Shore Leave

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After a stressful and deadly mission that nearly saw the end of the crew at the hand of a mind altering bio-gen, the USS Sunfire has been rerouted to a beautiful jungle resort world in a nearby sector for shore leave while the ship undergoes intensive decontamination, repairs, and resupply. As the crew enjoys the offerings and amenities of the lush Tor’ba leisure outpost, and take time out to rest and recover from their latest harrowing mission, a surprise visit from an influential Starfleet Admiral and Federation Diplomat could set the crew of the Sunfire on a whole new course.

The Best of All Worlds

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The Borg are back! Finally, the Federation gets to see the Borg homeworld. The first ones to go there, who else, the Sunfire.


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On a regular day on a regular mission a new crewmember suddenly appears on the Sunfire. Everyone knows him, everyone remembers that he's always been there. Except that he hasn't. It takes a visit from the Admiralty to see through the charade - but what is his purpose?

Halloween Special

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The Halloween mission you've always wanted!

Roles we play

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Something, a virus or otherwise has changed the DNA of everyone on board to the opposite sex. With men becoming women and women becoming men, it's up to those who can keep a cool head to find a solution to the predicament.

Tales of Histories Past

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The Captain is kidnapped by a group of mercinaries eager to make a quick dollar. With the Federation Council refusing to yield to the ransom, will the Sunfire crew be able to recover their Captain before she is sold to a mysterious man who has put a pretty price on her head?


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The Sunfire becomes trapped within a nebula that is exhibiting unusual characteristics. Can they escape before they run out of air and energy?

Death by Sun-Fire

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The Sunfire is dispatched to rescue a science vessel that was researching the death of a star. Upon arrival they are able to transport the vessels crew over, but immediately lose power to the engines. They have a week before the star will expand far enough that it destroys the ship. The next day the engineering crew is transported to the science vessel where it regains power and leaves the Sunfire to be destroyed.

Canis Major

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The Sunfire is called to track down a rouge Klingon vessel and crash lands onto the planet Canis III in the Canis Major star system.


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The Sunfire is called to Bajor to assist in the management of Wildfires that are sweeping the planet. Will the flames uncover the tainted history of the Captain's past or will they only serve to fan the heat of the future?

*CD* Rest and Recreation

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The Sunfire winds down after a series of missions to catch a little rest and relaxation.

Welcome Aboard!

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The gallant crew of Star Fleet's newest ship, the USS Sunfire, reports for duty.


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Something has caused the crew of the Sunfire start behaving strangely, there's attacks on fellow crewmembers, destruction of equipment, insubordination, and entries into the computer's navigation system that no-one can explain. They all feel fine... but is there something else at play?

Paradise City

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The crew, needing a great deal of relief from being incarcerated, decide to visit Risa for a bit of shore leave. Their point of arrival, a place of beauty called paradise city. As bad luck tends to follow the crew of the Sunfire, what will they find during their chance at peace.


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Starting with small issues like doors not opening and replicators giving the wrong item upon request, the situation grows worse and worse. Couple these issues with a shake-up in the command crew and you get all out chaos. A transport malfunction sends the Sunfire Away Team to goodness knows where. The Admiral's coffee machine is producing olive oil, the Helm keeps playing tic-tac-toe with itself, and the Warp Drive can't decide whether its coming or going. What is wrong with the Sunfire?

Waters of Coralee

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Waters of Coralee

Once home to a thriving populace, Nigelis IV had a history of decadent lifestyles and careless abandon. It’s population had no idea that Nigelis IV was slowly and inexorably in revolt. The main land was no longer pure and pristine as it had once had been. The water had long ceased to be fit for use in its natural form, now needing to be filtered and re-filtered to be able to make it potable. The atmosphere had lost its teal-blue luster, instead taking on the heavy gray-green hue of the mountains, not a bad color unless you knew what color it should be. And the land. The land could not sustain flora and fauna, its soil having long since given way to mounds of man-made, man-manipulated refuse which in turn leaked such highly toxic fluids that the soil had no mineral or bacteriological base any longer.

So now, the planet was revolting - quaking, shaking, blowing and inundating as its weather patterns hurled out of control. What remained of the population were divided into two groups, the half that struggled and toiled to survive on the land, and the rich who lived far out to sea on man-made islands made of dredged sand and concrete supported by a system of hydraulic tethers larger than many of the buildings the islands supported. Those who lived on the islands felt no quakes, smelled only the clean salty sea air and enjoyed the sunshine and shopping as they went about their lives, oblivious as to the problems not only around them, but also beneath their feet.

Ghosts & Ghouls // Halloween Mini Misson

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The crew of the USS Sunfire start seeing ghosts and ghouls. Who or what are they?

R & R Earth.

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Character development mission during a layover on Earth. During this time, Captain Rhenora Kaylen faces a court martial, while other crew members disburse to confront demons of their own, or to simply experience life.


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The USS Jamison crash lands on Minshara 4, and Starfleet sends the Sunfire for the rescue mission. When they arrive they find the Jamison emitting deadly radation - the crew missing, and the locals dying.

Off To Frienze IV

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The Sunfire is ordered to the planet Frienze IV to sign a non-aggression pact on behalf of the Federation.


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The Sunfire has been ordered to escort a freighter class vessel through a disputed territory. The cargo is special not only to the freight runners but also to others in the area. While running the mission, the freighter is attacked and the cargo is taken leaving the crew of the Sunfire to track down and recover the cargo as well as find the attackers to discover the motive behind the attack.

R & R

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The Sunfire crew enjoy some hard earned downtime.

Wolf in the Fold

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The USS Sunfire returns home after her mission to Frienze... to find more problems on Earth!


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The crew of the Sunfire wake to discover they have been incarcerated for crimes they don't remember committing. Other memories seem to have also been removed such as personal relationships, rank and position information. All they have left is each other and their own natural instincts which come in handy when their captors release them into hunting grounds where the challenges and the fear is real. Can they come together as a group to remember who they are in time to survive their incarceration?

Dry Dock

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The Sunfire returns to dry dock in Earth's orbit to receive extensive repairs after sustaining significant damage in her last mission.

The Boneyard

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The Sunfire investigates the dissappearance of 2 Starfleet vessels in a region of space known only as 'The Boneyard'

Back to the Boneyards

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The Sunfire crew has been here before. An area of space once home to two great species, the Whisps and the Widows and a large fleet of derelict ships discarded like yesterday's trash. Last time it was discovered the Widows would pull anything with a large power output into their web and feed off the energy of the crew while the Whisps lured the prey into a false sense of security. By the time the Sunfire left with what was left of the Blaxland crew they had stirred up a hornets nest and unbalanced the powers in the region. When the Sunfire arrives again, this time searching for one of their own, they find a much altered region of space since their last visit and one of the crew finds a piece to her past, the USS Gettysburg.

The Akashic Library

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The Akashic Library is a metaphoric description of an object which contains the collective knowledge of the universe. Believed to have been created with the big bang, this long sought after library has been visited via visions by Ghandi, Vulcan Legit N'velric and Nostredomus to name a few.
When a large cloud nebula passes through Federation space along the border of Klingon and Romulan territory, the Sunfire is sent to investigate, but they are not alone in the quest for unlimited knowledge.

Shore Leave - Bajor

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The crew of the USS Sunfire spend Christmas and the holiday season in the Bajoran sector on shore leave.

A Power Rising

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Cardassia has been a part of the Federation ever since the end of the Dominion War. The rebuilding of Cardassia has gone smoothly over the past decade with the help of the Federation and Starfleet. Relations have never been better.

Recently, with former pro-Federation government officials disappearing or changing their political views on Cardassia's relationship with the Federation, Elim Garak's arrest and ouster from the council, and rumors of secession from the Federation; a new power threatens that status quo with elections to be held in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Lt. Syed and Ens. Auditore have been held prisoners in the mines of the Mekar Wilderness on Cardassia with chances of survival diminishing by the day.

Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev, a forceful security advocate who is quite familiar in dealing with the cardassian Union, has ordered Starfleet's best warship to look into these troubling reports/rumors as a way of telling Cardassia that the Federation is watching that no illegal activity is happening and the Federation-Cardassian Treaty that she helped broker is not in jeopardy.

Rear Admiral Kaylen and her crew will have to deal with the voices of her past, political deception, and a new power that threatens Starfleet and the Federation that will put the Sunfire through its biggest test yet.


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The Sunfire's Commanding Officer -Captain Kaylen Rhenora is replaced by a clever changling with an evil agenda. Where is the real Admiral, and will the crew notice the difference before the changling achieves her goal?

Q - MiniMission 1 - Do No Harm

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The Sunfire is despatched to a planet where a plague is ravaging its people. Can they solve the cause of the plague before it affects them as well?

*CD* Holidays 2014

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Cause & Effect

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Since the end of the Dominion War 12 years ago, there's been peace in the Alpha Quadrant the Federation has enjoyed and overseen. That peace is now threatened with a new galactic war starting. With many Alpha Quadrant powers still recovering and with Dominion War still fresh in the minds of many races, Cardassia will change the status quo and wants no more of the Federation after the Sunfire Massacre of 2386.

The second Federation - Cardassian War has begun!


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FMR XO Jenna Ramthorne goes rouge in order to end her mothers reign of terror against the crew of the USS Sunfire. In part she is fulfilling her mothers path of destruction, but mostly she is trying to bring her mother to justice.