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Happy Valentines Day

Posted on Fri Feb 15th, 2013 @ 11:41am by Commander Matt Elphaba & Commander Safefta Pardek

Mission: Liberation Front
Location: Safeftas quarters
Timeline: current

Matt had replicated some presents for Safefta Pardek. He wrapped them up in pink paper and signed the card and headed to Safefta's quarters. He approached the door and pressed the panel and waited for a response.

Unlike most days, Safefta was actually relaxing in her quarters rather than spending her time poring over a PADD full of complicated and cryptic information. She wouldn't have considered herself relaxed, but she wasn't jumpy either. The door buzzed just as she was contemplating getting something from her replicator, and she turned her head in interest. "Come in.", she said. I wonder who that could be?, she wondered dismissively.

Matt walked in with the presents behind his back. "Hello Lieutenant Commander. I was not sure if you celebrated Valentines day. But back on earth it was a big deal so I got you some presents." Matt said as he handed her a rectangular box and a card.

Safefta raised an eyebrow in surprise. She had in fact heard about this particular day, but she had dismissed it because of the rather illogical nature of the day. Something about arrows and someone named Cupid. She didn't fully understand all the nuances of the occasion, but apparently it had something to do with the colors pink and red. "Ah, Thank you, Commander... I don't know much about Valentine's day, so I have never celebrated it.", she said. She examined the box in her hands, turning it over once or twice in her long-fingered hands as if puzzled by it.

"You have to tear the paper off the box and open the box." Matt said chuckling. He hoped she liked the necklace he had got for her.

"Oh, I see.", Safefta replied. She tore the paper off of the rectangular box and opened it up. Inside was a pretty necklace, a piece of jewelry that Safefta hadn't worn before. She lifted it out of the box and examined it as it dangled off the sharp tips of her fingers. "it is lovely!', she exclaimed in one of her softer tones of voice. "Thank you..."

"You are very welcome. I must get back to work now." Matt said turning around "If you need anything just let me know. Have a great day." He said walking to the door.


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