly which made her drink slosh and spill on the floor. "Look! You" she pointed a finger hard into his chest "...made me sppppilll my drink."

"I think you've had enough to drink," Dave said and tried to take her drink but the drunken science officer still seemed to have quick reflexes and dodged his hand.

The cerulean-skinned alien in the elf costume raised her glass in toast, then added quietly, "To the Sunfire, and all who sail upon her, I think."

Kaylen heard the words and smiled broadly, " Indeed Talla, indeed" She added before addressing the rest of the crew again.

" Now enough with the formalities - enjoy yourselves!" The Admiral finished by topping up her glass and stepping off the chair she had climbed on to make her short stature noticed by everyone. No more balancing involved was a GOOD thing!

"Sunfire pffft....Sunfire be chief science officer....a first officer who hates her job....that, " she whirled a finger a finger around as she tried to think of another crewman's name but came out with instead "....weird guy."

" Hey!" Irksnot piped up, having the nouse to look indignant. " I'm not weird!"

Wrapping her arm through the gangly human's, the cerulean-colored chief of security offered a plaintive look. "You are a little weird, Irky I think. Compared to most. But I like you this way," she offered him a smile to make her possibly harsh words seem good-natured, from the heart.

"By the way, I have a christmas present for you. But you have to wait til we get back to my quarters to get it..." While to anyone overhearing the statement might have assumed that it sounded suggestive, in fact she had replicated a Captain Proton uniform for him as thermal pajamas complete with a soft padded helmet that would help keep him warm and a cushioned holster for his Captain Proton Official Ray Gun.

"Really?" Irky replied, his eyes lighting up as though it were Christmas- which, in fact, it was.

"Really really," the blue-skinned smurf smiled, hoping that her awkward human paramour would like what she had chosen as a gift for him.

"It's her fault," Janet pointed at Talla with an accusing finger, "she's gone with that red hea--headed big boobed cu-"

"OH-kay then," Dave cut her off loudly and grabbed her arm "I think I'll take you back to your quarters. We can bad mouth the red head from a..."

Janet yanked her arm away from him which in turn sent her backwards knocking into a few people. "Watch it!" the drunken officer shouted and pushed the hands away from her who were trying to keep her upright on her feet.

Patting the arm of the eccentric engineering worker, the security sprite stepped over to offer a hand to Janet. "Ensign Donnelly, it seems that you are upset and that the holiday season is bringing about bad feelings, I think. I will help you to your quarters if you wish, but I think it is time for you to go be not amongst senior officers right now, yes?"

"Damn right I'm upset. YOU sent the love of my life running," she shouted and downed her drink and pushed passed the blue smurf as she stumbled towards the open bar. "She'd...wo.."she hiccuped and grabbed the bottle out of the bar tenders hand. "...still be 'ere if it weren't for you meddlin' kids!" she grumbled.

"I do not think you wish to do this, Lieutenant. You should let Crewman Arneson escort you back to your quarters, and we can speak of this when you are sober, I think?" Though the lilliputian lieutenant phrased it as a question, it was no such thing. It was a gentle warning, and a chance for Janet to salvage the remainder of her dignity for the night.

"You should shut your blue cake hole. I think" Janet mocked and poured herself another drink, half of which landed on the bar and the other couple of fingers in the glass.

The small blue fingers really did not look like much. If anything, they looked like the digits of a child attached to a hand scaled the same. But that was deceptive, because Talla P'Trell was not only from a high gravity planet, and not only did she overwork her muscles regularly to maintain her strength, but she was an expert in a dozen forms of unarmed combat. In short, while the little blue alien looked quite harmless, she could tear your arm off.

And so when those small blue fingers reached up to grasp the ear of the inebriated science officer and twist it, there was considerable pain and pressure involved. Were she to squirm she could lose the ear, and her grip was in no danger of slipping. Twisting it down to her level, the security chief began frog-marching the scientist toward the door.

"ah...ouch...hey!" Janet unwillingly walked with the security chief. She was no fighter but the liquid courage she was drinking was making her think otherwise. The taller blond tried to pry the blue fingers off her ear, but soon found that wasn't working and made a swing at her midsection that didn't particularly have much power behind it- nor did it have any appreciable effect as she was frog-marched out of the party.

Dave sighed and shook his head "Never saw this coming"

"I sure did," Mark laughed " it was just all a matter of time before she cracked." He slapped a hand on his friend's shoulder " She'll be okay. Come on, lets get back to the party."

Laria sat at a table, alone, at the perimeter of the goings on. She watched the people who had become her surrogate family.

The next few hours wore on, with much music, dancing, eating and drinking. Several of the crew had retired back to their quarters already, leaving around half left to party the night away. Rhenora had long since run out of spring wine and had moved onto Saurian Brandy, a secret stash that someone had decided was worth the occasion. Months of hard missions had taken its toll on the good Captain, who was more than enjoying letting her hair down in this instance. In a distant memory she recalled ending up dancing on tabletops last time she was this inebriated, and made a slippery mental note not to try that again.

" Umm perhaps you should retire to your quarters now" A well mannered crewman attempted to sway the swaying Admiral into heading home whilst she was still able to.

" I's not goin nowhere.. .I'm da Captain!" Kaylen retorted, taking another swig of brandy from a glass that never seemed to get empty - why was that?

" Yes I know you're the Captain and you're well entitled to do whatever you want but I really thing you need to leave now" The crewman replied sternly, hoping that no-one had called the security team from DS9 to their Sunfire crew only shindig. That really wouldn't go down well.

" Yesh, I'm da Captain and I'sh Shtaying here until I'sh finished!" The sloshed Bajoran retorted, patting away the hands that were trying to lead her quietly away from her own party. The words were becoming more slurred by the second.

" If you don't move you're ass I'll have to call security!" The self appointed party-cleaner-upper-er announced, planting hands on hips as if to prove a point.

" I hash my own shecurity.. Talllaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

While Irky had wanted to leave, his blue-skinned babe would not depart the party, instead sitting at a table nearby once she realized that the Captain-Admiral was getting drunker and drunker. Lieutenant Talla P'Trell had hoped that Doctor Laria Jorel or Counselor Remal Kajun might stay to keep the Bajoran brawler company. But it appeared they had all drifted away, while the commanding officer kept drinking.

And now it might come to trouble- but then, trouble was Talla's talent.

"Yes, Captain-Admiral?" the diminutive dutiful doll asked, popping up on the starboard elbow of her commanding officer, the same spot she would occupy were they on the bridge and she were called.

" Make dish annoying pershion go awaysh" The Captain slurred, pointing and squinting at the offending but well meaning crewman who was about to tap her combadge to call for security.

Interposing between the crewman and the Vice Admiral, the pugnacious pixie beamed up at the nondescript person. "The Captain-Admiral wishes to have some more time, I think. I am Lieutenant Talla P'Trell, chief of security and tactical of the USS Sunfire. I will insure that no harm comes to her, and that she causes no harm to anyone or thing. That will be fine, I think?"

" You think? Listen there Pixie, this parties too loud, and too long, and people are too drunk, we need to shut it down before it goes south. Acceptable times are long gone, the requisition was for 4 hours, it's been 5, and the acceptable decibel level was exceeded a number of times already" The crewman retorted, waving a padd under Talla's nose.

"I know. And it has been very generous of you to overlook all of those things. And now I am asking for just a little more patience is all. It was... it has been a hard time for the Captain-Admiral. Please... just let her be? I will make sure there is no trouble, I promise." Those big polar blue eyes blinked up at the maintenance crewman with a pleading expression that was hard to refuse.

The crewman glared at Talla - who outranked her but 2 pips at least but still, she was pissed at the noise, and the lateness. Being on cleanup duty sucked, specially when parties ran overtime.

" Listen Lady, I was due to start the cleanup in here an hour ago, by HER orders no less" She pointed at the drunk Captain who was clambering onto the tables to start dancing.. again.


" Excuse me?" The cleanup crewman retorted, indignant.

"I said, Lieutenant. Not lady. I am small, I know, but I am a lieutenant, not a crewman nor chief nor civilian. I am asking for you to be lenient. Ordering you to go start clearing out the waste reclamation system would be within my ability as a ranking officer, correct?" It was going out on a limb a bit- but then, Talla had been ordered to study the Starfleet command manual, and study it she had.

" You can order me to bend over and kiss my own ass but it doesn't mean I'll do it" The Crewman threw back, " Now are you gonna take care of Captain Crazy over there or am I gonna have to call Base Security?"

"Your insubordination is duly noted. You may contact base security, and do not be surprised by the charges filed against you tomorrow morning. I suggest you find a new line of work once you are no longer in Starfleet- Vice Admirals are dangerous to refer to by such words." The grey eyebrows came down and the demeanor changed. Insulting Talla did not usually have much effect- she was too good a fighter to rise to such things. But insulting her commanding officer was another matter entirely.

There was a moment of indecision, followed by several moments where the risk of both parties was analyzed.

"You got an hour to get these people home and this place empty so I can do the job SHE ordered me to do" The crewman turned away in a huff with her cleaning crew and exited the cargo bay.

"Your order is duly noted," the lilliputian lieutenant replied, making a note of just whom she would be filing detailed reports about later. Insubordination was one thing, insulting her commanding officer and following it up with more insubordination just meant that Talla would make the time to file detailed reports and charges to insure that the surly crewman had plenty of time to regret her words.

Pivoting on her heel to take in the sight of her commanding officer dancing on a table- none too steady and not at all well- the security smurf moved in, prepared to catch the damsel of distress if necessary. On the one hand, she probably should start hinting to her commander that the party was over and that it was time to leave. But Kayen Rhenora actually looked happy- and there were precious few moments when that happened, and the little chief just didn't have it in her to interrupt the moment.

She would let the Admiral dance, and carry on for as long as she wished... after all, it was Christmas.

Dusk entered the room, late as usual. He had told the officer on board DS9 that he was a part of the crew, but he was refused entry until he his clearance was cleared, re-cleared and then questioned for another 30 minutes about why he was transferring, was it a valid request.

When the officer tried to get him to fill a pair of forms out (in triplicate no less) he picked the man up, set him down behind him and simply walked on board.

The room appeared to be clearing out. The Admiral he had met a few days back on a sub-space channel was dancing on the tables. More than one, as she danced about. Can coffee really do this to humans? Maybe she was drinking some of that Irish coffee he had heard about.

Next to her was the small Andorian chief arguing with another officer about when they could clean.

He didn't know any of the crew, so all he brought was a bowl of an old Earth delicacy, something he had found in the replicators. The brown 'tootsie-rolls' were individually wrapped (he had heard that it was customary to bring a wrapped gift, and decided this fit the bill).

He walked up to a rather brutish looking officer trying to hide under one of the tables with a rather large dog. "Got room for another under there?" The man just grunted.

"Well, I like your dog's party hat."

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing on my ship?" The man growled. Apparently Christmas punch didn't make everyone jolly.

"I'm Dusk. New ship counselor. And you are?"

"Wayne. Bruck Wayne."

"Nice to meet you. Who's the pooch?"

"His name's Ace. And he outranks you, so you better damn well salute!"

Deciding not to piss off the man, he saluted the canine and then crawled back out from under the table. Maybe now was the not the best time for introductions. He left the bowl of tootsie rolls on the counter and went to find his new quarters.

" Oooo Dushk! Nice to meet you.. you really should dance, its Chrishmas after all!" Rhenora slurred, the alcohol warring with the need for her body to rest. Currently alcohol was winning.

" Talla.. dish is Dushk... he's a nice man...." She continued, wobbling a little more...

"Hello," the Andorian offered, not making eye contact but watching the Bajoran partygoer warily, shuffling around the edge of the table with a mixture of apprehension and alert. " I am Lieutenant Talla P'Trell, chief of security and tactical of the USS Sunfire. We have met I think, Dushk?"

"Uhh. It's Dusk actually." He self-consciously ran his hand over his bald head.

As she spoke her eyes remained focused on the weaving and wobbling form above her, though the suction-tipped antennas that protruded from the top of her head scanned about the room, one 'eyeing' the Lurian.

" Hey I can flyyyyy!" Rhenora went to leap off the table - arms outstretched...

Stepping to the side, the diminutive dynamo held out her arms and braced herself, catching the Bajoran with a grunt as she fell. Easing the Admiral to the floor, she winced a bit- gravity was a harsh mistress, and she'd insured the Admiral wouldn't re-injure herself by taking the brunt of the landing on herself- and of course hurting herself in the process, though she would not breathe a word of it.

"Is the party over now, Captain-Admiral?" she squeaked, voice a bit higher and more strained than normal.

"Is she always like this after coffee?" Dusk helped Talla ease the captain back to the ground. He picked up a napkin and wiped his hands free.

The answer to the party being over was a resounding snore. It appeared that for Vice Admiral Kaylen Rhenora - the party was finally over.

Dusk looked over at Talla very unsure of the protocol in this situation.

"Oh no... coffee is good for her. This is... relaxation? Unwinding? It is... she wanted to celebrate. And so she celebrated." The small sprite smiled gently at the snoring senior officer. "I do not know where Counselor Remal Kajun is, so it falls to me to put her to bed, I think."

As if noticing the Lurian for the first time, the Andorian blinked at him. "Hello."

"Greetings." He looked down on the Andorian out of necessity, towering over her by a few feet.

"Hello," she repeated, blinking a few times. "I have to go now. Excuse me." With a grunt she hoisted the lightweight yet larger form of the Admiral up to cradle her in her arms then began marching out of the party.

"Irkyyy!" she called over her shoulder.

" Smurfins.. you called?" Irksnot bumbled over, the gangly and awkward human wearing a party hat over his left ear and some tinsel around his neck.

Left alone once more, Dusk looked around. "I wonder where my room is..."



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