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Unwelcome Tidings

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2012 @ 9:58pm by Commander Yuna Raza & Captain Charybdis MacGregor
Edited on on Fri Nov 30th, 2012 @ 12:48am

Mission: A Stranger Among Us
Location: USS Victory, Captain's Lab, Deck 1


Lieutenant Commander Yuna Celes glared at the computer screen, a myriad of emotions flooding through her system. Damn her heritage, damn her having to take up the mantle of her people when they weren't even ballsy enough to tell the Federation their deepest darkest secret. How the hell was she supposed to explain this to the Captain? To explain she was about to 'cease' to be Yuna... and would become a mix of everything the slug she was about to inherit had seen and done before. Tears pricked her eyes, stinging them before trickling through her long lashes and down the delicately spotted cheek. How could they do this to her?

Meanwhile on the bridge, an incoming message addressed to the Captain only blinked on one of the multiple holographic displays that she tended to keep open when she was working on the bridge. This one, however, carried a Top Secret code, which indicated that she take it privately.

"Miss T'Vyn, you have the conn," she said, stepping out of her command chair after having routed the message to her lab. She crossed the bridge, secured the door to the Captain's Lab then entered her thirty-eight digit security code to decipher the scrambled message.

- To - USS Victory - Captain's eyes only

By order of the Trill Government you are requested and required to rendezvous with the USS Murphy as soon as possible. You will escort Lt Cmdr Yuna Celes to the Murphy and await further instructions.

By order
Ambassador Gerome Litane
Federation Ambassador to Trill


Sitting back and studying the message, Char pursed her lips as she tabbed her comm display. "Lieutenant Commander Celes to the captain's lab," she ordered while she studied the message and looked up the Murphy... a science exploration vessel operating near the Hromi Cluster, charting the local phenomenon. A traditional starship would close the distance in roughly three days at warp nine point four... but the Victory could do far better than that. Char ran the calculations in her head for the distance and warp factors. At warp nine point seven, the best speed of the Enterprise in her heyday, it would still take three days, thus the Murphy was speeding toward them on an intercept course. So someone wanted Yuna to rendezvous in two days or less... and it was from her government, and not Starfleet.

Meanwhile news was coming in that the Enterprise herself had been destroyed over the Genesis planet, a top secret project gone awry... apparently Kirk and his bridge crew had stolen her to try to rescue Captain Spock, and the Klingons had destroyed her. No word yet on the disposition of the crew, and details were still very sketchy. Char hoped the smug bastard was all right... she rather liked him.

Yuna looked up as the Captain's voice echoed through her office, dread filling her system.
' Damn it all to hell' She swore, knowing she couldn't avoid the Captains request no matter how much she wanted to. Rising slowly, she headed to the Captain's Lab as requested, pressing her thumb to the door chime when she got there.

The door slid open for her, and Char was seated behind her workbench, as she often was, with a glass of golden amber liquid that smelled rather like the apple and pear mead she was fond of back in Scotland half-filling a tumbler parked on said table where she indicated to Yuna that she should have a seat.

"Want to tell me what this is about, Dottie?" she asked gently... there was no accusation nor recrimination in her voice, only concern.

Yuna's tear stained face only acknowledged the floor, refusing to meet her Captain's eyes. She felt as though her life - ruined though it already was, was spiraling more out of control. She wiped the tears angrily, ashamed at her own weakness before tentatively raising her chin.

" What I'm about to tell you can't leave this room...." She started, her voice quavering with emotion.

"I can't promise that if your safety is at risk, or that of the ship or the crew. Calm down, Yuna... take a breath, have a drink." Charybdis rose smoothly from her seat, tugged down on the hem of her skirt and her duty jacket reflexively then moved around to the same side of the table as her friend. She stroked the Trill's back a bit then pulled up a chair next to her.

"Whatever this is, I'm here, okay? It's me, Char... not the Captain, not Starfleet and not the Trill Embassy. And I will not let anyone hurt you or malign you... you know that. Part of the joy of this job is anyone and anything has to get through me to get to mine, and I'm a bit solid these days... so to speak," she chuckled slightly. "So explain what's going on... and we'll find a way out of this, all right?"

" What do you know about Trills?" Yuna asked carefully, taking the tumbler from Char and taking a sip. She figured it was better to work out what the Captain knew, before blowing whatever it was she knew completely out of the water.

"A humanoid species native to the planet Trill, distinguished by two rows of spots going down each side of their body, from forehead to toe. One Trill peculiarity is that they are known for having cold hands, and the Trill are a technologically advanced species and the Trill Science Ministry is a leading center of learning and experimentation." The curvaceous captain paused to add her personal reflections with her lopsided grin, "The only one I have known is cantankerous, stubborn, moody and loyal to a fault, and counts on the few relationships that she forms. That's about all unless we get into specifics... but obviously there's something about your society of which I am ignorant. So...?"

" What most people don't know... and will not know until the Trill Government grows a decent set of balls and acts its age, is this..." She carefully lifted the shirt hem of her uniform, exposing her abdomen, to the naked eye, little different could be seen. With the gentle application of pressure, the opening of a pouch was visible.

" We are a joined species, a symbiote... a long living creature will... inhabit our bodies and share our mind. When it's host... the body you see dies, the symbiote will be transferred to a new host to continue survival" Yuna explained carefully, dropping the hem of her uniform and covering the pouch again.

"I... see. Is this a willing process?" the captain asked, probing the situation.

" We are educated... to... appreciate this joining, some even pray that it happens to them, that they are chosen to be joined. Others, like myself, are quite happy to live our lives as unjoined beings. This is shunned on Trill due to the rarity of symbiotes. Everyone wants the knowledge and experience a symbiote offers... well. Almost everyone." Yuna's head dipped again, staring at the floor and cursing the Trill government again. She was torn between her duty to her species, and her duty to her crewmates.

"But not you, Yuna? This is something that you do not want... and that's what this summons is about? They want you to be joined, and you don't want to?" There was that note in Char's voice... the note that said that she was going to do something reckless. After all their adventures together Yuna was learning to recognize it easily now.

" If I don't, the symbiote will die and a long valued member of Trill society will be lost. It's my duty, despite what I may think about it," Celes replied. " There is only a small window of opportunity for a symbiote to be transplanted once the host is critically injured or dies. Despite my misgivings, I have been ordered to do this." Her tearstained eyes met Char's, almost pleading for another option.

Those sharp brows met in the middle, and Char stood up, leaned over and began tapping away at her workbench. "I will not have it," she muttered. "Not if this is not something that you don't wish... I will not let them violate you, Yuna. We have three days... if we're the closest... host, and..."

" I don't have a choice Char, the order has come directly from the Trill Symbioses Committee, under authority from the Prime Minister of Trill himself. If I don't do this, they'll try me for murder of a symbiote," Celes poured her heart and soul into the words, expressing her frustration, dread and inner torment.

"Then he can kindly burn in hell and come get me for it," Char replied with a fierce determination, her fingers tapping out star charts and information flying across the liquid crystal display.


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