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First Promotion

Posted on Tue Jan 22nd, 2013 @ 1:47pm by Commander Matt Elphaba & Lieutenant JG Clarance Oswald

Mission: Liberation Front
Location: Library
Timeline: current

Matt was sitting at his desk looking through his PADD's when he discovered he had a form for a promotion filled out by Clarance Oswald. Since he knew what was gonna happen to his sister he figured he could grant this promotion.

=^=Ensign Oswald please report to the library.=^=

=^=Yes Sir=^= Clarance said confused

10 minutes later Clarance came rushing in the library nearly tripping over Furnando who was laying in front of the door.

"I see here you put in an application to be a Lieutenant Junior Grade" Matt said handing Clarance a PADD

"Yes sir I am a very hard worker and thought I would try" Clarance said nervously

"Well you know I have never done this before but I think this is what I do." Matt said reaching into his desk and pulling out a small envelope and handing it to Clarance "Here is your new pip and you have done well your family should be proud"

Clarance took the envelope and pulled out the pip and stuck in on his uniform "Thank you Sir, Thank you" Clarance said standing up and saluting Matt.

"You are very welcome Lieutenant Junior Grand. Anything else you needed?" Matt asked

"No Sir and thank you again Sir." Clarance said standing at attention

"At ease then and you may go" Matt said smiling as Clarance walked out of the Library


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