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Position Vacant - Task Force Alpha Commander

Posted on Sat Jul 12th, 2014 @ 8:29pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Hi All,
just a quick newsie to let you know that the position of Task Force Commander - Task Force Alpha is open at the moment. The ideal candidate will be someone that has a decent amount of experience simming, has time to help other simmers and captains, and has time to monitor the sims under their command and post on those sims regularly. Those individuals who are interested should private message Admiral Wheeler with their details so that we can begin the interviewing and selection process.

If you'd like any further information as to what a TFCO does, let me know and I'll explain for you :) (says she who runs Task Force Delta... and apparently is the Director of Task Force Development.. what a job description...)

Yours in great simming

Admiral Kaylen.


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Category: General News