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» Please spell Kateri's name right

Posted on Wed Nov 12th, 2014 @ 4:57pm by Commander Kateri Walking Deer in General News

Please don't misspell Kateri's name. It is KatERI (pronounced Kah TER ee)

It is Not Katrie (Kat tree)

Sorry if this seems petty but I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Commander Kateri Walking Deer

» posts not going to my email

Posted on Thu Oct 16th, 2014 @ 4:07am by Commander Kateri Walking Deer in General News

it looks like posts of today have not all gone to my email, has anyone else had the same trouble? site vs. emails....

» post revised

Posted on Sun Oct 5th, 2014 @ 6:26am by Commander Kateri Walking Deer in General News

sorry but I realized I had an error in the original post showing Kateri in her office, forgetting for a few that we were on SB Orion. So the post was redone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

» Sacturays next Mission"We mental help"

Posted on Sat Oct 4th, 2014 @ 3:48am by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

Status Current Mission

In this mission we are all back on Star Base Orion. We will be helping setting up a new home for the refugies the Kuthula's on Oaisis. But was we go along we will all be meeting with Cmdr Katri Walking Deer for some well needed mental help with our stress for being home sick, not knowing if we will ever get home and any other things running threw our heads. She will be doing joint logs with as many of us as she can. She will star with Cwo Gabby sence she has just gone threw one hell of a medidical Kobiashimaru. So lets all log and get get out postings back up! So everyone is on duty doing thier normal stuff. Exept for our newly promoted Captain Franks he will be running back and forth during the setting of the new home for the refugies. Also Major Ions and Sgt. Hue are still on DS9 dealing with what we hope will be the end of
a peaceful talks or maybe it will end on a bad note.

» 9/11 Why I remeber it!

Posted on Thu Sep 11th, 2014 @ 1:16pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in Out of Character

Dear Independence Fleet Players,
Today (September 11th) we remember an attack on American soil that changed the world. Independence Fleet Admiralty will take time today to remember all of those lost, and will wish for a Star Trek future where on Earth peace can be achieved. May you all stay safe with your loved ones. - Admiral Landon Wakeland, Chief of Fleet Operations

The day it all happend I was on my way to meet a close friend in the West Traid tower
for lunch, A Female Marine named Janice Corwell she was stationg at the Embassy
and was there visiting another friend of ours who worked on the 38th floor.
I had just gotten off the phone with here telling here I was 2 to 3 blocks away.
I can remeber looking up and seen the first Jet zip over. I knew something was wrong.
I called Janice to see if she and Robert where already left . I really did nto think
anythong of it, jets kinda come low and bank back to JFK. But when I heard
the Loud boom and people screaming. I knew then I have lost 2 close friends that day.
I stud there in my Marine BDU's "Battle Dress unifrom" and saw the Smoke and fire
from where I was at. When the second one hit, I remeber dropping my head and praying.
I picked up my phone and tryed calling again, and this time it went to
voice mail. I slowly looked up and the floors from 32 to 40 where blown away.
I walked on and stopped at 4 way and watched as the first tower fell, I truned to run
but relized I was further way than I thought, 6 blocks out. I remeber seeing the duts
spewing out blocks away from me and people running. As the second one feel I remember
leaning against the wall crying. Jancie was to be with me that day because her husband
was setting up thier 20the year anniverary party everyone was going to bether, not only
that she was just promoted from Sergant to Staff Sergant and was placed as NCO of
her detachment at the Embassy. She has left be hind a husband David IT tech for
State of Ny. a 4 year old daughter. He mother and father and sister Jackie who is
a Nurse "wich I proudly use as an NPC in my sim in honor of Janice". She aslo
left be hind an Austic brother 19 who till this day asking where is his sister.
David left behind a Son who he was raisin on his own wife who just died from cancer
2 years earlyer. His sons name was Bill and now lives with his Grandmother and Grandfather
in Washington State and is now a Manager of a Small Computer shop and has 3 kids
Kelly, Lisa and David II in honor of his father.
The days after I dont quite remember much, but some of my close friends
remeber seen me with a US Flag wraped around me just walking the aras near ground
zero, I was to report back in the day after the attack. I was found by a Office
who was there looking for fallen Brothers and sisters. I remeber reporting back
and being deployed. The only people who know about this and that I have shared
is my Family and my 3 closes friends William Brooks, Aka Ssgt Morris, Todd Killman
aka Lt Hall, and Lt Soran " aka Soran Jefferies" And now you all of IDF! Please
I wish to keep this with in IDF my silence is my tribute to my fallen Brothers and Sisters
and my 2 closest friends and thier Families. Its How we Marines do things. SO
I consider this a personnle request! We keep this in IDF for now, when the time
is wright I will speak out but not now!

Col.MayTa Co USS Sanctuary