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A Matter of Urgency

Posted on Wed Dec 19th, 2012 @ 12:58am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Talla P'Trell

Mission: R & R Earth.
Location: Earth, new Zealand, Cabin In The Glenn

ON - Please note this post is rated M 15+ for adult themes.....

With a report that could be alarming in hand and a few more yet to be investigated, USS Sunfire Security Chief Lieutenant Junior Grade Talla P'Trell was happy to be back to work for her Captain. She spent time writing the report up, phrasing it professionally as possible- after all, it was an official document- and then she sent it off to the Captain, waiting to hear a reply while she made arrangements to interview the next few personnel coming aboard.

But she would need instructions on how to proceed. And while the Captain had ordered her not to bodyguard her while on leave, that did not mean that she could not submit reports and keep the Captain apprised of developing situations. And she felt that Ensign Martin was definitely a situation.

Meanwhile, Kaylen Rhenora was doing everything in her power to remove modern technology from her holiday life. Her communicator was placed in a drawer, and she steadfastly refused to check her computer messages. She was on holiday, everyone knew that. They could wait until she was back from her time off before bugging her, was that too much to ask?

Hours had passed, and no word from the Captain. Talla began to grow concerned... surely she understood the urgency of the situation? She had stressed it in her report. She reread her report again and again, seeing where she had been sure to let the Captain know that there was a problem, a potential threat to her command, a loose cannon... something bad was on the horizon, and as the first response P'Trell was there, ready, in position, prepared, ready for action, on the case and... such.

But the Captain did not answer. Why did she not respond?

Rhenora's messages bleeped pitifully, reminding the relaxing Captain that there was a number awaiting her attention.

" Bugger off, computer, mute audio" she said with a touch of anger, couldn't the world give leave her alone for a day or so?

It had been twelve hours. Twelve hours since she had sent the report, and on P'Trell's own timeline, twelve hours from the time that the report was submitted until it still had no answer was sufficient time elapsed to be worried about the Captain. No acknowledgement, no reply, not even any sign that the report had been read. What could have gone wrong? Was she in danger? Was there trouble? Should talla have disobeyed orders and protected her anyway?

It was time to step it up. It was time for the next level of contact. She would not go so far as the comm badge... but she would contact the captain's PADD and video call her. As she dialed in, she realized the access had changed, and that she was now attempting to call Rear Admiral Kaylen. Talla jumped up and down for a moment in a display of gleeful delight... the captain had won and now she was an Admiral! Her little artificial heart was filled to bursting, and when she stopped hopping around the other patrons of the coffee house looked at her like she had lost her mind.

She was trying to learn to like coffee. The captain said it was mandatory... at least it came iced. It seemed to give her a little extra energy. And she seemed to think a lot faster. Definitely faster. It was hot in here... better drink more iced coffee...

Sitting down, she dialed in the access code and called the Cap- the Admiral's PADD.

Rhenora, meanwhile, was reclining on the small deck, glass of spring wine chilled in her hand, eyes half closed drinking in the atmosphere. Her padd was on was bothering her.

No answer... why would she not answer? It was a video call, incoming transmission from Starfleet. That meant official business... there was nothing more important than official business. What could have happened? Where could she be? Why wouldn't she answer?!?

Obviously the Captain... the Admiral was in trouble.

Tracking down logs, she found the transporter records... New Zealand. Looked warm. Didn't care. Captain- Admiral in trouble. Had to save her. Would not fail her commanding officer. Talla stopped long enough to requisition a number of arms and armaments from the armory officer at Starfleet command, who looked at her like she was a lunatic and refused her. Talla recorded his name, rank and serial number for later in her report... after she rescued the Captain-Admiral he would be facing charges over this. But no matter... she would do this with the skills and talents that Starfleet had trained her with, that she had spent years honing before they ever knew her name at the Academy. She would save the Captain-Admiral from whatever danger she was in, and get to the bottom of this no matter what it took.

Rhenora allowed her eyes to drift closed, settling the now empty glass on the small table between the chairs to avoid it breaking if she dropped it. Content, she basked in the evening glow of the sunset, absorbing the warmth and letting the setting sun kiss her skin and gently brown it, restoring the healthy glow most healthy humanoids radiated.

She had to get a flyer to get her to the coordinates, but she managed that just fine. And when she told him to beam her down, he was happy to do that too. The little rustic cabin looked harmless enough, but P'Trell as positive it was just a front. Her Captain-Admiral was in there, in who knew what sort of peril... she had best still be in one piece. She'd had the flight over to imagine all sorts of horrible scenarios of what might have befallen her commander, and every minute that ticked by could be one step closer to her bleeding out or some horrible fate worse than death.

The evening air was warm despite the setting sun, and Rhenora was dressed only in a bathing suit, leaving the majority of her flesh to be caressed by the sun. It was truly glorious and slowly, ever so slowly she began to unwind, the tension imbedded in her shoulders releasing. She felt comfortable, and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

Remal came in behind her, massaging her shoulders gently... then came the nibbling kisses at her neck... and before long he was sweeping her into her arms, to carry her inside.

Sneaking around, Talla established a perimeter... there were no guards and no electronic nor mechanical alarms that she could see. She checked and double-checked, but she stopped there- time was of the essence. Moving in on the structure itself, the elevated cabin was too high for her to see into the windows without levering herself upward, so she used a mirror on a stick, scouting room by room until she found the Captain-Admiral.

She was pinned down... there was a man atop her, wrestling her, keeping her down, and she looked to be in pain! Talla's antennas stood up straight in the air in shock... he was SO dead. She raised the mirror up to take in the layout of the room once more when she noticed the the Captain-Admiral did not appear to be using any of the moves she had learned in the Bajoran resistance to get away from the assailant... who did look somehow familiar. Brow furrowing, Talla gripped the window sill and levered herself up close enough to attach an antenna to the glass, then she paused there for a moment, until she heard a few words... then she detached her antenna from the window and let herself gently down from the sill.

Blushing a very, very deep sapphire, USS Sunfire Chief of Security Lieutenant Junior Grade Talla P'Trell began jogging away from the cabin. Obviously the Captain-Admiral was busy. Not to be disturbed. Definitely not to be disturbed. She would call if she needed her security chief for anything. Definitely. And Talla P'Trell would try very, very hard to pretend that this had never, ever happened.

OFF... oh so very OFF


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By Eglantine "Rose" Khagan on Wed Dec 19th, 2012 @ 9:37pm

You call that PG? I get all excited for a wrestling match? ;-)

By Charles Javert on Wed Dec 19th, 2012 @ 10:19pm

Okay, what sim have I gotten myself locked into here? :)