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Posted on Sat Nov 10th, 2012 @ 9:55am by Lieutenant Commander Laria Jorel & Lieutenant Talla P'Trell

Mission: Ghosts & Ghouls // Halloween Mini Misson
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 1 hour after Talla's revival


In Sickbay, Talla P'Trell was curled up on a biobed, tightly pulled into the fetal position, holding her arms protectively over her chest with her knees tucked up to her chin, shivering while she sweated. She was slowly coming out of the fog of anesthesia, and her jumbled and chaotic thoughts were starting to assemble themselves into vaguely coherent forms.

She was apparently dreaming of a glacier somewhere, and someone she had lost, a tragedy of her past, as she mumbled the word, "...duust..."

Laria looked over at Talla. "I'm sorry, Talla. What did you say?" Laria cocked her head in her characteristic way. What she'd 'heard' was a word. What she saw in Talla's public mind was an image of a glacier, a man, and a cliff. At that image, Laria pulled down on her shields, feeling somewhat intrusive though Talla's thoughts were readily at the surface of her mind.

Laria glanced up at the bio-bed readings. There were some fluctuations, but considering Talla had been dead, the readings were suprisingly normal. Laria chalked that up to Talla's stern constitution.

The eyelids fluttered and the breathing became irregular, then those bright blue eyes snapped open and P'Trell tried to sit bolt upright... then the pain hit her and she collapsed back to the bed, clutching at her chest, sucking in lungfuls of air and looking around wildly, obviously disoriented.

"What... where... owww...."

"Talla, settle." Laria laid a gentle hand on Talla's arm and sent calming thoughts her way. "You'll be okay. You suffered three heart-attacks in a row, were brought in with no pulse and no respiratory responses, but, as you are finding, you are alive, if in some pain." Laria looked at how much time had passed. The pain medication that had been administered only an hour before should still be in Talla's system. She glanced up. Readings indicated that pain levels were returning. Andorians and standard analgesics were not great pals.

"Just how much pain are you in, Talla?"

"I'm... I'm..." the Andorian took a few seconds to calm her breathing and process what had been said. "I'm fine...." her brow furrowed as she struggled to remember.

"Did... did I finish my mission?" she asked, trying to sit up.

Laria put an arm under Talla's to assist her in sitting up. "I don't think so. Tell me what you remember. Maybe we can figure out if you finished or not." Laria relaxed her mind so that she might catch anything pertinent to what they were trying to find out. An image or stray thought might bring explanation. Or at least inform her ability to question.

The diminutive patient sat up with Laria's help, still holding her arms protectively over her chest. "I was still inspecting the derelict ship... the jacinta... I had completed searching the outer hull and I was working my way deck by deck. I remember I had made it to the transporter room, and I was nearly finished... I remember I was upset because I hadn't found what the Captain was looking for, and I was worried about failing after I had talked her into letting me go so that I wouldn't have to worry about the rest of you..."

That part slipped out, and when she realized it she looked embarrassed, blushed a bit deeper sapphire and continued. "Then... someone yanked on my antennae." Gingerly one small hand crept up to touch the base of her antenna stalk, reassuring herself that it was still there. "And then... then pain, a lot of pain, and... I tried to keep going because I didn't want to let the Captain down, but..."

Her pulse was starting to pick up speed, shooting up to 150, and sweat was breaking out across her body. "But I couldn't... I couldn't breathe, and... and then..." It was obvious the compact chief was fighting back tears. "May I go now please Doctor? I would like to get back to... to work..."

Pulse rate one hundred and seventy, temperature forty-three degrees, respiration forty-two. It was a toss-up as to which was stressing her more, the memory or her desperate desire to not show weakness in front of someone else and failing at it so thoroughly.

Laria looked at her. "No," she said firmly, "you may not go." Laria renewed her effort to calm Talla's now swirling mental anxieties. "Talla, no one, not even the Captain, thinks you've failed in your duties. However, you will if you run away without trying to go through everything you can remember that might be useful in informing us what we're up against. Now, calm yourself." Laria waited and watched Talla struggle to regain her composure. The readout indicated that her levels were again returning to normal.

"You said someone yanked on your antennae. How do you know it was a "someone"? I don't disbelieve you," Laria tacked on quickly, "but let's examine this together."

"I don't... it just.. it felt like hands? Grabbing them... they are very sensitive... and... and people have grabbed them before, in fights, so... I know what it feels like... it hurts, a lot, and when that happened, it was like..." P'Trell struggled to come up with more, still fighting back tears.

Laria paused, waiting for her patient to collect herself. "Now tell me what you think caused the pain in your chest." Laria prodded.

"It... it felt like someone was trying to yank me out of my own body... and then it felt like someone was squeezing me to death. My chest... I couldn't breathe and it felt like I had a starship sitting on my chest. It passed and everything got a little dark and I saw spots, but I could breathe a little bit, so I went to keep moving, then... then I felt it again... it felt like someone grabbing my antennae and pulling as hard as they could... except they didn't break, but my chest..."

Those polar blue eyes sought out Laria's green-yellow eyes, bright with tears and fear. "I died." she bit her lower lip and shuddered a bit.

Laria nodded sagely. "Yes, you did. But you are no longer dead, Talla." At this Laria grabbed Talla's curled hands. "This is real," she said and squeezed. "You are back. Now, I think it's very possible that you have completed your mission. It just turned out that what you thought was your mission wasn't. And the mission you've completed is identifying what those EM fluctuations are." Laria watched expressions of anxiety and confusion flit across Talla's face.

"Talla, I believe those EM fluctuations are the crew of the SS Jacinta. I think they've been caught somehow in a time displacement. I think they've been trying to get our attention. That would explain all of the unexplainable things that have been happening here and on the Jacinta. I won't believe that they intended to really kill you. I think they just wanted to make sure we knew they are here." Laria waited to see Talla's reaction to her theory.

The combative chief nodded dumbly, still in shock... and perhaps it was due to that shock that she asked the next question so plainly, in a choked voice. "Why did you bring me back?"

Laria had the presence of mind not to look affronted or offer her tiredly worn statement. Instead, she tightened her clasp on Talla's balled hands, looked into Talla's blue as ice eyes and said, "Because you are a member of the mighty Sunfire and we don't give up on each other. And because, Chief Talla P'Trell of Andoria, we have a start to a good friendship and I don't give up on friends." Laria stood still barely breathing, but willing with all that she was that Talla would believe her sincerity. Talla was so fragile. Had come to them in such a fragile state. Being a part of the Sunfire would take care of a lot of that, but Talla needed a friend in what Laria had perceived was a confusing place to her.

Blinking rapidly, Talla worked to process. She couldn't believe she'd said that out loud, but there it was... if she had died trying to protect other people, then maybe... but the doctor had hauled her back to the land of the living and she sounded like an ingrate over it. Friends? She had worked so hard to not have any friends... friends meant opening your heart to someone else, and that led to pain and loss, and she had successfully avoided that for twenty years... of course, the doctor had literally seen her heart now, if the sensations in her chest were any indication.

Instinct told her to just go find somewhere to be alone and collect herself and she could have her moment of weakness and be fine, and then she could just pretend none of this ever happened and bury it along with a lifetime of moments she did not want to remember. Press on, do her job, do a good job, do her duty, please her superior... she wondered what the Captain thought, briefly, but she suspected it wasn't good.

But the doctor seemed determined... and she had not forced her nor leveraged her with threats- instead she genuinely seemed to want to help. It had been a long time since Talla P'Trell had actually had a friend... she wasn't certain that she knew how anymore. But it also looked like the doctor wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

Laria heard Talla's thought flood up through her 'public mind'. The woman was a whirlwind of insecurity. She clamped down hard from hearing any more. She didn't want an unfair advantage when it came to Talla. Talla needed this time to come to terms with something in her past that had brought a stopgap to her feelings. Laria did catch, just as she closed up her mind, Talla's thoughts about Rhenora. Laria's experience with Rhenora was absolute, unconditional friendship. She couldn't imagine that anyone would have any doubt about the fact that Rhenora would think only that someone was doing their job.

Laria watched Talla wince again in pain. "Hang on, I've got something that will help that and last longer." Laria went to the hypo station, Talla's liquid blue eyes following her. When Laria returned, she offered a smile.

"This should do the trick," she said pressing the hypo against Talla's neck. "You might want to lie back down, Talla, as this will take effect pretty quickly and you might feel light-headed." Laria assisted Talla into a prone position and counted to ten. At the exact count of ten, Talla's eyes fluttered closed and her face relaxed into the peaceful expression of chemically aided sleep. "Sleep and heal, my friend," she said quietly and watched Talla's vitals slip into normal rhythms.

Eli and Shamisen slipped to Laria's side. "How long will she be asleep?"

"Long enough to calm her and reset her biological rhythms." Laria looked at Eli. "About 20 minutes." She looked at Talla sleeping peacefully. "Excuse me, I need to get Rhenora back down here so that Talla can tell her what she told me." And hopefully we'll solve this mystery so that we can make re-supply soon. She though in the deepest part of her brain.

Laria went to her office and tapped her comm. "Captain, this is Jorel. I need you in Sickbay in about twenty minutes." She closed the connection. That should pique Rhenora's interest.


Lieutenant Commander Laria Jorel, M.D.
written as herself

Lieutenant JG Talla P'Trell
written as herself


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