Mission Groups

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Missions: 3

Catapulted through time by a combination of sabotage and desperate experimentation, the "Bonaventure Three" find themselves twenty years out of time, and facing a world that believes them dead... and worse. As they struggle to find their place in this brave new world, old troubles haunt them even as new challenges arise.

Very, Very Big Trouble

Missions: 1

Harry Mudd and the mirror universe, a real Mad Hatter and bare midriffed uniforms... it's back to work for the Victory.

Heart of the Federation

Missions: 4

Returning to Earth after their eventful year and a half in space, the crew of the Victory interact and see firsthand what some of their works have created, and some of the long-term ramifications of their actions. Triumphs, tragedies and temptations for the crew, and an uncertain future for the Victory herself as the excelsior class continues to gain in popularity.