USS-Sacntuary (NX) 2825    [ View Specifications » ]   Flag ship of Regament 2 5 Black Ops Marine's 3rd Division Temperal Combat Group year 2860. The ship is a hard edge and lined Akira J Jaguar Class,by doing this gives the ship a more defencive advantage of 86% of all know enemies both Temporal and Standard forces.
The hard edges make it harder for another ship to hit the Akira in fact it decreases accuracy up to 20% when Disruptor's or Phaser's are being used. When fired on by torpedo's the accuracy by 28%. The ship is also a non reflective surface witch makes it harder to see visually.The ship aslo has a transponder/signel distortion system that make's it 10% harder to identify the Akira with sensors until the hostel forces come with in 500 meter. The ship color is a Dual Grayish Pueter that also so help it to blend in to the drakness of outer space,it also help's it to hide in plain site.The reason for all this is to help the Akira live up to the name SANCTUARY