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Inactive Characters

Posted on Mon Jan 5th, 2015 @ 10:31pm by Commander Jonathan Martin

As stated twice by the captain over the past five weeks, there is a minimum posting requirement per month and some characters were in danger of being relegated to inactive status.

Since the new mission will be starting within the next few weeks the following characters and their NPC's have been placed on the inactive list:

Jenna Ramthorne
Lt Commander Laria Jorel
Lt Shamoun Syed
Lt Humaira Syed
Ens Ibraheem Syed

If any of these charcaters wish to come back and participate on a regular basis again, we'd welcome you with open arms and I do hope that day comes soon because there are some talented writers in this group. Just give command a shout and we'd be happy to change your status to active.


Commander Jonathan Martin


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