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What the...

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2013 @ 4:43pm by Commander Matt Elphaba & Captain John Buderger & Commander Safefta Pardek & Lieutenant JG Clarance Oswald & Lieutenant JG Jesara

Mission: Liberation Front
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Matt was on night duty on the bridge with some ensigns he had never met before. "Everything all right Ensign."

"Everything is A oka..........." The ensign said as the ship started to shake.

"What was that status report." Matt said looking around

"We are taking enemy fire!!!" The ensign said pressing buttons on his console.

"Who we didn't see any ships near us"

"Unknown not showing up on our radar still sir."

=^=Elphaba to Captain we are taking enemy fire. Sorry to disturb your beauty rest but we need a crew up here not just the skeleton crew.=^=

With no response from the Captain, Matt started freaking out "Red Alert"

=^=Commander Matt Elphaba to every department, Assume your posts we are under attack.=^= He said.

"Ensign any trace of where the enemy is?" He asked sitting in the Captains Chair.

"Not yet scanning again" The young ensign said

=^= "No shit sir, that attack just blew out a deck, try raising shields so I can actually do some repairs for a change." =^= Jes said over the comm, her mood wasn't all that great for the moment. =^=Clarance, damage control now!=^= Jes ordered as she was running around in her humanoid squirrel form, trying not to freak out like everyone else as she made her way to a jeffries tube to act like she was repairing the deck but was really keeping an eye on the shield and weapon emitter's, ready to do her magic if needed.

Since this was Matt's first time taking control he needed all the advice he could get "Ensign Raise shields now"

"Yes sir" The ensign said pressing buttons.

=^=Yes Jes=^= Clarance said from the Mess Hall =^=Damage to the left starboard side on deck 3=^=

John was fast asleep when the second shake made him jolt from his bed. The klaxons rang out as the red flood lights flashed around him. At first John was inclined to run straight to the bridge... However he stopped inches from the door realizing he didn't have any pants on. "Gah.. this is not the time." John didn't even hesitate he grabbed a nearby bath robe and threw it around himself making sure to tie the belt as tight as possible as he ran to the nearest turbo lift.

Safefta was in the turbo lift the the captain ran into. She shot him a worried look and ordered the turbolift to take them to the bridge. "What the hell is going on here..?", she thought out loud.

John was in the turbolift when the deck below was damaged. just his luck the power conduit for the turbolift he was in just happened to be on that deck. The lift jolted and locked in place as the lights went dead. " why now" John said in a panic. He started to hit every button on the control panel in a mad panic. "Computer what floor am I on?" John said with no response. The computer or at least comm system in the turbolift was not working right. John tapped his comm badge. =^=Matt I'm stuck in a turbo lift on my way to the bridge. I must be somewhere between deck two and the bridge.=^= John then realized he was next to Safefta... "Ohhh uhh hi"

Safefta raised an eyebrow at the captain and gripped on the the nearby wall when the turbolift jerked. "Hello captain... I assume you were headed to the bridge as well?", she asked in a flat tone.

"uhhh yeah... about that" John said as he tightened his robe.

=^= "Well don't break it again." =^= the rapid speech of the squirrel came in. She transformed herself into her preferred tiny squirrel form and ran for the Captain's location. It was a small jaunt to where she needed to be from where she was at. A thump could be heard on top of the turbolift and in a few seconds, a rather squirrelish head popped into view as the emergency hatch opened up.

"Captain, are you aware you're in your bathrobe? and the power conduit just outside here blew that's why the turbolift stopped working. You might want to get some actual clothes on or else Saf who may go up behind you, may see your butt as you climb up first and she follows, sir. I suggest clothing ASAP or at least underwear. But I'm a squirrel I don't need such materials to cover me." Jes smirked as her head disappeared to try and repair the turbolift with her tiny tools she had brought with her.

Safefta crossed her arms at ensign Jesera as she watched her leave. "I am quite certain that he cannot comply with your recommendation... if he could we would not be here", she said out loud to no one. She sighed and and looked rather unhappily at the captain. "This is going to involved climbing through that tube, isn't it....", she inquired with exasperation.

=^=Okay Captain I need you here are you alone in the TurboLift Sir? Gonna try to beam you out.=^= Matt said

=/\= That would be a no, commander... I'm in here too.=/\=, Said Safefta over the comm line.


"Ensign can you transport the Captain and Safefta out of the turbo lift and to the bridge"

"Yes sir one moment." the ensign said pressing buttons on his console.

A few seconds later The Captain and Safefta materialized on the bridge.

"Oh thank goodness Captain nice to see.......What are you wearing?.

The ship jolted once more, and Safefta stumbled slightly, coming uncomfortably close to smashing to the ground and/or the captain. She swore loudly in Romulan and stood back up straight, angrily pushing her black hair out of her face. ":Can someone please figure out what s going on here?", she said testily.

Meanwhile Clarance was heading to the nearest damage location and pulled out his tools and started working =^=Captain I am currently working on repairing damage Sir.=^=

"What's going on? who's attacking us?" John said hoping to get some answers.

"We don't know Captain not showing up on our scanners." Matt said getting up out of the Captains chair.

"Have you tried a tachyon sweep?", asked Safefta.

"That sounds as good as any solution Safefta start on the sweep and someone open up hailing frequencies. I want to try and talk to whoever is firing at us.

Safefta ran over to the tactical station. The ensign standing there stepped off to the side to let her over, and she started the sweep. "tachyon sweep started, comm channel open as well, Captain.", she reported.

"Attention unknown vessel firing upon us. My name is captain John Buderger and we are on a... peaceful mission" John lied hoping that would stop the weapons fire. another shot came in damaging the engines. "well that didn't work...

"Captain, the tachyon sweep is picking up what could be a cloaked vessel, however how they are firing at us while remaining cloaked is a mystery.", said Safefta.

"If you can get a general weapons lock start firing everything we got at the location Safefta has indicated." John said hoping for some sort of miracle.
"Captain, are we aiming to destroy or disable? We should get some answers out of this, not just a debris field.", said Safefta. "I am working on a weapons lock, one moment please.", she said.

=^=Captain I am onto the third damaged area almost done here.=^= Clarance said moving faster than any normal human in repairing the damaged areas.

"Just stop them from doing anymore damage to the ship!" John yelled as another barrage of weapons fire took the shields down to 30%

"Aye sir, targeting their weapons systems now... Commander, Captain, I suggest someone take the ops station and re-route some power to the shields, if we lose them we're as good as dead.", said Safefta. She locked the phasers on target. "Phasers locked!"

John jumped over to the ops station and took everything from engines and life support and threw it at the shields. "If we don't survive the next 10 minutes we won't need life support anyway" John said half joking.

Matt was standing on the bridge looking confused "I'm sorry Captain I was just trying my best." he said looking at all the damage reports.

"lets focus on surviving and worry about who's to blame and who is doing all the damn paperwork for this later." John said as the ship shook again. "ohh uhh. fire!" John yelled as he realized no one was doing anything.

Having received at last the order to fire, Safefta pressed on the panel with probably more force than was necessary. "Firing phasers.... Direct hit, their starboard shield is weakening.They have decloaked as well. Thanks to that power dump you gave our shields means we are sitting at 60%, Captain!", she exclaimed.

"Just keep firing till they are incapacitated. I don't want my first mission out on this scrap heap to be my last." The ship was some sort of modified Romulan warbird. The Rioja fired several shots finally taking out their weapons.

"Open hailing frequencies. demand they stand down."John said in a huff as he realized his robe was coming undone and quickly fixed the problem.

"Hailing frequencies open and message sent... Awaiting response.", said Safefta. She walked to the front of the bridge and stood in front of the viewscreen next to Matt.

"This is the Captain of the Romulan ship Keene'Ka." the voice said.

"Uhhh right... I'm Captain John of the USS Rioja. stand down now we don't need any more of this fighting do we?" John said not really sure how to address a group a crappy Romulans with a half Romulan sitting on his bridge so close to him.

"You appeared in our Training exercise area. Leave now and we will not shoot again." The Voice said.

Safefta shot the captain a look that asked him if she could speak with the Romulans.

John nodded with the hope that this doesn't turn out poorly. "Can we get visuals up." John asked as he looked at the blank screen. "working on it sir might take a while" an ensign said from the back of the bridge.

Safefta nervously folded her hands together and addressed the blank viewscreen. "This is Lt. Commander Safefta Pardek of the federation starship Rioja... You did not give us a warning that we were in your territory and you fired on us without warning. From where I am standing it does not look like this was a simple training exercise, Captain.", she said, attempting to keep the shaking out of her voice.

"We were on an exercise and were doing a radio silence drill when we saw you. We shot a warning shot but you didn't react so we took evasive maneuvers. Leave this area NOW." the voice said

"Sir I think I got the video working" said an ensign as the view screen came to life showing the bridge of the Romulan warbird and its crew.

Safefta hadn't been expecting to actually be faced with the Romulans, having been uncomfortable enough with just the open comm line. When she saw them appear on the screen, she panicked and reached for a phaser that wasn't there. Her heart started to pound as she struggled to look the Romulans in the eye. it was hard enough to stay in one place and not run away.

"Well hello little Fvai, you look scared you should leave NOW." the voice said as the Romulans started to talk and then the Comm link cut off.

Safefta clenched her fists and glanced over at the weapons console. Oh, how she would love to blast them out of the sky. After everything the Romulans had ever done to her, it was impossible not to want revenge. One little press of a button would be all it would take.

=^=Captain the Warp core is Slightly damaged gonna need an hour or so to fix it Sir.=^= Clarance said =^=I am working as fast as I can.=^=

"Well sounds like we aren't going anywhere and from what I can tell you all don't have your cloak nor weapons functioning at the moment so for the moment I guess we'll both just sit here and wait." John said smugly.

"You suppose we only have one set of weapons. Charge secondary Weapons." The voice said.

Safefta wasted no time and bolted over to the weapons console with an extremely determined look on her face. The Romulan hybrid was bound and determined to either blow the warbird to pieces or do whatever it would take to get the Rioja out of the predicament it was in. She was trying to keep this from turning into a personal vendetta. She found taking a life abhorrent on so many levels, and yet the rage that she felt at that moment was almost uncontrollable.

John runs off after all the crazy so that he could throw some clothes on. "Matt you have the bridge. Don't let us blow up please!" John said as he made his way off the bridge.

As the captain left the bridge they rest of the crew felt an explosion.

"What was that no damage to our ship" Matt said looking at a console with a confused look on his face.

Safefta scanned over the tactical readout. "Commander, the explosion originated from the Romulan vessel. Their secondary weapons system overloaded.", she said in quiet disbelief.

"Well that was lucky!!!" Matt said jumping up and down.

"Luck being a relative term.", replied Safefta sullenly.


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