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GENESIS - Once upon a Haunting

Posted on Sun Oct 21st, 2012 @ 6:52pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Lieutenant JG Tik' Nirall

Mission: Ghosts & Ghouls // Halloween Mini Misson
Location: Bridge

End of the night shift approached. Still Eight hours give or take from their restocking destination. S'thenosis, while able to go without sleep for extended periods was reaching her limitations. She would be relieved soon enough by either the Captain, if she was able, or some other senior officer chosen for the responsibility. For her sake, it mattered not. She was just glad to be relieved at last.

Crewmembers locked down their stations only to be replaced by replacement crew at least at most of the stations. All non-essentials required little attention, like Tactical and Ops. She waited patiently for her turn to be relieved and let out a small sigh when the doors to the bridge opened once more.

Captain Kaylen Rhenora moved sluggishly, as though in slow motion almost as she prepared her first cup of coffee for the day. Having only just started her duty shift back on the Sunfire, it would take her a little while to get back into the groove of things. Reaching for her coffee she headed up to the bridge to see what Commodore S'Thenosis had in store for her.

The turbolift ride was short and sweet, giving her time to grab a couple of quick sips of the luxurious brown liquid before stepping onto the bridge.

" Good morning everyone" She greeted as emerged from the turbolift, heading towards the command chair and the Commodore.

S'thenosis stood and addressed the Captain, "Morning Captain. All stations report positive status'. We're still eight hours from starbase and engineering reports improved ride conditions." She stepped to the side slightly as Rhenora made to sit down. "If there will be nothing else, I will take my leave of the bridge as I must rest up in order to review the Syed situation more in depth."

From behind S'thenosis a console beeped audibly. It was annoying but ignorable.

" Thank you Commodore" Rhenora started to reply - before the ops officer currently filling in for Maryam reported something had been detected on the sensors.

" Ma'am's, a drifting ship has been detected on long range sensors, she's issuing a weak distress signal."

Rhenora looked towards S'Thenosis - as if to gauge how the Commodore wanted to deal with the situation.

S'thenosis, who was ready to be done with command looked at the ops station and then back at the Captain then spoke loud enough for the bridge to hear, "Any lifesigns on board?"

"Difficult to read at this range Commander, we would need to slow to impulse and get a little closer."

"Making us later for our resupply." S'thenosis said addressing the Captain now. "We are not prepared to handle this, I suggest letting someone else meddle with this situation." The word meddle struck the air like lightning, because indeed she felt once again they were about to stick their nose in someone else's business.

" We're the only ship in the vicinity" Rhenora replied to herself, making the decision to render assistance despite the Sunfire's own shortcomings.

" We need to investigate, if only to call for further assistance" She stated to the Commodore.

So they were going to play noble, typical. She conceded, "Yes Captain. Is this something that requires my assistance or may I retire as requested earlier?" She was now running four days without a rest period. Five was her absolute limit as it tended to cause her internal system to begin feeding on her exoskeletal system for nutrition. In other words her scales would begin to soften and she would grow weak.

" No, go get some sleep - we should be done before you are due on duty again" Rhenora advised, slipping into the now vacant command chair and ordering the helm to change course.

" Helm, change course towards the ship, best speed" She ordered, watching as the bridge responded to her commands.

S'thenosis bowed slightly and moved to the back of the bridge. She had spoken her mind, but that still didn't answer the apprehension that filled her within. The Sunfire dropped out of warp just as the turbolift doors opened, and she looked back to see what they would be dealing with next.

Upon the viewscreen in front of them sat a small transport ship rotating slightly in space, dark against the backdrop of space. A small scattering of debris spewed out of a gash in the side of the ship indicating either an attack or a failure from within. Either way the scene didn't bode well.

"Scanning now." The science station reported.

S'thenosis entered the turbolift with realization there was nothing more to be done, even as the doors started to close however, the power systems on the bridge flickered off as her heartbeat and then back on just as the doors finally closed. What had they gotten themselves into now?

Rhenora watched the doors slide closed on her XO, leaving her in charge of the bridge.

" Ops & Science, full scans, Tactical, weapons analysis please." She ordered, watching the systems flicker intermittently as the ship drew a little larger.

" No life signs, minimal power output. Looks like she's been here for a while" Tactical replied.

"I am reading no weapons, no power output of any kind. The automated distress signal appears to be running on a reserve battery. We should be safe to transport over if that is the course you want to take Captain."

" Let's run a few more scans first, bring us in closer Tik', to 1 kilometre off her port bow." Rhenora ordered, her interest piqued. The Sunfire edged closer, using her maneuvering thrusters to gently close the distance between the two ships. Somewhere out of the corner of her eye she saw something hovering in the corner of the bridge, but a closer inspection revealed nothing... maybe she was just seeing things....

"Aye, one kilometer." Tik' repeated as he maneuvered the ship ever closer. His console flickered off and he raised his hands in stunned response, then it returned to normal and so did his hands, though with a little more trepidation. "Did anyone else see that?" He asked more to himself than anyone.

Stations flickered with what appeared to be power surges, blinking on and off within rapid succession as the Sunfire drifted closer to the derelict ship.

Something clenched within Rhenora's stomach, this was wrong... someone was wrong and she couldn't pinpoint it directly. She twisted as she thought she saw something again out of the corner of her eye. Damnit... she was too tired. Taking another sip of coffee she attempted to focus on the derelict ship and the power surges.

Tik' looked at the viewscreen and the ship they approached. The lights flickered again, but as they went out they were replaced by a glowing image of an Andorian girl bleeding from the head, peering back at him. When the lights returned he blinked and turned to see if anyone else had seen the girl. No one else seemed to notice....

Meanwhile on the SS Jacinta - the spirits of the dead started to awaken.


Captain Rhenora Kaylen
written as herself

Commodore S'thenosis and Lt. Tik' Nirall
written by Jenna Ramthorne


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By Talla P'Trell on Sun Oct 21st, 2012 @ 7:10pm

BoooOOooooooOOO!!!! Spooky, kids!