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Chained Heat

Posted on Mon Jan 7th, 2013 @ 12:36am by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Commander Yuna Raza

Mission: The Road to Sto'vo'kor
Location: Starbase 23, Level 27, Main Brig


LT Commander Yuna Raza knew the preverbial crap would hit the fan soon enough. The prisoners she'd transferred to the brig of Starbase 23 herself were dangerous. Not too much in the weaponry sense, although they were quite apt at that as well, more so the fact they could get men to do everything they wanted to... and more.

The Trill had sent a long list of instructions, only female guards, random checks of the forcefields to prevent tampering, a constant surveillance feed from a remote location unaffected by any 'smells' that may be emitted. She just KNEW something was gonna go balls up. So much so that every hour, and sometimes more frequently she called and checked they were still there.

Crewman George Ferball reported for his rostered shift, tired, grumpy and not having got any attention of the female variety for far longer than he cared to admit.

" George.. you're roster buddy!" Ensign Milton said cheerfully, tossing him his orders lazily. He was supposed to be watching cells 14 through 25. He didn't even bother reading the orders, instead throwing them back at her and stalking up the wide aisles of the brig to watch whichever ones had the most curves. He wasn't taking that crap today - all he wanted was a sleep... and a little attention.

" Well aren't you a bundle of joy this morning" Chelsea Milton retorted after him, making whatever arrangements she could to cover the now gaping hole in the guard roster. Why were men always so moody?

Ferball stalked the wide corridor looking for something interesting. Most of the cells were empty, with the occasional 'over indulged' or petty theft person locked up here and there. Today was going to be a LONG shift.

Not 10 minutes later he found himself drawn to a particular cell, unable to explain why or how he happened to be there. Inside - his eyes boggled and his pants became rather uncomfortable.

"Oh, THERE you are... we've been waiting, haven't we sister?"
"Waiting so long, yes..."
"For a MAN..."
"A handsome man, look at those muscles..."
"I bet you work out."
"I bet he does."
"All those big muscles..."
"Ooh, look at that one, sister..."
"Oh Hra'val, yes..."
"He IS excited to meet us."
"And quite muscular, yes."
"Should we introduce ourselves?"
"Oh yes, most definitely. I am so ripe from being in this cell all night, so hot and sweaty..."

Ensign Milton had made a note in the log, pointing out that the Orion prisoners were exercising, doing a lot of cardio through the night. It was in that bundle she had tossed at Ferball... not that he would care right now. Practically pressed against the forcefield, he could practically smell the sex they were oozing.

Literally, in this case.

Ferball thought all his Christmas's had come at home, his thought processes entirely focused on the scheme before him. Absently his hands reached for the forcefield controls. He had to get in there.

The duo were currently doing things to one another that was generally not considered to be acceptable behavior between siblings, and usually not for public display in most cultures. They were turning it up to a fever pitch, and the fever was working overtime on George.

"No. recruitment."
"Tell us your name and rank, dreamboy?"
"We want to get it tattooed here."
"And here."
"We'll be all yours."
"Slaves to your pleasure."
"We want to enjoy you."
"We do."
"But there's an eensy little problem."
"We're only allowed to copule..."
"To make pleasure with our newest master."
"If he has twenty friends on hand."
"To watch."
"Right here in front of us."
"Then we will truly be yours."
"Go now, the guard is coming."
Kalimal tugged at her partner in crime's shoulder, and they easily fell into a sprawl that looked like two exhibitionists sleeping as Ensign Milton strode up.

"So, I stand relieved?"

"I gotta go, emergency, be right back!" Ferbal shouted over his shoulder as he sprinted away.

"Hey... HEY, I'm supposed to be off duty!" Chelsea shouted after the malingerer. Seriously, why were men always so moody?

About 5 minutes ago - Yuna had attempted to check in on the prisoners.... and was disturbed with what she saw.

" You and You - with me.. NOW" She shouted, grabbing her phaser belt and pointing to the nearest two security officers.

Striding with a purpose was a skill Charybdis had cultivated. A brisk military pace was handy, but she had long legs and a broad stride, excellent footing and she did not tire easily. She rather enjoyed walking fast- it got her where she was going, and it tended to unnerve people. She was rather fond of that as well, truth be told. She rounded the corner to attach herself to the shoulder of her security chief.

"Now?" she asked sweetly. "My bet is on five minutes and fourteen seconds from now. You?"

" Considering I know half the team in that office and not for the right reasons - I'm thinking sub 4 minutes" Yuna pulled her phaser and checked the settings, taking great delight in setting it to VERY heavy stun.

" Permission to kick some ass Captain?"

"Please do, I came for the show. I promise only to engage someone if I need to defend myself. No punching, kicking, what have you. Show the locals how it's done by the pros and let's try to not rub their noses in it." Char did sound reasonably sincere.

" Why not? They've obviously not done their job properly or I wouldn't be here," Yuna snorted, rounding the corner before the station's brig. She could hear the commotion inside.

" Okay Ladies... let's move in" She said, instinctively taking point and putting herself in front of both her Captain and her team. Phaser raised she whipped around the corner and stepped into the fray.

Somehow the two prisoners were out of their cell and were preparing to make their escape.

"Cease and desist... NOW!" Yuna ordered, her voice carrying over the din of love drunk males.

Some turned, some did not. Some pulled phasers. The only ones who got all of the Trill's attention were the two Kolari criminals.

"Kill them for us, won't you? They want to steal you all for themselves..."

There had appeared to be a commotion before. Now, there was a riot as bodies surged forward and phasers fired.

Charybdis shook her head. Five minutes off... well, four minutes and thirty-seven seconds, give or take. Apparently she wasn't that good at prognostication after all. This was another fine mess...

Yuna gave up trying to stop the offenders, having her shots too obscured by the surging mass of bodies that didn't entirely look like something she didn't want to remember. It was wrong on so many levels. She wished for a wide beam stun, having to start at the back of the pack and stun just about everyone to and sort the mess out later.

" Stand back Captain!" Yuna shouted, pushing the Captain back a few paces as her phaser failed to live up to her expectations. Stupid lump of plastic. Throwing it aside she resorted to fists until she'd almost gotten control of the situation. The two security team officers covered her with stunning phaser fire to the left and the right, and the Captain stayed with them. She picked up a phaser from a merchant Yuna had knocked out with a punch and putting it into action, though in truth, the captain of the Victory was a terrible shot with a Type 2 pistol.

Today was no exception, though she did manage to not stun anyone on her own landing party.

"Private arms, bad policy on a Starbase..." Char muttered as Yuna punched a Bolan in the midsection. He turned bluer as he fell to the ground, gasping for air like a landed fish.

" I'll add it to my list of gripes" Yuna retorted angrily, snap-kicking a beefy Starbase security officer in the head to drop him like a tree in a storm. She had nearly having worked her way to the two Orions who were still oozing whatever the heck they oozed.

" Now... You and YOU... are the bane of my existence at the moment:" Yuna said angrily, launching a fist towards the chin of the closest one. She took the hit and whirled with it, coming back around with a spinning kick at Yuna's shoulder.

The Trill saw the kick coming and twisted awkwardly, causing her knee to grumble rather rudely as it took the brunt of her weight unexpectedly. The blow glanced off her shoulder, making contact but would leave nothing more than a spectacular bruise.

" Not nice" Raza retorted, letting loose a barrage of pent up energy and emotion onto the bimbo that was making her life hell. To say there would be the odd bloody nose would be an understatement. But her own security officers fell back to take control of the scene, knowing their chief could handle it. As D'Reavta fought a losing battle with Yuna, Kalimal tried to steal away, only to find a hand on her shoulder.

"You know, I think you're getting off easier on this one. Goodnight, Kalimal..." and with that, Charybdis pinched the area between the Kolari's neck and shoulder near the base of the neck, and the green-skinned seductress' eyes glazed over, she stiffened and slid to the ground.

"Hmph. Well what do you know?" Charybdis asked no one in particular as she smiled cheerfully, looking over her right hand.

As advertised, Kalima had indeed had it easy. D'Reavta was still trying to hold off Yuna Raza, and she was by far no match for her. She took a punch to the jaw that spun her around, and she fell to the floor, taking advantage of the opportunity to scrabble amongst her fallen mesmerized victims.

" Oh no you don't" Yuna went after her, pulling her back by the back of the skimpy outfit she wore and hauling her to her feet even as the material and links gave way a bit.

" I'll give you one chance to yield, or you're not gonna look the same way again" Yuna threatened, holding the scrambling Andorian at arms length. Deep within the Trills gut, the male previous hosts of her symbiont were getting quite... erm... happy indeed.

The ostensible slave girl knew when a day was lost, and she was a survivor. She held up her hands and stopped her scrabbling. "I yield, Feddie... lock me up again."

Raza didn't know to take her on her word or not, and so grabbed a green arm and twisted it harshly behind the Orion's back in an arm lock that would either end in a broken arm, or a continued compliance.

"Ouch, you are hurting me... police brutality!" she whined.

" Tell that to the bloody nose and split lip you gave me" The Trill returned, twisting the prisoner's arm a little higher for good measure. " You... are under arrest... AGAIN." With a shove Yuna threw the prisoner once again in the cell and this time setting the forcefields to a more appropriate level for a prisoner of this calibre. This would NOT happen again.

" Sorry bout the mess Captain"

"Please, certainly not your fault. I appreciate you having been so on top of the situation and prepared to act accordingly... good work, all of you." the captain nodded to both the very occupied security officers Yuna had brought with her.

"So... no aerosol biofilters in this block is the problem... well, that and lax discipline. Would you like to have a chat with the station commander or just leave that to me while you have a discussion with security? Full forcefields should hold them short term, but they still need the full precautions... you know the drill, commander. So?" Char was smiling... reasonably pleased with how the situation had played out, apparently.

" A report will be on your desk for perusal within the hour" Yuna said efficiently, looking at the sprawled mass of stunned bodies on the floor. " Or perhaps two"

"Had me worried there for a moment... but good work as always, Chief. Thank you," Char offered the trill a handshake.

" Thank you Captain, I trust you were not harmed in any way?" Yuna asked, shaking her Captains hand and watching her two team members organize medical teams for the mess on the floor. There were going to be some sore heads in that bunch.

"As if. Not a scratch, and not a punch thrown in anger, as promised. All right, I'm off to have a discussion with Commander Paris... I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see me. Beam in any backup you need, on my authority, yadda yadda..." Char waved absently over her shoulder as she strolled out of the brig, picking her way amongst the fallen victims of a pheromone-incited riot... and an angry Trill.



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