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Plans Fulfilled

Posted on Sat Mar 31st, 2012 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant JG Shamisen Korito & Crewman Abraham Malone

Mission: Glitch
Location: Eridani Station

Shamisen smiled at Malone. He looked so handsome standing there in what she surmised were his best dress civies offering his elbow. She grabbed the small bag she'd prepared just for their special time and took his arm.

The light green layers of her mid-calf dress swirled and swished as they walked side-by side down the corridor. She was so happy and excited she could barely contain herself. Finally, after all this time.

Malone tried hard to keep his demeanor cool and calm as he walked down the corridor with this beautiful creature on his arm. He truly was a lucky man! He ran through the plans again in his mind, making sure every detail was taken care of.

" I hope you like what I have planned" He said with a smile as they approached the transporter room, waiting patiently in line for their turn to get beamed down to the planet below. The White Chef restaurant awaited them.

"I'm certain I will. I have a couple of plans myself." She looked up at him and smiled. "I can't wait to see how our plans work together." With that she tightened her grip on his arm.

The doors parted before them, the head chef looking rather busy behind the open style kitchen that allowed the diners to see their meal being cooked from where they sat.

" Ahhh Chef Malone, I have your request in order" The head chef smiled, waving them over whilst flipping something that looked like scallops on a hot pan, keeping the food moving to prevent overcooking.

" My deepest thanks" Malone replied, making his way through the crowded restaurant and into the kitchen, pushing the large glass doors open and heading towards the secondary kitchen area. It was more an overflow kitchen, used only when the restaurant was booked for functions or was at full capacity. Perfect for their use.

Shamiesen looked around. "You have out-done yourself!" The glee in her voice just would not be stiffled. Calm down or he'll think you're a silly cadet! She willed herself to be more serious. "This really is wonderful," she said in a more serious tone. "I think our plans will turn out perfectly." She let go of his arm and moved to set her bag on a nearby table.

"What's first?" she said simply.

" First... my dear....appetisers, I will create for you a tantalising taste of the Earth orient, to be enjoyed with a glass of Sake, freshly brewed by yours truely" He said with a flourish, pulling out the ingredients he would need for the first taste of dinner. This was going to be an experience he was not going to forget. Half an hour later, mixed seafood in ricepaper was served at the small table to the side of the kitchen.

Shamisen was not without surprises of her own. While Malone busied himself with the food, she created a small paradise around the table. From her bag she pulled a vase of flowers, three small candles, a tablecloth and napkins, folded so that the Asian symbol of love was prominent.

Malone appeared a moment later, silver platter ladden with rice paper rolls, lightly fried to perfection.

" Wow..." The table took his breath away, and he set the platter in the centre, returning to the kitchen for the glass of sake to serve with the appetisers.

"I could say the same. Those look delicious! And I am....quite hungry!" Shamisen almost went for the demure look, but that really wasn't her nature. She looked at Malone as he took his place at the table. "You are amazing. Where in the universe were you able to purloin these things? I know we didn't have the makings on the ship because I helped with the inventory." She reached out to pick up one of the rolls, brushing Malone's hand as she did so because they'd both reached for the same roll at the same time.

Their eyes met. Shamisen refused to pull away, though it took all the willpower she had to fight the fluttering in her stomach.

Malone withdrew first, allowing Shamisen to take the roll, instead choosing another one close by.

" My apologies... after you of course" He said in a gentlemanly fashion. He too had felt the rush of their first touch but refused to be drawn in by it. The way to woo a woman was with fine food, pleasant conversation, and a gentle heart. To rush headlong allowing one's emotion to overrule ones judgement was never a good thing.

Shamisen took the roll, examined it and then took a bite, relishing the tastes and allowing them to roll around her tongue so that she got a sampling of all the flavors. Her eyes flew to Malone's face. "Oh my goodness..." was all she could say, because had she said more, she would probably have said too much and now was not the time. Not now when they were exploring first feelings for one another.

When she did speak, she chose her words carefully. "If this is just the beginning, I can't wait to sample the rest!" She hoped she'd put just enough inflection in her tone. A little double entendre, but not too much.

Malone waited until they'd finished appetisers before moving on to preparing the Entrees and the rest of the meal. It would be a succulent and delicious culinary event with a woman he was beginning to share feelings for.

They laughed. They played, Shamisen helping to prepare some of the other courses. Each course satisfied some hungers, but heightened others. Shamisen looked up from dessert. "This was a perfect choice," she said delicately licking off the spoon. "A perfect combination of sweets. It's like....well, like nothing I've ever tasted!" She flashed Malone a grin. "This is so good I don't know if my surprise will compare," she said coloring her voice in what she hoped was a teasing, tempting, sultry voice.

Malone choked as the sip he'd just taken went down the wrong way. He looked at Shamisen and raised an eyebrow. He had a feeling this lovely woman had just accelerated their relationship with that tease.



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