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The year is 2386, and Captain Charybdis has stolen her starship and catapulted to the future, on a mission Starfleet would never approve, yet is vital to the survival of the Federation. The last of the Refit-Constitution class ships to be built, the Victory is more advanced in every way than the original heavy cruiser Constitution class ships, but a hundred years out of time, she is outclassed, outpowered and outgunned.

With no supply lines and a skeleton crew, the crew of the Victory are making the best of their situation, and improvising solutions to their problems on the run. Collecting data, they are working to gain knowledge of the Tal Shiar's experiments that have seized control of the Starfleet in their own time. The renegade Romulan starship captain has a mad and daring plan- but first they will need to steal a few spare parts, then make a seemingly suicidal surrender to Romulus.

Wanted in their own time by the Romulans and the Federation, being pursued by the Bureau of Temporal Investigations and facing court martial at every turn should they get caught, the crew of the Victory are walking a tightrope over some considerable dangers. One misstep and it could all fall to ruin... but if they succeed then they might just save the United Federation of Planets.

Playing fast and loose with time and space itself they've struck out on their own. The Victory is playing a dangerous chess match with the universe, with unexpected allies and enemies abounding. She will always need sentients of honor, courage and integrity to maintain their watch. Will you join this noble crew?

Captain Charybdis, Commanding Officer

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» Postal service

Posted on Wed Dec 17th, 2014 @ 2:47am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

If you are keeping up, the newest episodes are posted.



The girls escape the Sunfire and hit Betazed and face down the matron of the Lexington clan.

» Dealines, how I love to watch them whiz by.....

Posted on Sun Dec 14th, 2014 @ 2:44am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

Sorry! I missed my own deadline! I was out shopping with the wife, getting her to try clothes on before buying them as christmas gifts. Saves me a lotta returns.

So since I missed my last update and I am liable to miss the next, here's the next two installments of the musical. And since the darn site doesn't let you know when things are published, here's the links.



We hope you enjoy!

» Preview of the genesis post

Posted on Fri Dec 12th, 2014 @ 2:19am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Amazon has 2 day shipping.

Meanwhile, we're starting the rough story construction for the Enterprise Caper. We need a decent plan of how to get in, get what we need, and sneak it out. There are lots of approaches to this, so let's work together.

This supposed to be a masterful crime pulled off by the crew of renegade misfits under the nose of Starfleet's finest, and the idea is that we set it all up and it works great up to a point, then a monkey wrench gets thrown into the works and it all goes wrong. That's where the Constellation 7 comes in as we cross over with another ship- Independence Fleet's other renegade time traveler.

The fact that Liviana McCray is aboard both vessels is surely a coincidence. Surely.

So you all got invitations to the document. Come throw some ideas in there, let's brainstorm a bit and see what we can come up with as a fun criminal caper on the floating museum that is the Enterprise-A. This has the potential to be a really clever and fun mission if we all pitch in, and I welcome your input. I'll try to bring you in for specific bits and work with each of you, while hopefully inspiring one another to write with each other as well.

Meanwhile, let the girls entertain you through the holidays.

Lieutenant Rain Lexington and Lieutenant Commander Liviana McCray abandon the USS Sunfire 3001-D once more, leaping across the galaxy to Betazed. There a promise is fulfilled, another made, vows exchanged with omens and mysteries and tender moments galore. It is lesbian romance, perhaps not its finest but set to the score of a quartet of broadway musicals, Youtube links included. Lindsay Horsman and I present to you starting tomorrow and continuing through the holidays the dozen episodes of "Betazoid musical interlude"


» 2014 November monthy awards

Posted on Mon Dec 1st, 2014 @ 6:33pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

Another month, a few more tales...

Best Post - "The future just ain't what it used to be" By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath


Funniest Post - N/A- nothing funny this month

Best Genesis Post - N/A

Most Prolific Poster - Lieutenant Tivri Ben Hassrath, 4

Recruitment Award - N/A

Rookie of the Month - N/A

MVP - Lieutenant Rain Lexington, still hanging on!

Thanks for the continued support, gang. This upcoming month I will crank it up a few notches and move the plot along, so be prepared...

~Sabrina aka
Captain Charybdis

» 2014 October monthy awards

Posted on Sun Nov 2nd, 2014 @ 1:27am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor in General News

Slow but steady... well, mostly just slow. But hey, we're in no hurry to get anywhere, right?

Best Post - "Faint of heart ne'er won the day" By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Benjamin Martine & Lieutenant Rain Campbell & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Commander Maur Weaver & Lieutenant Commander Liviana Campbell


Funniest Post - "Here we go again..." By Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Benjamin Martine & Lieutenant Rain Campbell


Best Genesis Post - N/A

Most Prolific Poster - Lieutenant Ben Martin, 6 posts

Recruitment Award - N/A

Rookie of the Month - N/A

MVP - Still Martine, who keeps coming back for more.

Captain Charybdis