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The USS Sanctuary is a proud member of Independence Fleet.

Latest News

» Continuation of Cyber what! Sanctuary

Posted on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 4:11pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

For those who have beeb keeping up, we will be running on with our last sim,
my crew wishes to see where this will end up, as all ways where we go is up to
the crew. Colonel MayTa and Sgt. Morris are still stuck in 2020 and its a world
of Cyber organisumes and high tech toys, the faction wars are on the bring of
coming to an all our world war 4, unless peace is forced apound all sides,this
lays in the hopes of 2 Kids a young 15 year old girl names Janine, and her 10
year old borther names Jake. These 2 youngsters have information from a former
world leader. Who himself knows what happen and why, but The Colonle and his Sgt.
Must use the memories of their alternat lives to find them and get them to
the World peace alliance in hope they can stop an all out war.

Mean wail Captain Ions and his crew of Marines make their way back to Star Base Orion
to figure out what is happening with DS9 and the first contact with the Vorta and the
Jem-Hadar. Cmdr Sisko has sent word for the Sanctuary to be there just incase. But at the
same time Lt Tuvok will be watching closely for the Co and the Sgt. Beacons to go off.
Hopefully The EMH can wake everyone out of a deep Temporal sleep. This will be done
by the means of elector shock to the gental areas of the body."OUCH" we hope this can
be done because our CEO must get the Star Bases Temporl system modifyed to pick up
the Co and the Sgt. and transport them home once detected.

So for all those enjoyed us so fare please feel free to follow along.

Col MayTa CO Uss(NX) Sanctuary-J

» March Monthly News letter "Uss Sanctuary-J

Posted on Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 11:24pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

General News - March IDF Award Nominees USS(NX) Sanctuary-J

Best Post: Lt Tuvok "Maybe just Maybe"

FunniestPost: Lt Lazerus Had a few " 1 The Acid trip" "2 Now this is all
F******* UP"

Genesis Post: Colonle MayTa (2 Parts) "My Head"

Most Valuable Player: CWO Gabby "CMO" She was played the NPC of out EMH who
has no idea in hell how to bring the crew members out of deep Temporl sleep.
Gabby will endevor to bring the EMH to life thew parts 2 and the of out mission,
so far she had making him kinda Narsacistical and yet lovable.

Most Improved Player: Sgt Morris, sense he has joined he has come a long way both in
chacacter and out of, all ways giving idead and comments, his charcate as also evolved.

Rookie of the Month: Sgt Hue, Hue is doing a grate job, trying to develope his chartacter
and getting him to fit in, at this point Hue is tweeking his simming in order to make
Hue come to life.

Most Posts: Col MayTa 8, Captain Ions 7, Lt Franks 6

Recruitment: None

Col MayTa Commanding Officer..

This was autherized by Commodore Pandora

» Promotios"Movement in Chain of Commnd"

Posted on Fri Jan 24th, 2014 @ 2:45pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in Out of Character

We have a few promotion's in posts!

Ships Xo Captain Razor is no Star base Xo (ACO)

Marine Co Jermmy Ions Captain has been moved up From
Marine Co to ships Xo

Marine Xo CWO Jester has been moved up to Marine Co.

Congrats you guys you have really earned it..

Col.MayTa Uss-(NX) Sanctuary -J

» Death Of Jimmy !

Posted on Tue Jan 21st, 2014 @ 2:15pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in Sim Announcement

I would like to thanks those who showed up over the weekend,
to lay Jimmy to rest and send him home to his for fathers.
Some of you may know what happen for those who don't.
Jimmy ways hurt in a training miss hap. I training gernade malfunction.
He passed way from his injuries he died on Wednesday Morning 6:30.
I went up to Bushnell to meet up with his family from Tenn. His Father
Black Wolf and our Seriogate grandfather Chief Elk hart along with his Sisters
and Brother,along with Todd, David, Soran and Lazerus where there as well
as Ions and Franks.
We sent him home Saturday Evening native American Fire of peace of rest, then
we had a Military funeral with honors for him. His Family declined to take some
of the ashes with them so we all took Jimmy home with us.
At this point Jimmy will no be removed from the sim and his post will be
NPCed in honored. I will make the changes and place a tag with in his Data base

Thank you all for showing!


» When In Rome!?!

Posted on Thu Jan 2nd, 2014 @ 1:55pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

We will be Starting this New mission on the 4th.

When in Rome!?!

We are now heading back from out some what failed mission to recover the NX Calvin.
As the Ship and crew are heading back at full impulse threw the Klingon Bad Lands.
The had no idea that a fractured rift was forming in front of them. As the Ship
exits the last of the Ionic cloud mass the run did smack into it.

The Sanctuary becomes all distorted and a number of crew members are shifted into
an alternat reality. The Crew that was shifted was hurled into Old Days of Rome.
They have some if not most of their memories of the Sanctuary and what they were
doing before the event. And now they must indevor to find out what happen and figure
a way back to the ship, or they may just have to sit it out until the Crew who's left
aboard figure it out and can get them back.

Mean wail on the Sanctuary the Crew Brings the ship to a screeching stop. And now
they are in a mind numbing puzzle trying to figure out what happen and where in time
the Mission crew members are at in time. Can the Crew figure things out and can the
Marines stuck in Ancient Rome Survive until the can be rescued?