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The year is 2287, and heading out for her second tour of duty as a long-range cold warrior at the edge of the frontier, the USS Victory has been heavily modified and sent forth on her ongoing mission. The last of the Refit-Constitution class ships to be built, she is more advanced in every way than the original heavy cruiser Constitution class ships, but it is still a very dangerous time for the United Federation of Planets, and for Starfleet.

The Klingons have rolled out their answer to this new starship with their K'Tinga class battle cruiser, and Romulans lurk behind Starfleet admirals as the conspiracy to destroy the Federation from within continues to grow like a cancer. The Victory has become a player in this political game, as well as the sinister motives of the Trill Symbiont Commission, and the name of the ship and her captain are being mentioned quite often in the senatorial chambers of Romulus.

With a mysterious senior staff and a mission that has not been publicly declared, Victory will be operating primarily in the vicinity of the Federation, Klingon and Romulan borders, monitoring the ever-evolving situation behind the Romulan Neutral Zone, as well as the Gorn Hegemony and the Imperial Klingon Empire. Once they stood ever ready to respond to trouble as the Victory stood in constant vigil, in the hopes that one day their presence will no longer be required.

Now they've struck out on their own... and they are playing fast and loose with time and space itself. The Victory is playing a dangerous chess match with the universe, with unexpected allies and enemies abounding. She will always need sentients of honor, courage and integrity to maintain their watch. Will you join this noble crew?

Captain Charybdis, Commanding Officer

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Artwork generously provided through the generosity and amazing talents of Raul Mamoru Mizumoto!

Due to certain content all members must be at least 18 years old

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» 2014 September monthly awards

Posted on Thu Oct 2nd, 2014 @ 12:53am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

Awards! September 2014!

Best Post - "The Slingshot Effect" Posted on Mon Sep 1st, 2014 @ 12:36pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Commander Liviana Campbell & Lieutenant Rain Campbell & Lieutenant Benjamin Martine & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath


Funniest Post - "Ready to rend physcs, ma'am" Posted on Wed Sep 10th, 2014 @ 10:18am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Benjamin Martine


Best Running Gag - We're still an active ship! We actually still outperform some of the fleet! BWAHAHAHA

Best Genesis Post - N/A

Most Prolific Poster - Lieutenant Benjamin Martine, 4 posts!

Recruitment Award - N/A, maybe next month, I got a line on some disgruntled fellows...
Rookie of the Month - N/A

Top Performer - Lieitenant Tivri, who hangs i there despite all. Good on ya, smurfette!
MVP - Lieutenant Rain Lexington, who keeps coming back for more.

The Fiona Award - To the next crewman, whomever they may be- may they be bonnie and bold and prolific in their efforts.

Captain Charybdis

» Better late than never...

Posted on Sun Sep 14th, 2014 @ 2:22am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in Out of Character

On September 11th we remember an attack on American soil that changed the world. Independence Fleet Admiralty will take time today to remember all of those lost, and will wish for a Star Trek future where on Earth peace can be achieved. May you all stay safe with your loved ones.

- Admiral Landon Wakeland, Chief of Fleet Operations

» 2014 August monthly awards

Posted on Mon Sep 1st, 2014 @ 2:07pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

We're still moving forward, filling in blanks and building toward some rather intriguing adventures. Big thanks to Lt. Martine who has been frustrated by the captain's laconic nature but has still pushed forward with some great stores. Stay the course, helm- we'll get there.

Genesis Post: The Ghost Ship "It's an emergency, sure, that's the ticket"
By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant JG Benjamin Martine & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath


Best Post: "Not leaving ME behind..."
By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant JG Benjamin Martine & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath


Funniest Post: "Sign me on for the rebellion"
By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant JG Benjamin Martine


Most Valuable Player: Lieutenant Ben Martine, who has come aboard and is determined to see her fly.

Most Improved Player: Lieutenant Tivri, who continues to develop her drinking problem

Rookie of the Month: Lieutenant Ben Martine, who is still going strong

Most Posts: Lieutenant Ben Martine, 5

Recruitment: Cap'n Char, 1

Taking the Victory's rogue status to all new heights, Captain Charybdis offloads most of the crew and pursues a destiny amongst the stars. And she has a plan- or so the remaining crew hopes...

Retirements & Resignations
None at present. Though Lt. Tivri continues to not show up on the reports, as she did have 3 posts this month.


Posted on Fri Jul 11th, 2014 @ 5:24pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

The position of Task Force Commander of Task Force Alpha is officially open for applications. I would like all CO's to post a news item on their ship letting your crew know that the position is open. The ideal candidate will be someone that has a decent amount of experience simming, has time to help other simmers and captains, and has time to monitor the sims under their command and post on those sims regularly. Those individuals who are interested should private message admiralwheeler@independencefleet.com with their details so that we can begin the interviewing and selection process.

» 2014 June monthly awards

Posted on Tue Jul 1st, 2014 @ 7:29pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

June 2014 Awards

Best Post - Hey you guys?
By Lieutenant Ryan Fisher & Commander Yuna Raza & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Lieutenant Commander Liviana Campbell & Captain Charybdis MacGregor

Funniest Post - House calls in the Brig

By Lieutenant Ryan Fisher & Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Rain Campbell


Best Genesis Post - N/A
Most Prolific Poster - Doctor Ryan Fisher, 5 posts
Recruitment Award - N/A
Rookie of the Month - N/A
MVP - Dr. Ryan Fisher, who found the time to work through a story while tending to his numerous other duties. He is now retired as per fleet admiral order, and will be missed.

Captain Charybdis