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Small Talk Pt 1

Posted on Wed Feb 27th, 2013 @ 5:20am by Commander Matt Elphaba & Lieutenant JG Clarance Oswald & Commander Safefta Pardek

Mission: Liberation Front
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Matt headed from the Captains ready room to the bridge and looked around to see who was there. He saw safefta sitting in a chair looking at a padd, and a Rather small Korean looking woman at the flight controls.

He walked over to Safefta and whispered "Who is she." pointing to the Korean looking woman.

"Oh, hello Commander. That's Lt. Cho. She's the flight control officer working this shift.", replied Safefta over her PADD.

Matt smiled at Safefta and whispered "Thanks" and then said in an authoritative voice "Lieutenant Cho we need to change course." The woman hopped up out of her seat

"Yes Sir....Where are we going now." Lieutenant Cho said looking at Matt with a confused look on her face.

"Set course for San Helios." Matt said

"Yes sir." she replied looking up the coordinates for San Helios

Matt plopped down next to safefta "So how are you doing?"

Safefta turned her head and regarded him with a polite nod. "Fine, thank you... WHy the sudden course change?", she inquired.

"Well when Clarance and I arrived at San Helios we found a problem. The whole planet was a barren desert." Matt said as Lt. Cho tapped in the Coordinates and the ship changed course and started shaking

"What was that." Matt said looking around.

"Sorry Sir, my fault." Cho said as she pressed a few more buttons and the shaking stopped.

Safefta released the tight grip she had on the arm of the chair the moment the shaking ceased. "A barren desert did you say? That doesn't sound right."

"And that is why we are changing course to see what happened to the 7.5billion residents and all the cities and oceans. So how was Furnando and Nikko for the 3 days I was gone?" Matt asked.

"Oh... Err... They were fine. A little hyperactive.", Safefta said. Nikko had given her a scratch accidentally, but it wasn't as though it was anything to be concerned about.
"Hmmmm they normally aren't very hyperactive. But I guess it was because i was gone." Matt said smiling as the door whooshed open and Clarance ran in.

"There you are I need something to do Lieutenant Commander." Clarance said standing in front of Safefta.

"Oh, hello Clarance. did you finish logging those sensor readings like I asked you to?", Safefta asked.

"Yes and I organized everything in the Department Room alphabetically leaving vowels at the end." Clarance said smiling.

Safefta blinked in surprise. "Very good, Clarance. I am impressed. I just hope I'll be able to find everything later.", she said teasingly. "Ok here.", she said and handed him the PADD. "Go look over this information, and I want to file it away after you make a copy of it. It won't take too long I don't think."

"Yes Ma'am." Clarance said as he headed to the door.

"Well he might not have got to the training but it looks like he is doing a fine job." Matt said.

"Tell me about it... He moved faster in this job then I've ever seen anyone go... Sometimes he goes so fast he misses things, which means I just have to go over what he does afterward, but all in all he's very good.", Safefta replied.

"Is the Captain looking a little Tired to you lately?" Matt asked changing the subject from clarance. Who he had been stuck in a shuttle with for days.

"I hadn't noticed, really. I suppose I'm a bad judge of whether people are tired or not.", said Safefta.

"Hmmm it might just be me." Matt said looking around the room seeing if there was something to do. "Do you think I should be doing something or just sit here looking pretty?" Matt asked.

"Well, you could keep me company. I had the bridge until you came in and it was getting a bit dull. Sit and look pretty if you wish.", Safefta replied.

Matt sat back down next to Safefta "So is there anything you would like to change aboard this ship?"

"This ship functions as it should, and the crew is for the most part happy. I don't see any reason to change. Why, is there something you don't particularly like?", asked Safefta politely.

"Well I know the Grey walls are regulation but they are boring. The Chai cola from the replicators smell weird they taste good but the smell is off and I wish Dullus would come back to the ship i miss his lunches.."

"I suggest getting someone from engineering to look at your replicator... Dullus?", asked Safefta in the middle of her sentence.

"Oh I mean Admiral Bree. He left awhile back... Tall man with the guy that followed him everywhere." Matt said smiling "He is a good friend of mine."

"Betazoid, right?", asked Safefta. "I think I know who he is." ~I never forget a telepath~, she thought to herself.

"I couldn't think of Betazoid, thank you." Matt said smiling "So is there anyone you are missing." he asked.


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