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One Last Night On Earth XI

Posted on Wed Sep 5th, 2012 @ 2:13pm by Commander Fiona McCray & Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Commander Yuna Raza & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean & Ensign Qurka Qurg
Edited on on Sat Sep 8th, 2012 @ 6:34am

Mission: Present Tense
Location: Eilean Donan, Scotland

The duo approached the Great Hall as they had left it, arm in arm, though the Vulcan vixen's hair was considerably more mussed than the night before, and there were the odd bits of straw sticking out of it here and there that she'd missed. She patted the leonine highlander's arm then left him at a table to collect his breakfast as she approached the McCray matriarch, hands clasped behind her back and shoulders drawn together, with a gleeful smile upon her face that definitely earned her 'Cheshire' sobriquet.

Bonnie looked up with a warm smile and put a finger to her lips indicating her sleeping spouse.
"Auld fool saw the sunrise in," her face softened into loving lines as she looked at her drowsy mate and still slumbering youngest. She patted the ottoman next to her, and Char sat like an obedient puppy, practically bouncing in her seat. "So dear girl... how did you like young MacGregor?" she asked in a very pleased whisper.

The exotic alien girl spared a glance over her shoulder at the rugged highlander loading up a breakfast plate, then turned back to the matriarch and opened her palm slowly, silently showing her the clasp he'd given her to hold for him.

"Oh my," Bonnie looked delighted, "guid, guid... it's far past time for that young man tae start livin' again," she said with great satisfaction.

Those large violet eyes shone and she quickly yet gently embraced the older woman in a tender hug. "You work very, very quickly ma'am," she whispered. "And you chose very, very well. He needs me... as I need him. And he's a good man." she broke the hug and pulled back, blushing a rather minty hue to her cheeks. "A very good man, actually..."

Bonnie chuckled and removed a stray straw or two from Char's hair. "Not ... TOO... guid I see," and she seemed quite pleased by the observation. "Boot aye, he is a guid lad. His father was a guid man too. I came verra close to marryin' him instead of my William. I think I chose wisely, boot I love Raine like one oov me own. It was nice watching him grow. He's good stock. Solid, dependable with joost enough bad in him tae make him interestin,'" she patted Char's knee " I'm auld... not blind."

The Cheshire captain grinned cheerfully at that and nodded silently, rolling her eyes in acquiescence. She would have protested, but it was pointless... and the matriarch knew her well.

Bonnie gave a slight sniff, "There were several here thet wuid hae done nicely, boot he's tha best a tha lot." Her grin widened, "Yer Security Chief had a nice companion as well... and I believe the others enjoyed themselves. Your doctor is a caution- you missed him dancin' round tha fires. I like his companion tae...and Qurka is absolutely charming," she chuckled.

"I think thet Prrrt and Proot were tha hit oov tha evening at least with the monsters. You may hae a hard time prying them away from tha bairns." She sighed contentedly then frowned, "Didn't see hide nor hair oov little Selune boot I suppose thet's par fer tha course. She's shy"

"Not all of my crew are comfortable being social... but I certainly am glad that Qurka and Siivas and Andurean and the tumbleweeds enjoyed themselves... he is a caution, and a very sweet man, and I'm quite fond of Qurka... I'm fond of them all, truth be told. I am just amazingly grateful to you, ma'am. You have done so much for me and mine... " Chary paused at that and looked at the sleeping spitfire who had brought all of this into their lives, then she smiled and nodded.

"I will bring her home safely, ma'am... so long as it is even remotely possible, if it takes my last breath she will cross your threshold safely again. I owe you that... and her as well." She locked eyes with the steely matriarch and made her vow.

"Whist, I know ya will, yer Fi's deirfiracha go deo... you and yours are family now... and you are always welcomed at our hearth and table," Bonnie smiled and patted Char's hand. She nodded silently and smiled, then hugged the older woman once more.

Straightening up she stood and tugged down the edge of the sweater. "And I promise to wear a skirt next time," she said, rolling her eyes. "But for now I think I may go eat a bear, then I should begin to rouse my merry crew... all of whom may not be well rested, but they've certainly had one last night on earth to remember... a gift to take with them to the stars."

"We're fresh oot oov bear dear... boot we do hae some oov those duck and apple sausages you were so fond oov last time you were here..." Bonnie said serenely.

While she did not make good on her threat to eat a bear, Char did manage to wolf down three full heaping plates of breakfast, impressing both her hosts and the man by her side, who began to ask where she put it all, considered possible answers and with a nod decided to keep the comment to himself. Once she was sated and had located a bowl of coffee with a handle- in truth a drinking stein that she repurposed for the occasion- she began to move through the halls, rapping on doors to rouse her crew.

While it may not have been the most hospitable action possible, they were on a deadline and she needed them roused and preparing to depart. "Victory, Starfleet will not be kept waiting, shuttle leaves in forty-two minutes, let's rouse for reveille! Breakfast is still on the table and the sun is nigh!"

Yuna attempted to slip into the breakfast hall unnoticed, but succeeding only in drawing attention to herself.

" Sorry I am... I, uh, slept in," she finished lamely, picking up a plate and loading it high with all kinds of slops.

Charybdis hunted down Wallace, who was puttering with some of the menfolk outside and hauled him back into the hall, put a plate of bacon and eggs in his hands and directed him to wake his baby sister.

"What? Why me?!?" he laughed plaintively.

"Because she likes you better, and you won't be on a ship with her for the next however many months, that's why. Now go wake her up, I need her moving and sentient in less than twenty minutes!" Char said, shooing him off to be sacrificed.

Yuna looked around, seeing nobody but a few random guests from the previous night. Where the hell were the rest of the crew? Fearing she may have been left behind, breakfast was forogtten as she headed out to find someone who might know what exactly was going on.

She found a very sleepy looking Fiona sitting on a stack of pillows with her corgi pup in her lap. She was holding a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. She lifted her mug in a salute to Yuna as she came in. "Marnin' Dottie!"

"Morning Fi," Yuna inhaled the scent of coffee - it was blissfull " Where is everyone?" She asked innocently as possible, flopping down on a couch.

"Sleeping... I think," the first officer winced slightly at the sound of her own voice." I lost track oov folks suim time after midnight when old Seamus was tryin tae talk Qurka intae dancin' with him, " she took a sip of her coffee and sighed, "I'd be sleepin... but Char had Wally wake me oop. Did you sleep alreet?" she asked purely for forms sake.

"You could say that," Yuna said with a shy smile, wishing she'd now brought her breakfast with her.

Fiona's mouth was full of bacon but her eyes widened and she chewed furiously until she'd cleared the bite " OH? Really?... you... bad girl!" she laughed delightedly. "Go Dottie..." she giggled like a school girl.

Yuna blushed as red as beets. "I feel like a school girl busted for skipping class," she admitted shly.

Fiona chuckled and took another bite. "As long as ya had fun... it's all guid," she said with a wide grin. "It was a bonfire night. Yer supposed tae kick oop yer heels a mite."

A dull thud followed by a long creak announced the presence of a wall peeling itself open revealing a rather grey looking figure. Large eyes peered out at everyone before the Caitian sneezed, shook her head vigorously and sneezed again. After a slight pause, involving alot of dusting off and more sneezing Selune frowned, "So..." she carefully asked, "anyone ever try following a ghost?"

"Is that where you've been all night? Lost in the walls, Kitty?" Char asked as she happened into the hall at the same time and dropped a breakfast plate into Yuna's hands.

Fiona chuckled at the dust covered caitian " Oh dear, not precisely a fun way tae spend an evening boot...congratulations you found suim oov tha secret passage ways." She didn't seem surprised that the Caitian had spent her evening following one of Eilean Donan's elusive spirits around. She looked over at Yuna " See...I told you there were ghosts."

"Ah, it waent sae..." Selune haltingly paused, blinked hard and started again a little slower, painfully ignoring whatever it was that had briefly infected her speech, "It wasn't so bad once you get over the whole... ghost thing, some good musicians skulking about in there you know, who's the large fellow? Great big bushy beard?"

" could be any oov a number oov folk living or passed. Uncle Seamus looks like a pirate wi' a big booshy beard. Then there's old Lord Robert. and Black Jack tha highway man..." Fiona shrugged. "You might hae stumbled across a neighbor, a relative, a guest or a haint."

Siivas woke as a none-too-subtle certain serpent slithered up his spine, trying to get more comfortable in his body heat since he was exposed and face down, halfway off of the bed.

"'Durean," Siivas murmured a little whiny, "e's on me back agin." His head throbbed, his own voice sounded like a harpy screech and his moan of agony was like a subharmonic pressure wave smashing into his senses.

He felt the mattress shift and felt Andurean's fingers reach out and touch his temples, massaging them gently as the Kolari hybrid installed pain blocks and pushed the sensory overstimulation away. Siivas sighed and as the serpent was plucked off of his back, he rolled over and smiled up at his green lover. "For a moment I thought I was in the Human hell," he sighed and stretched.

Andurean smiled down at him fondly as his eyes looked over Siivas' lithe muscular body before deliberately putting his serpent to one side. Siivas grinned knowingly as Andurean turned back and leaned down.

Qurka awoke, her internal clock rather insistent as was her need to get to the bathroom. The problem was, there was something heavy and warm on top of her. She pushed up with her arms a little and felt an arm across the back of her neck and smiled, remembering. She was naked of course, she had earned it certainly and he had certainly been sturdier than she had thought' a nice surprise to find a Human that could keep up. Why, she hadn't even broken his pelvis.

She felt the hair on his chest and beard on her back and neck and rubbed her head up a little, savoring his warmth and the soft gristle of the body hair. Klingon men did not, as a rule, have a great deal of body hair. Some did but they were few, inherited from their ancestors that had been a part of that stupid mistake in the last century that produced all those 'smooth-heads'. She had found herself strangely attracted to men with body hair; she loved the feel of it, running her fingers through it and scratching them when they itched; a simple pleasure and giving of pleasure.

And as much as she wanted to stay where she was, feeling all dominated and thoroughly mated, she really, really had to pee. So with a soft sigh she did a rather manly pushup and lifted both of their weight and then gently flopped him onto his side, sliding him off of her and onto the bed. She gazed fondly at the red-bearded pale-skinned male, "Crain" she believe his name was, before slipping silently out of the bed and padding into the bathroom.

As she returned, silently padding back to the bed and the warmth, she checked her chrono and frowned. She had some time yet and as exciting as Victory was, she hadn't had male company in years, not since the Incident. She was still standing there frowning slightly and lost in thought when his eyes popped open, staring straight at her.

"C'mon lassie, ye jes' goin'tae stan' there glowerin' a'me er'ya comin' back ta bed?" he growled at her playfully, his bottom lip was a little swollen and purple and he had a bite on his right shoulder where she'd drawn blood... and there was, of course, his back. Of course, she had her own battle scars from that mountain of a man. She growled, made her hands into claws and leapt at him on the bed as he laughed at her.


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