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USS Snctuary

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2013 @ 4:13pm by Brigadier General Steven MayTa Death

From Colonel MayTa Co of the Sanctuary

This is a sim update of what's been happing.

We are near the end of part 2 of out story line "[USS Sanctuary] Day_X Donates Inferno (The 7 Levels of Hell)" Right now Start base Orion is defiantly infested with Zombies left and right.
The crew did figure out things with help of some old notes and letters from The Colonels
father, whom had visited IDF Long ago, That they are dealing with a race who lives
not in Null space but Dead space as well. This race has the ability to combine the 2
Spaces and can move threw to where ever they wish. The bad thing is, The race called
Hojia witch the Colonels father has in countered in another time line. Some how they can
reanimate the dead at any time. The worse thing is they can make the mixed space
form any wear they wish. SO the Battle with Lt Soran and Lt Hall rages on the decks below.
Yet there is a twist and another battle front is just about to begin. Captain Ions and
his XO Cwo Jester are rushing out to recue Cwo Asher and his Wingman Sgt Danny
when the some how was pulled in and crashed landed on the Unknown planet witch is 12 hours
out for Orion. Asher don't know who is watching them, all they know is that they are
being watched. But Captain Ions and his Xo had figured it out that some how, A planet
used my the Dojima has some how been pulled into IDFs time line, and its was last
seen in the Sanctarys time line. So Captain Ions has to figure away to get them off
and also combat 500 Camillion like foe'. We will just have to wait and see what happens
on both the Star Base and the Unknow planet.If you wish to keep up then feel free to read out log/post on out web site at.


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