Shades of a bluish greenish color

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The Rioja is sent to spy on a Federation Space Station called the Starbase Ypsilanti. The Maquis believe that the The Cardassians are getting weapons smuggled through the starbase because of the starbase's large shopping area.

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The Falling Sun

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Upcoming mission

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Hungry, Hungry nebula

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The U.S.S Rioja has been sent to investigate a strange nebula that has recently cause a loss of communications with Deep space 6, upon arrival the nebula begins to seem to drain power from all the ship's systems... with a Romulan fleet approaching and the treaty in danger how will the Rioja fare on it's first mission?

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Front line grief.

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The Captain had just found out his wife was killed in combat in the Chin'toka system by the orbital defense platforms that destroyed the ship the USS ShirKahr that she served as first officer on. The Captain has a breakdown on the way back from Deep space 6. The ship's systems need to be adapted and modified to increase combat readiness and with the front line getting closer and closer and the Captain not getting any better will the ship's crew be stable enough to confront the Jem'Hadar? Using the nebula 'fold' the journey is taking little time and the ship is preparing for all out warfare. Will the Captain be able to command the ship? Will he let revenge cloud his judgement? And what will be the fate of the Federation fleet sent to engage the advancing Dominion forces?

Only time will tell.

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Just another day in the office...

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Just another day on the U.S.S Rioja...

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Profits of tears.

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The Rioja has been recalled to Vulcan to investigate a Bajoran artefact found in the debris of a Cardassian vessel, Upon arrival it is discovered that it is in fact one of the tear's of the profit's worshipped by the Bajoran's. With a new member of the crew being a Bajoran religious historian the ship was picked for the mission of finding out about the artefact and to return it to the Dominion invested Bajoran system...

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Cycle of the ages.

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Things are being revealed that have been left forgotten for eons... Things are changing and old science is being revealed.

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Liberation Front

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The USS Rioja has been reassigned to the front lines to help liberate Betazed from the dominion. We have been sent in with a small task force named Task Force Echo that contains a ragtag bunch of refit science vessels, failed ships, and old ships brought out of moth balls with commanding officers that retired years ago.

This small last ditch armada is teaming up with the peaceful servants of Betazed to help fight back the greatest threat the federation has ever faced.

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Experimenting Romulans

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We are in Search of Experimental Romulan Weapons or ships to help the Federation fight the Dominion war. We will be searching for any and all Romulan experimental Ships or Experimental labs creating weapons.

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Separation Complete

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The USS Rioja is heading out to deliver supplies to a Federation outpost on Kessik IV. A fairly standard mission or is it?

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