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Unwelcome Times

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2012 @ 10:13pm by Commander Yuna Raza & Captain Charybdis MacGregor
Edited on on Fri Nov 30th, 2012 @ 1:44am

Mission: A Stranger Among Us
Location: USS Victory, Captain's Lab, Deck 1

"HAH! Bless that engineering madman I had a little faith in..." She whirled in place, a maniacal gleam in her eye. "Yuna... sweety, we have three days. Three days because that's the fastest we could be where we are going, to meet with that vessel currently seven point four seven nine light years from our position."

"But what they fail to realize is that the Victory is nothing they ever anticipated... and we are very, VERY fast. We can, in point of fact, locate another Trill, pick up whomever we locate for this duty and get them where they are going, and still be..."

" Char... we have 72 hours. And the clock started ticking yesterday" Yuna replied sadly. " I either join with whatever symbiote is on the Murphy, or I end up in prison for crimes against the Trill people."

Confusion and rage and futility all fought for expression on the captain's face. "I will not allow this. Not if it is something that you do not want, Yuna. I will not let them change you and make you into someone else... I know what that is like. I won't, there has to be..."

"You don't get it Char - I DO NOT have a voice in this matter. To the government I'm just a means to an end... a very... different end. I'm not gonna be the Yuna you used to know" Celes' voice trailed off into a whisper. She hated admitting the dark side of her culture.

"I do have a voice in it though, and I can simply refuse to point my ship in that direction, and then it will be too late, won't it?" Char replied. "You fought for it, you did your duty and you will be cleared of it... and the fault will lie with me. We may have a mechanical breakdown or something will have gone wrong with our warp core..."

" I don't have a choice Char - it's my duty to my people, as damned illogical as it may be. I don't want it - but it's something I have to do, despite my opinion," Yuna admitted.

"NO! llhusra na ekhaid, no!" Charybdis took the Trill by the shoulders. "I did my duty once, Yuna... I did my duty to my people and you've no idea what it cost me... though... I did gain so much... but... Yuna, I will not let them do this to you. You do not want it, and we're the Federation... we're supposed to be better than this. We have to be better than this... I won't let them hurt you, Yuna."

" They'll override even your authority Char, I don't know how they do it, but they can have the order come directly from the Federation President if they want to. WE don't have a choice" She admitted sadly.

"Yuna, I can't just deliver you to your own death, to become... overwritten by someone else... that's a horrible fate. There's another way, there has to be..."

" If you refuse, they'll just send someone to come and get me. Trills in Starfleet are few and far between." Celes admitted, whilst she envied Char's repulsion, it only served to twist her own opinion. " On the flip side, apparently the symbiote is a martial arts master, with several centuries of experience and training... I could finally kick your ass in our sparring matches" The glimmer of a positive was the only keeping the Trill from breaking down into tears.

"You've already got twenty years on me, you can already kick my ass. Yuna, I am not going to allow this. You are dead set against it, and I won't deliver one of my best friends to her own execution just so that some immortal slug can live on in her place." She placed her hand on Yuna's shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. "We left you behind once, and I swore never again. And damned if I will walk you to your own execution."

" And if I walk myself?" Yuna challenged, knowing she had to take this decision out of Char's hands.

"It isn't what you want. And if I don't get you there then it's irrelevant... the parasite dies, you get to live, happy ending. You are free from this and our experimental engines are to blame."

" It isn't what I want, but it's my duty Char. I can't let a symbiote that has lived for nearly a thousand years die just because I don't have the balls to share my body" Yuna replied.

"But you aren't sharing it, you are giving it up. Sharing might be different, but that's not the case here! You'll be someone else... someone you were not before, and you'll be gone!" Yuna had never particularly noticed it before, but apparently when Charybdis was very angry, the ridge on which her eyebrows sat became rather... prominent, like a bulging vein on an enraged person's forehead.

" Are you frightened for me.... or are you frightened that you're gonna lose your best friend?" Yuna replied carefully, noting how aggressive Char had become. " Is this about you or me now?"

"You, Yuna. Yes, I don't want to lose my friend. But I don't want you to lose you. I..." she paused and took a breath, then let it out slowly. "I wasn't always what I am now, nor who I am now, Yuna. And up to a certain point it was not my choice... it was my duty to my people and I did it because I was supposed to and it was for the greater good. So I understand this, maybe more than you realize... and I won't let the same thing happen to you. You aren't here in my lab celebrating, you are here in tears because you're afraid and you are going to die."

Tears rolled down Char's cheeks. "I won't have it. Not on my ship. Not to one of my people. You should have the freedom to say no... that's what the Federation is all about."

" Don't make me leave here against your will Char. Please. I couldn't. Let me do this, because it's something I must do." Yuna's words were quiet, but determined. She held Char's hands between her own and squeezed them.

The captain took a few moments to compose herself, then met the Trill's eyes. "You are determined to do this one way or the other, huh?"

" I have to - I owe it to my people. I need your support Char... please. Be there for me," Celes' tears began to flow again at the thought of her Captain being repulsed by what she was about to become.

"If this is what you want, then I won't stop you, Yuna," Char replied, wrapping her friend in an embrace and stroking her short hair. "I'll be there the whole time, and... I'll try not to be too angry at your... symbiote."

It wasn't a promise she felt she could keep, but Char would offer to try at least. Somehow watching someone else walk around with the face and form of her friend whom they murdered to live would be challenging, she imagined.

"Imirrhlhhse arham draed..." she muttered.

" Promise not to throw up when you see it?" Yuna quirked an eyebrow at her CO with a questioning glance.

"Sure... that I promise. And I will hold your hand, and..." whatever Char planned to say next was lost in racking sobs as she held the wiry Trill to her

" For Slugs sake... don't cry, you'll set me off as well..." Yuna sniffled, trying to control her own emotions. Talking to Char had helped her come to terms with what she was required to do. She still wasn't happy about it, but the Captain had imparted a certain... clarity to her thoughts.

"Sorry... I'm just gonna miss you... life seems to reinforce the lesson to me that if I care for someone I will lose them. I'm just being selfish, I know... and I have to get used to it. If I don't manage to get myself killed I might just live to be five hundred, in theory. So I'll outlive everybody in the long run," Char sniffled and heaved a rather impressive sigh. "I just didn't expect to lose everyone so soon, is all..."

" You're not gonna lose me.. you're just gonna inherit someone with a shiteload more... sanity" Yuna quipped, giving Char a squeeze. " I'll just be... different. And I'll outlive you... by a long shot"

"But you won't be you, you'll be... it. And it'll look like you and sound like you, but..." the emotional commanding officer forced herself to let go of the Trill before she began exerting her strength, because the topic still made her remarkably angry.

" There'll be some of me in there... of that you can be sure." Yuna replied with a hug. " I wouldn't leave you alone with just some slug to keep you company. I'll still be Dottie..."

'I hope' she added silently.


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