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Latest News

» A Special Invitation

Posted on Saturday July 7th, 2012 @ 4:34pm by Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler in General News

In 30 minutes (10pm central) an ADULTS ONLY RATED R Roast of the Fleet Admiral begins in the fleet Chat Room. You can join the fleet chat room by logging into your ship; locate the CHAT feature (perhaps on the MAIN page to the right? Or the SIM page? At the top beside Control Panel?) and click on it. People are already there, so go ahead and join us! 18+ ONLY!

A special reminder, http://www.dcwg.org/ is where you can scan your computer for a malware that could affect you Monday. It doesn't hurt to check!
We celebrate 11 Years of service for Independence Fleet so come and join us!
Admiral Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations

» Fleet Newsletter

Posted on Sunday June 24th, 2012 @ 1:16pm by Fleet Admiral AJ Wheeler in General News

You can view the entire fleet newsletter for May by visiting


This is an important issue with a very important message. DO NOT miss it please


» Welcome and Change of Command

Posted on Thursday June 14th, 2012 @ 8:55am by Commander Samantha Calavicci PhD in General News

Hello, all!

This is your new CO speaking. As all of you know, our old CO has stepped down to a new character taking Sam's places as XO. I, playing as Sam, have been promoted to CO.

This is my first time commanding a ship. I'm going to need all of your help to keep this ship running so that it doesn't die on us. I'm sure that there are plenty of JP's running out there, hopefully some individual ones too. I'm re-reading all of the ones that have been posted as of yet.

We have enough people to get the ship properly underway, and with the completion of the Senior Staff briefing we should be underway in a couple of days, real time. Take the opportunity to finish up any JP's.

Also, if any of you are interested in doing a JP with me, sort of a "checking in with the new leadership," PM me and let me know.

To my second order of business: we have at least one new player who hasn't been properly welcomed: Jon, who will be playing our Starfighter Wing group commander. If there's anyone else who joined before or during the command change that wasn't welcomed, welcome to you too.

'k, well, long news post, I know. But please take a look at it.

~Kate aka Sam Calavicci, your friendly neighborhood CO.

» NPC's

Posted on Monday May 28th, 2012 @ 7:40am by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun PhD in General News

To all crew,

This is your Captain speaking. If you want to flesh your departments out a bit feel free to add NPC's into the roster. I can link any character to his/her NPC's to help :-) Just let me know if you have an NPC you want outside your own department.

Jan Arrah/Scott

» New Chief Engineer, Shakedown News

Posted on Monday May 28th, 2012 @ 7:25am by Lieutenant Commander Tyler Elbrun PhD in Sim Announcement

Please join me in welcome Lieutenant Rosenthal to the ship. She will be our new Chief Engineer. And now that we are only missing a Counselor, we are cleared to leave spacedock for our shakedown. Be on the lookout for the 1st ship wide JP coming soon. All of you that have outstanding JP's please get them finished :-)

Your Friendly Neighborhood CO
Commander Jan Arrah