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Smurf that

Posted on Wed Oct 17th, 2012 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant Talla P'Trell & Lieutenant Anthony Hightower V

Mission: Waters of Coralee
Location: Mess Hall

"Andorian salad, extra flurg, half gallon of water," the little Andorian sighed. What she really wanted was a fat side of prollen or maybe a gronk, but she was still tying to work off weight and keep it under Starfleet regs, and living in a sauna didn't help at all. If it was properly cold her weight would maintain itself, but all this heat just dehydrated her constantly and she never properly digested anything.

Taking her tray and looking around the mess hall, Chief of Security Talla P'Trell spotted the gigantic long-limbed Lieutenant she had spoken to curtly on the bridge earlier, and she thought now would be a good time to address that. Apparently the Sunfire ran on good manners, so she would make some effort in that direction. She strode over and stopped next to his table, tray held before her.

"Good afternoon Lieutenant Hightower. May I join you so that we can speak?"

He looked up from his plate of greens, a bland meal designed for weight and balance, something he felt he was lacking in since the 0700 training session his new commanding officer had forced him to endure. The sight before him caused him to choke slightly on a sliver of celery, it was her. While he respected her position as chief he couldn't help but internally question her rank below his.

Being the gentleman he was, he rose slightly and offered the seat across from himself, "Pull up a rail chief, tables open." Even in his half rise he could tell he was much larger than she but underestimating ones stature would not be a problem in his book. Observations so far indicated she was tough on the outside, but was an introvert within. Much like himself. As they sat he took another bite of his greens, "So, what's on your mind?"

"I was curt with you earlier on the Bridge- I was in a hurry, but I should have taken the time to be more professional. It is not the way I would prefer to begin our working relationship, and I do not wish for you to think me unprofessional." With that she sat down abruptly... apparently looking up at him, even at a half-rise didn't faze her in the least, even at this relatively close proximity. Whereas he had to fold himself into the built-in stools and tables, when she sat down her toes barely made it to the floor. He was literally half again her size.

"I was transferred aboard to assume the position of chief of security, despite your superior rank," she launched into, not waiting for a rely to her apology. Her expression was one of flat neutrality... whether by design or if it was her average state it was difficult to tell. "I have reviewed your file... it appears that you are an outstanding officer, and a dedicated security officer. I have no knowledge of why I was brought in rather than you being promoted to the chief position."

"However, this is what has been ordered. I would prefer for our relationship to not be adversarial and for us to work together... ideally our goals are the same. We protect and defend, standing in harm's way so that others will not be harmed. I will work to earn your respect, and I would appreciate your input... but we have our orders." Those odd little blue antennae swiveled forward and her head cocked to the side slightly.

"I am through. Have you anything to say, Lieutenant? Permission to speak freely, without reproach." Cheerful interpersonal skills were apparently not one of her strong points.

He chuckled to himself inside. Outwardly he sat back slightly and smirked, "You are a spirited thing aren't you. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about who you were as a person until now. I realize you just came on board and already have shaken things up and I have no qualm with that. I also have no problem following orders. If you don't want courtesy, I can abide by that too. But if you continually insist on acting like a spirited Smurfette I won't hesitate to tell you like it is."

He leaned forward again, "They call me the Gentle Giant for some obvious reasons and for some not so obvious. Be careful what foot you put forward or else your team won't give a damn about your orders. They'll see you for what you really are." He closed his mouth before taking a sip of his drink, never taking his eyes off of her expression.

The 'Smurfette' comment hadn't phased her- but the threat- that caught her attention. Those light grey brows came down and the eyes hardened. Very quietly but evenly, the little blue woman dropped her voice to a conspiratorial level. "And just what is it that you think I really am, according your estimation?"

"My hunch is you are fragile on the inside so you over compensate on the out. But I'm not a counselor, I just call 'em like I see 'em. Ma'am." He remembered the child icon he grew up hearing about. Smurfette was a small blue pixie or something that lived in a village of 99 men. She held strong to her feminine morals but often she appeared very feisty, much like the woman sitting in front of him now. Time of course would be the only tell of whether or not she had a soft side under her think outer layer.

At that the Andorian smiled... for most people that was an expression of positive emotion, but on her it looked mirthless, like an imitation of a smile that just wasn't right somehow,. It was brief, however.

"Fragile. That is very interesting, Lieutenant. In the months to come I suspect you will have opportunity to verify that theory. And I appreciate you giving me fair warning that you will 'not give a damn about my orders'. It is duly noted... your foot has been put forward." She began eating her salad at that point, unconcernedly.

He raised his glass in mock salute, "I look forward to that opportunity, Lt." And he downed his drink. And indeed he would follow her orders as was his station. He was good at his job and took it very serious. But a command from someone who shouted experience instead of showing it made following orders sketchy. She would still have to prove herself not only to him but to all of her subordinates and that meant superior thinking as well as physical prowess. He knew it. She knew it. Time would come to know it. The rest of lunch was enjoyed in silence.

Lt. Anthony Hightower V
written by Jenna Ramthorne

Lt. JG Talla P'Trell
written by Talla P'Trell


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