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Time to Do the Deed I

Posted on Mon Dec 3rd, 2012 @ 1:25am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Commander Yuna Raza
Edited on on Mon Dec 3rd, 2012 @ 1:27am

Mission: A Stranger Among Us
Location: USS Murphy, Hromi Cluster


Lieutenant Commander Yuna Celes stared at the USS Murphy, the Starfleet Science vessel they had come to rendezvous with here. Its sleek hull gleamed in the starlight of the nearby yellow giant, Gamma Hromi, which dominated the colorfully breathtaking region known as the Hromi Cluster. It was a beautiful sight to behold, a marvel of modern engineering and the pride of Starfleet, set against a magnificent wonder of the universe. It meant little to the silent Trill though - trying desperately to hold herself together on the eve of her joining. The thought of it still terrified her, despite the limited knowledge she had on the procedure.

There was a knock at her door, and she raised her eyes from the Murphy.

" Come in." There was a slight quaver in her voice as she spoke.

On the other side of the door, Charybdis steeled herself. This was something which she was against on so many levels, but Yuna was determined to see it through... and if it was the last act of respect for her friend that she could perform for her was to respect her wishes and support her in this, then she would do so. The Trill was afraid, and for good reason... she was giving up her life, her body, her very identity over to a stranger, and someone else would walk away with her life.

The Romulan agent who had endured something quite similar long ago was not fond of the idea. But damned if she would show anything but support in Yuna Celes' final hours. Besides, if Siivas was correct- and he usually was- this was not as bad as Yuna suspected. But Char still didn't like the fact that Yuna was being manipulated and forced to go through with this.Chin up, shoulders set, and smile, she thought to herself as she strode into the Trill's spartan quarters and struck a pose.

"So... ready to go meet the new you?" she quipped, hoping that it was convincing.

" Not really, but as they say 'suck it up Princess'," Yuna quipped, standing and facing her commanding officer. She'd asked Char to accompany her to the procedure, and her recovery afterwards. It would be an eye opening to both of them, in more ways than one.

"And here I thought you only said that to me. Is there anything that you would like for me to handle... any correspondence or disposition or anything of that sort?" Char asked, maintaining a slight smile and forcing herself to remain calm, holding onto what she could of her bliss. She was a Starship captain, and her crewman needed her support. She could do this thing. She would do this thing.

" Just promise me you ain't gonna throw your guts up all over me," Yuna said with a smile, taking Char's hand and squeezing it. " And just be there, that's all I ask," she said simply. " Shall we?"

"A tractor beam couldn't pull me from your side for this. And when have you ever known me to lose a meal, hmm? It all goes in and just makes more ass," Char quipped, slapping her own rounded rear as they walked to the transporter room, hand in hand. Moments like this often made the crew talk, but Charybdis seldom cared... and today was a particular exception.

In short order they were in the transporter room, then a blink of the eye later on the USS Murphy, being met by the ship's Assistant CMO - a Doctor Gertrude.

" Oh... I'm sorry... I thought we were only receiving Commander Celes," there was a bit of a double take by the somewhat panicked diminutive doctor.

"I'm Captain Charybdis, commanding officer of the USS Victory. Commander Celes has expressed that she wishes for me to be present for this procedure, and thus, I will be present. That isn't a problem, is it Doctor?" The manner was official and the tone was even and cordial... but there was no mistaking that the intention behind it was quite firm.

The doctor looked terrified, knowing that this procedure was highly classified, there were only a handful of Starfleet officers who knew the secret of the Trill species, and only those who were authorized could be present.

" I'll... ahh... have to arrange clearance for you... um... give me a moment... Commander Celes, can you follow me please?" The doctor gestured hurriedly towards the door.

"The Commander goes nowhere without me, Doctor." Charybdis was smiling, but it was not unlike the smile of a shark eying a tuna. "You may take all the time that you like to 'arrange my clearance'... I assure you, I have a rather surprising clearance level. But time is of the essence here, and I do not think that your patient will endure delays well... and I think that you will find that I am somewhat adamant about the safety of my people. I gave the Commander my word that I would not leave her side... and you will not make a liar out of me, Doctor." Before, there was firm politeness. That firm politeness had been replaced by steely resolve. It was quite clear that Captain Charybdis would not be easily hoodwinked, brushed aside or scraped off to the waiting room.

" I will....grant you access to observe, on the Captain's authority," Gertrude stammered, scurrying out the door and indicating for the Victory officers to follow. She had no idea how to get this robust Captain access... but if it meant taking the Trill, she would do what she could. She strode quickly down the corridor, glancing behind to make sure they were still behind her as she went.

As the doors of a medical lab loomed before them, Gertrude thumbed in a restricted access code before the doors revealed the scene hidden from them.

" Oh crap," Yuna whispered, realizing that there was no backing out now. Her future very realistically sat before her, the covered corpse of the previous host to one side of the lab, a large glass tank with an overweight grey slug in it in the centre, and a vacant biobed to the right hand side.

Turning to her old friend, Char took both her hands in her own and whispered. "If you want to back out, this is the time. I WILL get you out of here, and I will protect you. You know that I will. This is your choice Yuna, and I will respect it... but I offer you one last chance, here and now." Those nebulous purple eyes sought the soft brown eyes of the Trill she had known for what seemed like so much of her life. Siivas had warned her that the Trill government might be manipulating her to cause an incident here so that they could leverage Starfleet, and if so then they were quite correct... but this was not her choice, it was Yuna's.

" How long... has he..." Yuna stammered, looking at the corpse on the far side of the room.

" Two days. We're running out of time," Gertrude said shortly, her patience wearing thin.

Yuna was torn again, but stole the last vestige of strength and integrity from her youth and education. She was doing the right thing for the Trill people, she was doing this for the thousands of years of Trill history that she was about to uphold.

" I have to do this Char..." she said, more to herself than to her Captain. " I have to... for my people."

Nodding, Charybdis wrapped her friend in a hug, struggling to maintain her composure. "All right Dottie... I'm going to have one more little conversation, and then I'll probably need to be out of the way for this. But I will be here, you know I will." Charybdis turned to regard the small, grey lifeform in the tank.



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