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Waters of Coralee // GENESIS

Posted on Sun Apr 1st, 2012 @ 5:15am by Lieutenant Commander Laria Jorel & Jenna Ramthorne

Mission: Waters of Coralee

Tightly spaced housing modules lined the street on either side, just beyond the manicured grass lawns, shaded by young and vibrant trees. Ajwan played with a kick-ball in the path between houses with several of his friends, and they were winning. He had the ball, kicking it forward but not too far forward that it would fall into the feet of his competition. Back and forth he kicked his feet, always keeping one eye on the ball and the other eye on his goal. As he neared the target, a small basket in the center of the path, he hesitated briefly. It was a flaw his father said would hinder his chances one day if he ever made the leagues.

He pulled his foot back, looked at the basket for the proper aim, and kicked. The ball soared into the air and at the same time the ground shook, a low rumble at first, then it lurched violently, knocking Ajwan to the ground. He could still feel the rumble in his hands and see tiny pebbles of sand and rock vibrating above the path. The other children had felt it too. They were watching something at the far end of the path, where the houses ended and the waters of the outside began.

"Ajwan!" His mother called as she was rushing out of their house, number 14G-South. "Ajwan! Come here quick!" She yelled and at the same time motioned for him to come to her. He started to answer but something loud was blocking his voice from being heard. The sound was like the thunderclap that came before the light boomers, only constant. He allowed his head to turn from his mother to where the children were still looking. The water on the horizon was higher than it should be, it was now higher than the near houses.

He scrambled to his feet, almost slid as he felt the ground shift even more. It was tilting towards the water. "Mother!" She had reached him now and was pulling him close and at the same time pulling him back towards the house. "Mother, what's happening?" He asked over the sound of rushing waters.

"The tidal wall has been breached. The island is sinking." She said through tear filled eyes. "Your father is waiting in the life boat for us, now come along."

He had stopped, tried to pull away. They were fleeing, but his friends still stood in the pathway, oblivious to what was happening. He had to tell them, to warn them. The more he struggled, the more she tightened her grip. "What about them!" He shouted as the sound grew louder. Half a mile up the path, the waters pushed in, devouring anything and everything they touched. The frothy lead edge of the water churned and pushed like a bulldozer eating everything in it's way.

"We only have enough room for ourselves. They will have to survive if they can." She said, choking on her words. She wasn't heartless, but she felt that way. They stepped up onto the porch, just as the waters pushed down the street. Children were running here, there and everywhere. Some had found safety on their porches while others were hit by the water and swept away.

Ajwan and his family made it to the boat his father had built, but as the water enveloped the island beneath them Ajwan wondered who would live to tell others about their lost island.

Ranjeris District - Central Island surrounded by several smaller islands.

The devastation was unbelievable. Never in the history of Nigelis IV had there been such flooding. True, it was the rainy season, but somehow, this season had been different. The rains had begun earlier and were heavier than usual, and came, not only from the sky, but from the very ground itself. The danger seemed especially apparent in the exclusive Ranjeris District, as one island after another succumed to the waters that churned with the intensity of the wild-winds of the land. The flooding had begun innocently, eroding first soil and plants. Then whole properties were inundated and buried under the ever encroaching waters. The water level had risen enough to completely destroy nearly a dozen of the smaller less elite islands. Many wondered what had happened to their idyllic paradise while others were certain it was their end. Those that knew the cause remained separate and quiet.

It was the ever encroaching, gray churning waters that Jaden now watched from his perch on the thirtieth floor of the sleek highrise. The ocean was visible from every direction. People busied themselves below, tending their plants, nurturing their lawns playing with their children. They were happy, and why shouldn't they be? They lived in a beautiful paradise built just for them, the most beautiful paradise in the galaxy Jaden himself had once thought, but he knew better. Jaden knew paradise couldn't and wouldn't last forever, because Jaden had just been told so. It was like tasting a sweet fruit only to find it bitter, sour. "Tell me again... no wait, we'll tell my father together."

"Are you sure that's wise, given his condition?" Goli asked, his voice tinged with uncertainty.

"My father is not dead, he's dying. This is news he will want for his own ears. Come, walk with me." Jaden moved away from the window and allowed the auto shader to dim the amount of light being filtered in back to its original setting. He crossed the glossy floor etched and shaped in patches of jade and coral, like the backs of turtles, the large ones that once swam in the oceans here.

Goli moved with him, a sense of deja vu filling him as they walked side by side, Jaden listening to him giving explanations. "The islands to the west are completely submerged. Though the rain stopped five days ago, still the waters rise. Kriaga Island will be crested in the next few hours and then Litrelis. It won't be long until the main islands begin to feel the impact. You know this can only mean one thing. Your father, sick, dying or otherwise will think we've not done our duty. I'm still not certain he should be told that his masterpiece is slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean"

Together they traversed the curved half organic, half constructed corridor leading to the master suite where large shell shaped doors dissolved to reveal a darkened interior and a large curved bed. Jaden stopped feet from the end of the bed and gave a curt bow out of respect. "Designer, Crafter, Father, I come before you with news. Will you hear me or turn me away?" His language was spoken with soft flowing words and utmost respect as it had always been, as it should be. No man was more respected on the island than the Designer, Crafter and Father of the people safe below.

A groan escaped his frail body despite his determination not to make a sound as his struggled to sit up. Damn. Damn the traitorous body that had left him an invalid. Damn the circumstances that had made him an invalid. And damn this son of his fourth wife who was twice the clever engineer that he'd been in his prime. Damn. He drew a shuddering breath. "Come, flesh of my flesh and tell me what it is you want. Be quick about it! I am not long for this world."

Jaden spoke softly and quickly, "It has been decided. Ranjeris will sink. The tether that keeps us bound to this location has been stretched to it's fullest by the rising waters and the environmental tube is stressed to its breaking point. Several of the smaller outlying islands have already succumbed to the waters sending refugees out in all directions. It won't be long before Hechto and Mordrid also fall.

Damn. All his work, his striving, his struggle to make a good life for those who deserved it. "And what comes after them? Ranjeris itself? Why have you not done something? You are more than able."

He sank back in the pillows, his body unable to sustain the upright position any longer. So, it was over. He'd known this day would come. It had only been a matter of time. They'd enjoyed their decades of worry-free living under the bright Corillian sun in the temperate zone of Coralee They'd enjoyed and not given any thought to the possibilities. They'd looked to him to keep them comfortable and he'd delivered. And passed on the responsibility to this son when his body had taken him captive. And this was how it all would end. "What is your solution?" His voice rasped out the question just as a fit of coughing overtook him.

"I seek permission to call for aid from the Starfleet. They once came to us and offered their help. Let me call them here to help now before our civilization is gone from this planet. I want to proudly tell my future children that the people of Coralee have a future here despite the follies of our past." Jaden hung his head low waiting for a response from his father. He wished his sister were here now, she always had a better way of dealing with father. She was the people person, while Jaden was the thinker.

The coughing subsided. "They once came and offered us nothing but their superiority! 'Superior technology' I think they called it. Bah! They wanted a piece of our planet for themselves and the right to brag about how they'd helped the poor, stupid inhabitants of Ranjeris to overcome their 'primitive' technology." More coughing overtook him, but he willed it away. "You would bring strangers in and allow them to see our problems and our weakness? You would give them the power to disclose to the universe the problems of our planet? Of our islands?" He fell silent. Weak from the tirade.

Jaden knew his father could be very stubborn even in times of complete devastation of their species he held true to the ideal that his creation was the salvation their people needed. He had one piece of information his father had told him long ago, an ace up his sleeve. He sighed, "I had hoped you would be more willing knowing lives were at stake. You once told me, in confidence, a secret I am prepared to share now if you force my hand. So I ask you now, is this the final answer of the Designer, Creator and Father or will he concede that we need help?"

Drendjan snorted, though it came out as more of a wheeze, which ruined the effect. "I will not have complete strangers coming to our planet," he wheezed, "trying to tell us how to take care of our people. MY people." Great hacking coughs seized him then. "You - are - no - son - of - mine - if you - can - run for - help..." He spat the words out between coughs. from those alien sons of nine wives he finished in his mind. Damn! It was added in his mind for emphasis but never heard by anyone else in the room.

"So be it. Thank you kind father for proving why your death will finally feel like a release. Come Goli." Jaden walked out of the room, Goli followed behind shaking his head in disbelief. Once they were back in the main chamber Jaden went back to looking out the window, in the distance he could see a large scattering of boats moving away from one of the smaller outlying islands. The evacuations had already begun.

Goli moved close, "I cannot believe the creator would allow this to happen without resolve. What do we do now sir?"

The people were what mattered now, not him or his plans for the future and certainly not his father's blinded ideals. With a firm sigh he gave his answer, "Contact Starfleet. Tell them we wish to speak to a diplomat regarding an offer extended to us long ago."

Goli nodded, "Yes sir. Right away. Before I do sir, might I inquire what you were told in confidence so long ago?"

Jaden came out of his thoughts, "Oh, only that the scientists that came here almost a hundred Earth years ago were the ones that helped my father design this place. He is not the sole designer. If this information got around, could you imagine the reaction of the people? They think him a god because he keeps them well fed and happy. If they only knew the real Father like I do."

In his room, now void of all but his care-taker, Drendjan lay back, trying to suck great heaving breaths of air, but the air simply would not fill his lungs. He had not even an ounce of strength to summon the care-taker who was across the room preparing his medications. When the care-taker turned to approach the bed, he realized that Drendjan had breathed his last.

USS Sunfire

"Call coming in from Starfleet Command on a secure channel Captain." The communications officer reported.

"Pipe it through to my quarters Lt." Captain Rhenora Kaylen said as she sat forward and placed her coffee mug on the desk. A moment later the screen changed to reveal Admiral Webber, the local liaison for the Sunfire. "Hello Michael, what's it been, two, three weeks?"

"Hello Kaylen, still sipping the black gold I see."

Rhenora nodded, "Still? Always." She smiled. "You didn't call at 4 in the morning to talk to me about coffee.

"You're right. Fact is around a hundred years ago a science vessel came across a planet absolutely rotting with pollution, her people sick and dying. This was before many of our standing non-interference pacts mind you. Anyway, to make a long story short, we worked with their people to create a plan for recovery involving a relocation of their people to man made islands and then the subsequent clean up of the mainlands.

Their leader at the time refused our help, but kept the plans and promised to set them into action. We haven't heard from them since, at least until yesterday. We received a basic message requesting a diplomat and a starfleet crew to lend aid to the Coralee people."

"Let me guess, we're the closest ship?"

"The closest one with two trained diplomats on board." He smiled then let it fade. "Listen, this may not be a walk in the park. In fact we have no obligation to help these people, but their request for help did seem genuine. I'm sending you the details of the first encounter and the schematics for what the science team dreamed up during the first encounter. Any questions?"

"Plenty, but I'm sure we'll find the answers we need when we get there. Who is our contact person?"

"He is called Jaden and he is a son of the original designer. Good luck Captain."

"Thanks Admiral." End transmission displayed brightly upon the screen. They had their heading, they had their new mission. Now it was time to go.



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