The Enterprise Caper

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Where can you find parts to repair a badly damaged Constitution-class starship in the 24th century? In orbit over Earth, of course- the Enterprise Museum.

Yeah. We're going to steal from the greatest ship in fleet history. We really have no shame as a crew.

Prove Your Innocence

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Accused of stealing Federation secrets and implementing them onboard the Victory, Charybdis must defend her ship and crew from allegations of stealing technology and intellectual properties... when all of the patents predate their own installations.

Part of Heart of the Federation

All Roads Lead To Romulus

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Captain Charybdis always claimed that she would return to Romulus on her own terms, and the Victory is coming with her. Is she defecting back to the Romulans, are they making a play for the Federation of some sort or is something else entirely going on here?

Something Rotten in the Mud Pools

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The Trill have been acting squirrelly, bonding symbionts with hosts who have no business being bonded, leaving them without resources or training and almost shoving symbionts into positions that make no sense... or do they? Something is rotten on Trill and the Symbiont Commission knows all about it... and Yuna Raza is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Sometimes Naked Time Is Bad

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Transporting a number of materials to Starbase Moldiva 7 for study, poor packing leads to a leak of materials that spreads like wildfire amongst the crew, as we revisit the contagion named for the doomed world from which it emerged, 'Psi 2000'. Because there's nothing quite like the crew turned loose with no inhibitions...

Twice in a Lifetime

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Trouble in time means that Captain Charybdis has to get her life back on track- literally. A nudge, here, a budge there... key moments of her life have gone wrong and she has to fix it all before she is inadvertently wiped out of existence by a paradox of her own making! Not that the Bureau of Temporal Enforcement is going to make it easy for her...

Tug the leash

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A false distress signal, a speedy arrival- and an ambush that takes the Victory in a nearly bloodless coup. Captured by the Romulans, they seal the bridge and set course with the 3 warbirds Athos, Bellisadra's Wroth and the Invincible, General Flavius' flagship. But Carlow still has the Mirror of Perception- can he use it to turn the tide before the Romulans bring the Victory home as a prize capture?

Hotel California

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In deep uncharted space the crew of the Victory finds a derelict Eagle 1 floating with no crew. The archaic database indicates that it was dispatched from Moonbase Alpha, which was set adrift in the year 1999 when the moon tore away from the Earth. But that never happened, and it leads to the discovery of all sorts of pop culture starships in a sargasso of a system, and at its heart is a mystery...

Past Tense

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The ladies of the Bonaventure retreat to a secluded modern cabin in the woods on Risa while one of their number nurses a broken heart. But little do they realize that the Orion Syndicate is well aware of their presence, and they have a score to settle with Bonnie lasses...

Part of Prologue

Future Tense

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Having been catapulted twenty years into the future, the ladies of the Bonaventure face a world that has changed and moved on, yet still has some familiar faces. Their roles in history are fixed, however, and their reappearance creates problems for Starfleet in more ways than one...

Part of Prologue

Present Tense

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Cleared by Starfleet Command and a deal having been struck, the Bonnie Trio set out to assume command of the USS Victory, and prepare themselves, their ship and their new crew for the maiden voyage of the new pride of the fleet!

Part of Prologue

Trials and Errors

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The countdown to Victory! Her crew has nearly completely rebuilt her in record time, refurbishing what went wrong and creating new experimental systems that are either the work of a genius or a madman- or perhaps both! Follow the crew of the Victory as she leaves Utopia Planitia on her maiden steps into space, and tests herself and her crew for their first trials and tests... and the unexpected problems they will encounter!

To Boldly Go...

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The science colony on Adelphous Prime, which was established to study the remains of an ancient civilization discovered on this planet during a lifeform survey conducted by the USS Reliant a year and a half ago needs to be resupplied. Since the Victory is moving into the neighborhood she has been assigned to deliver them. The problem is that they aren't answering hails, and with significant solar flare activity in the area, all sorts of problems might occur... or be occurring. A mission so simple a freighter could do it... so what could possibly go wrong?

Rock of Ages

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The crew of the USS Victory are taking some resupply time at Starbase Twenty-Four, using their industrial replicators to produce supplies to help build the expanded settlement now needed on Adelphous Prime. But that asteroid they picked up on the edge of the Azure nebula seems to have some strange properties... and as the crew of the Victory delve deeper, it reveals itself to be not just an asteroid, but an ancient vessel, home to an ancient power...

My Name is Mudd

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Harcourt Fenton Mudd... swindler, conman, liar, thief, entrepeneur, miner, merchant, tinker, tailor, popinjay, legend and... archaeologist?

Harry Mudd's gone straight. Honest. And he's conned his way aboard the Victory for a short little ride to Starbase Twenty-Three as he ferries some artifacts unearthed amongst the amazing ruins he found on Xarantine, of the lost civilization of Halos.

But not everything is as it seems when it comes to Harry Mudd, and somehow when he's involved, things always seem to go terribly, comically wrong...

A Stranger Among Us

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Yuna Celes gets a call she never expected... nor did she ever want. The secret of the Trills comes to light, and the security chief of the Victory's life will never be the same again!

The Road to Sto'vo'kor

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Commander Kruge destroyed the USS Grissom and the pride of Starfleet, the USS Enterprise... but he did not succeed in capturing the Genesis device, and his vessel, the IKS Qel'Poh, was captured by the Federation... by Kirk himself, in fact.

This has not set well with the Empire.

Hunting parties have moved out beyond Klingon space, looking for whatever federation targets may be found... singular ships, battle wings and war parties. The Klingon Empire has been affronted, and it will have its revenge... Commander Kruge and his crew must be avenged to insure their place in Sto'vo'kor.

It will be an epic battle...

Where Some Men Have Gone Before

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Carlow appeared at Starfleet Academy one day in an archaic spacesuit, deposited there after his craft had been lost in the year 2016. While it was generally accepted as some sort of dementia, he claimed an angel saved him- a beautiful blonde angel named Elizabeth Dehner.

Now she is calling to him, drawing him to the Galactic Barrier, and he has stolen a shuttlecraft to save the woman who once saved him... little realizing that in doing so he is unleashing a far greater evil than he can imagine in the form of one Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell...


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With the 'whale probe' headed to earth, first the USS Saratoga and then the USS Yorktown will bew come completely disabled and depowered. The Victory can cross the distances to lend aid... but how do you recharge a starship, when the clock is ticking... life support is running out and more ships are in distress!

What If...?

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Doctor Labann Borges has developed what he calls 'the Bulukiya particle accelerator' which he believes is penetrating dimensions by altering the vibrational frequency of the object. He has performed considerable testing, and now he would like additional support from the Federation in the form of class 1 probes to send 'out' through the dimensions. He will mention that this is his second lab facility, as his first was located on a world with an undiscovered population of Frogoloks, an indigenous population of subterranean dwellers who proved to be quite violent, and he barely escaped with his life.

While explaining the principles of the particles application (giving the characters a plot summary) Dr. Borges will accidentally trigger the machinery, causing a short circuit that causes the particle accelerator to build up a charge while sealing the landing party (the plot participants) inside the shielding- great foreplanning on the part of the doctor. This in turn causes the doors to seal and the generator to fire off, irradiating everyone in the room, thus causing them to skip through the dimensions, as advertised, like a stone across the water.

Those closest will end up with the largest dose of radiation, thus have the most 'skips'. Upon the return to the facility Dr. Borges will have a Frogolok spear and a few poisoned darts sticking out of him. So much for that breakthrough. There they will encounter versions of themselves with different lives, where they made different decisions or encountered different circumstances that changed their lives forever.

Vulcan Bound

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Sent to Vulcan for their main computer overhaul with the experimental iso-chip technology invented by Spotty, the crew of the Victory becomes embroiled in intrigue and old entanglements. T'Vyn is subjected to an inquisition, Yuna is kidnapped while spies lurk the halls of the Victory and Captain Charybdis faces her past in more ways than one.

The Green Fields of Earth

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After all of their adventures of the past year, Captain Charybdis is determined that her children will be born on Earth, and she's pressured the Admiralty of Starfleet Command into making it happen. Some will teach at the academy, some will be debriefed and some will explore Earth... but after the tragedies and losses of Vulcan, it's time for a return to the green fields of Earth once more... just in time for the holidays.

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Slow Boat to Earth

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With the Victory's warp engines regulated by the Vulcans to warp 8.2, a dozen day journey back to Earth from Vulcan begins. The crew of the Victory have time to reflect on their losses and look to the future.

Part of Heart of the Federation

The Hallowed Halls of Academia

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The crew of the Victory are now taking a turn as instructors at the Academy, teaching the tricks they have developed to the next generation of Starfleet officers. Some will find respect, some will find challenges and some will find enlightenment in the hallowed halls of Starfleet Academy.

The 'old guard' of instructors come primarily from the 'space cowboys' of the Kirk era of exploration- they pushed the boundaries of exploration and settled the frontier. Thus the next generation, the cadets of today, begins the dawn of the era of diplomats, dealing from a position of the open hand, coming in peace to civilize that frontier tamed by the previous generation.

Into this mix comes the crew of the Victory, a breed apart- no prejudices, open minds and cowboy diplomats, fast with a phaser but approaching with the open hand.

Part of Heart of the Federation

The Ghost Ship

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Taking the Victory's rogue status to all new heights, Captain Charybdis offloads most of the crew and pursues a destiny amongst the stars. And she has a plan- or so the remaining crew hopes...

Really in Trouble

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"Thank you, Mister Mudd. I accept the gift in the spirit it is intended... and I will treasure it, always." She beamed a smile to the charming charlatan. "Godspeed, Harry... and if you're ever in real trouble, call me."

At that, the showman swindler's eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened in surprise. "Really, Captain?"

"No, Harry, not really., But it was nice of me to offer, wasn't it?" She smiled demurely, then nodded to Chief Kyle, who transported the soft-middled scam artist and the spotted security chief over to Starbase Twenty-Three as she waggled her fingers to wave good-bye.

"CAPtain, please, I'm BEGGING you here... help me!"

Betazoid muscial interlude

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Rain Lexington and Liviana McCray infiltrate the USS Sunfire once more on a secret mission, then escape to a Betazoid wedding. All set to a Broadway score... because.

Through the looking glass

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Across the dimensions, there is another starship with a colorful history... different, yet bearing the same name. And across the dimensions, a rumor has reached, thanks to the Bulikaya particle... a rumor of a cloaking device.

Captain Charylotte MacGregor of the Terran Empire wants something from the USS Victory.

And she's coming to get it.

Part of Very, Very Big Trouble

The Aurora

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Project: Illuminatus is a developmental project concieved by Lieutenant Jessica Valin and Lieutenant Commander Selune to develop a small, versatile fighter craft for the federation using parts available and accessible. As a side benefit it was proposed as a downtime project to keep some of the crew busy and entertained while off duty, and approved by the Captain.

The Home Front

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For as long as men and women have left behind their lands and homes, there have been letters written to those left behind. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes elegant, sometimes poignant... but throughout history the tradition has remained the same. Starfleet is no different, and in this mission, concurrent to the main mission of the moment, are the letters written back home to the loved ones left behind. Husbands, wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, or just the dear friends left behind... those who keep a candle in the window burning, hoping for their loved ones' safe return from the perils of defending The Home Front.

Way Back When

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Wordpress established a contest about writing your character's ancestors, to help illustrate where they came from and part of what shaped them today. So since a few of us entered, it seemed appropriate to share the tales here.