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Welcome to the most awesome ship Star Fleet has ever known, the USS Sanctuary! If you think you have what it takes to serve aboard the mighty Sanctuary, join today. If not, go back home to mommy.

For more info about us and our open style of role playing/creative writing, click on the "sim" tab above. There you'll find our official rules and a list of recommendations regarding participation in the sim. As you'll see, we're not your average play play game. If you would like to give it a go with us, click "join" on the side menu, and we'll see you onboard!

The USS Sanctuary is a proud member of Independence Fleet.

Latest News

» Uss Sanctuary

Posted on Tue Jul 1st, 2014 @ 6:51pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

The Crew will be running on with our current mission this month. They are having to much
fun with it, we stil have post open!


Posted on Fri May 30th, 2014 @ 1:15pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

This is Col.MayTa we have now started our next mission. This will take place on
Star Base Orion. The crew is having some well deserved down time. Mean wail
MayTa will once again be shoved into a head long race to uncover more of his fathers
Pass and what really happen to him and Star Base Orion long ago!

» Sanctuary Now Recuriting!

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 12:36pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in Sim Announcement

This is Colonel MayTa USS-(NX) Sanctuary-J

We still have post open, if you know of anyone who wants to
sim with story lines of both Normal and Temporal missions.
Or would like a Change. please let them know. We still have a
few department heads open, 2 XO post open Fighter wing and Marine
and many more post as well. Please have them email me at.

CaptMayTa@ Gmail for more info!

"They say time jumping is so easy that a monkey can do it! Um last time
a monkey did it, the ship ended up in a place where fluffy bunnies ruled
the univers!"

» The Master Returns

Posted on Sun May 4th, 2014 @ 4:27am by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

Ok We start a new chapter in the history of the Sanctuary, as you know from that last time, the Co Colonle MayTa and Sgt. Morris
are in an alternate time line 2020. This is a time where the 3rd world war has happen and the cybernetical wars have started.
The Co and Morris are still endevoring to get the 2 childern they were looking for back to their father who is in command
of the last Military bases, called Horizon. These 2 kids have information that can stop the wars and breing peace so they clamed.
Mean wail The Crew of the Sanctuary are now at DS9 and the first visit from the Vorta and the Jem-Hadar will take place.
Sisko has asked for the Marines to man the station during the talk just in case. Back on Orion Lt Lazerus and Lt Tuvok with the
help of Lt Lisa and Lt Kathy will do their best to bring the Temporal systems on line and boost them, in hopse of bringing back
the Co and Morris. The hope will lay with Orion and Deturance will lay with Captain Ions and the Crew. As the stroy moves along
and member who was once lost or taken for dead returns as Master of the Past and The Present. Who is this you ask ! Well
sit back and follow along and you will find out.!

Colonel MayTa Co USS (Nx) Sanctuary-J 2828

» Continuation of Cyber what! Sanctuary

Posted on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 4:11pm by Colonel Steven MayTa Death in General News

For those who have beeb keeping up, we will be running on with our last sim,
my crew wishes to see where this will end up, as all ways where we go is up to
the crew. Colonel MayTa and Sgt. Morris are still stuck in 2020 and its a world
of Cyber organisumes and high tech toys, the faction wars are on the bring of
coming to an all our world war 4, unless peace is forced apound all sides,this
lays in the hopes of 2 Kids a young 15 year old girl names Janine, and her 10
year old borther names Jake. These 2 youngsters have information from a former
world leader. Who himself knows what happen and why, but The Colonle and his Sgt.
Must use the memories of their alternat lives to find them and get them to
the World peace alliance in hope they can stop an all out war.

Mean wail Captain Ions and his crew of Marines make their way back to Star Base Orion
to figure out what is happening with DS9 and the first contact with the Vorta and the
Jem-Hadar. Cmdr Sisko has sent word for the Sanctuary to be there just incase. But at the
same time Lt Tuvok will be watching closely for the Co and the Sgt. Beacons to go off.
Hopefully The EMH can wake everyone out of a deep Temporal sleep. This will be done
by the means of elector shock to the gental areas of the body."OUCH" we hope this can
be done because our CEO must get the Star Bases Temporl system modifyed to pick up
the Co and the Sgt. and transport them home once detected.

So for all those enjoyed us so fare please feel free to follow along.

Col MayTa CO Uss(NX) Sanctuary-J