The Sim

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Welcome to Starbase Prime! Current Situation, We're currently a little busy with an Orion Syndicate attack, but don't be fooled: this is the perfect time to jump aboard! :) What has been thus far a relatively safe place is now embroiled in a large scale fight between the boarding Syndicate and the crew of Star Base Prime. The Command deck has been rebuilt since the Borg surprise attack that took down the station's shields. The new Captain is jumping through hoops to get things calmed down.

One hell of a time to make your introduction, no?

General Notes
Starbase Prime is a Star Trek PbEM/PbP game taking place on this site private messages on occasion, to keep us all on the same page. We are a PG12 rated simm, the standard for the Fleet. Essentially, don't do anything you wouldn't see on an actual Trek show. If you have any more questions, contact us! :) We'd be happy to answer them.

Captain Travis Morgan