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Welcome to the most awesome ship Star Fleet has ever known, the USS Sanctuary! If you think you have what it takes to serve aboard the mighty Sanctuary, join today. If not, go back home to mommy.

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The USS Sanctuary is a proud member of Independence Fleet.

Latest News

» Holiday time

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2015 @ 2:27pm by Gunnery Sergeant Edward Morris in General News

William (Gunny Morris) wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving day. May all of your families have a wonderful time together and don't forget all of the veterans who won't be able to come home for this holiday. Let us all keep them in our prayers and keep them safe until they all come home.

» Star Base Orion

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2015 @ 5:06pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

I have put some info on the Sanctuary's Wiki page about
star Base Orion. I'll have more data put up as I get the rest
written up!

» What is this?

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2015 @ 1:55pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

In this next part of the Story of the Sanctuary.
we have returned back to Star Base Orion. Repairs
are badly need to the Temporal Jump Drives. Witch
means our friends The Guardians are stuck here for
the time being. So as the ship is getting patched up,
Colonel MayTa along with Major Ions and Lt. Alva will
have a little take with MayTa's Father the Traviler
and the Speaker. why the Vangaury are being so, odd
and why did he order them to join the Federation.
Also Col.MayTa will try to get to the bottom what the
Black Ios chip really is. Mean wail Lt. Alva will
be starting talks with the Vanguary and see if they really
want to Join the Federation, also to see if he can find out
more what happen long ago with the jump Drive. Major Ions
will be dealing with Problems with DS9 and the Jem-Hadar.
so once the new mission is posted hope you keep up!
Col.MayTa "Steve"

» Promotion

Posted on Wed Sep 30th, 2015 @ 1:17pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in Sim Announcement

Now Hear this!
From:Col.MayTa (Nx) Uss Sanctuary-J Temporal Marines
Subject: Promotions

Ssgt. Morris promoted to Gunnery Sgt.
For perfroming his duty beyond what was exspected. Aslo
personelly found a way to stop all threats at once.

Cwo Jester Marine Co Promoted to 2nd Lt.
for going beyond his duties and giving support at all times.

Lt. Soran Promoted to Captain and Star base Xo.
For doing and out standing job not just once but 3 times.
His perfromance and dedication has shown he can handle the
duties as a Command Staff Officer.

Congrats to all!

» Sanctuary my found a new hope.

Posted on Mon Jul 6th, 2015 @ 6:08pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

Hi every one its me Colonel MayTa (Steve)!
I hope you all been reading and following along. I once said the crew may
find a piece of new hope on getting home. In this Story line they may have just
found it. The crew are facing tuff time's right now. The Ship and some of of the
Primary crew are heading to protect a Federation colony against a Foe from another time.
The Fallen a very nasty race once looked at as ones to be feared. Now under command of
a Kell (General) name Korth Captain Franks and the Mighty Sanctuary will have
to do what they can. On Star Base Orion under the command of Lt. Soran and Cmdr
Kateri they have the daunting task of repairing the Star Base after fending off an attack
from a race from the same time line as the Fallen. The Cabal don't care how they arrived
all they care about is war. So Soran not only has to worry about them, he has to
make sure Lt. Keno and New Horizon are ok. Mean wail Colonel MayTa and a few of the
command staff once again dawn armor and weapons from the same time line as the Fall
and Cabal. Now they are doing what they can to protect and stop an invasion of dead like
warriors under the rule of the one they call Crota. A Demi-Like God who seeks death to
all living and to destroy all light, and bring humanity into darkness. So With MayTa and
his men now calling them selves as they once did. The Guardians and is now taking the fight.
to all who wish to destroy humanity. What the crew dose not know that deep in the Vangaury planet base. There is a piece that may have started all this. A piece that Crota has once
tapped into and now wants. Its a Prototype Trans dimentional jump Drive. With this piece
if the Guardians can locate it or find it, they may be able to get home.

So keep up and enjoy!