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Mixed Nuts

Posted on Tue Jan 22nd, 2013 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant JG Clarance Oswald & Lieutenant JG Jesara

Mission: Liberation Front
Location: Engineering Room
Timeline: current

Clarance was sitting in the Engineering room with a bowl full of mixed nuts in shells. As he sat he cracked pecans and sang "What if your room was filled with lots and lots of puppy dogs? You would be like Aww, look at the puppy dogs! Awwwwww come 'ere! Come 'ere! Awwwww! Whatcha doin little guy? Whatcha doin? Ooh whatcha wookie-wookie! Who's the puppy dog? You're the puppy dog! Who's the puppy dog? Little puppy doggies! Where do the squirrels go during hurricanes?"

Jes rolled her eyes as she heard the awful singing of the human as his voice reverberated around the jeffries tube and what was worse she was in hearing range, so to get him to stop making fun of her. She caused a power surge to hop out and strike Clarance quite forcefully as she sat in the tiny confined space laughing uncontrollably in silent mirth.

Clarance continued "What if guitars could squirt out sour cream, And NACHO CHEESE, And pure sulphuric acidddddddddddddddddddd?" He squealed as he got attacked by something and shook his head in confusion.

Jes continued to laugh in mirth as Jes comes flying out of the confined space and begins to eat all of Clarance's nuts, what she didnt eat she gathered up as much as she could before skirting back into the confined space before Clarance could stop her.

"Dang nut robber, hehehehe at least those are the replicated ones!!!" Clarance laughed as he produced a tin that appeared to be a real tin of mixed nuts but was infact a gag that made fake snakes fly out. He sat the tin down on the desk and looked around.

Peanuts started to fly out of the confined space followed by another power surge to Clarance's rump.

.Clarance flew up and forward and landed face down on the floor and said "Hello floor we meet again." and put his hands out to stand up.

Jes cocked her head, 'this guy lost a screw somewhere in his life' she thought as she sat in the jeffries tube and munched on the nuts as she worked and started to hum a lively tune to herself but right when she fixed another problem on the ship, a mass power loss occured in Engineering.

"Hey who Turned out the Lights" Clarance said to no one he could see "Guess I better get back to work" he said as he stood up and walked into a wall.

Jes was working furiously as she dropped her collection of nuts to figure out what she did wrong, she checked and double checked everything but something didnt seem to add up. She ran out of the jeffries tube and jumped up onto a beam which lead to the upper portion of the engineering bay to do a diagnostic of the systems. She wasnt having problems seeing in the light though her staff on the other hand was getting out flash lights so they could see.
"If the wall is there that means the flashlights should be here!!!" Clarance said as he opened a cabinet and grabbed what he thought was a flashlight and turned on a drill which shot out of his hand and stuck into the wall "Whoops wrong cabinet"

Jes found the problem, it was two blown relays this time, she rolled her eyes again and wished this ship actually had dependable parts for once. She morphed into her short humanoid form for a moment. "Clarance stop your messing around, I need you to grab two damn power relays. This ship is falling apart." Jes said in her native rapid tongue as she trailed off cursing about something called a rust bucket and useless junk ship but nothing could be really understood.

"One minute!!!" Clarance screamed as he found a flashlight and found the two power relays and handed them to Jes as he laughed at jes who was half her normal size and said "hahaha you look like a munchkin!!!"

Jes smacked Clarance upside the head quite hard. "Dont disrespect your superiors or else ill have you be doing all this work alone by yourself and then reinforce the fact I will make your life as my subordinate a living hell, got that." She said rapidly and to reinforce the matter she got a peanut that was lodged in her mouth and spit it out really hard at Clarance for added seriousness.

Clarance stood there thinking 'I wonder if my application to be promoted to lieutenant junior grade has been looked at yet' Which he had sent to Commander Elphaba a few days earlier

"Stop your day dreaming down there and head for Deck 5 section 6." she ordered as she headed up taking the power relay she had to Deck 10 section 2 to repair that relay that blew on this rust bucket.

"Yes ma'am." Clarance said smiling and heading towards Deck 5 section 6.


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