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Things Man Was Not Meant To Know

Posted on Tue Feb 12th, 2013 @ 5:58pm by Captain Charybdis MacGregor & Lieutenant Commander Selune & Lieutenant Commander Siivas McKenzie & Lieutenant Velth Andurean

Mission: Where Some Men Have Gone Before
Location: The Galactic Barrier

The warp trail of the shuttle had been faint, but reasonably easy to track with the combined efforts of the science department. Upon entering the subspace corridor, the Victory had accelerated to a considerable speed, which by best guess was in the neighborhood of warp fifty. According to the vector and the angle. Apparently they were angled on an exit vector of the Milky Way galaxy, which was fine so long as the corridor was not one way, and according to Charybdis' research that tended not to be the case... unless this was a temporary corridor brought about by forces unknown.

And if that was the case, then she would work out how to get home once their mission was complete. One problem at a time.

All was well, despite heading into the unknown, and when the Victory emerged from the conduit, the captain was notified and summoned to the bridge, only to see a vast expanse of violet swirling haze in the distance, that seemed somehow both familiar and alien at the same time.

"What have we got, Mister G'urgh? the captain asked, fascinated the the phenomenon onscreen.

"Deflectors say there's something there, sensors say there is nothing, Captain. Density negative. Radiation negative. Energy negative. Yet the deflectors are reading it as a barrier of some sort... in short, at this stage, and without further data, it defies analysis, ma'am." G'urgh looked up from his station, awaiting the next command. "I have, however, picked up the shuttle Fortuna's warp trail."

And that's when Dr. Siivas McKenzie made his way to the bridge.

"Doctor? Not that I object, but what brings you to the bridge?" the captain of the Victory asked with good humor.

"We need to be elsewhere Captain," Siivas replied, staring not at the viewscreen but slightly to one side. "The Great Barrier is not meant for us."

"Helm, confirm our position... that's it, the Great Barrier?" Charybdis had read of it, of course, and the Enterprise had tried and even succeeded in breaching it... but the mystery of just what it actually was, and how it had come to be was one of the great unsolved mysteries of the cosmos. The romantic allure appealed to her... and then she remembered that seemingly out of nowhere her chief medical officer had come to the bridge to warn her away from it.

Victory at Galactic Barrier

After confirming their location with the navigational computer and sensors a second time, Selune gave a firm nod, "Sure is," she announced quietly before returning her eyes to the main view screen, "It is pretty though, isn't it?"

"Mister G'urgh, give me scans and let's see if we can get an idea of just where our errant shuttle has gone," she ordered, knowing full well Carlow had gone to it like a moth to a flame... but had he gone through? Turning to regard the Deltan doctor, her brow furrowed slightly and her lips pursed.

"Is there something we should know, Doctor...?" Charybdis asked quietly.

"The Deltan Union had warp travel for centuries before Humans did," he replied. "We were once the most powerfully developed species in our part of the quadrant but we did a great deal to hide that, and our knowledge, to prevent others from trying to take what we had. We were widely travelled, we were widely known and we traded with everybody," he smiled slightly and shrugged, "we still do, for the most part."

"But that," he pointed to the screen, "has claimed dozens of Deltan lives because of what it does to normal mortal creatures, because of what it was meant to do. We're unsure who made it but we know it's an artificial structure. It's meant to contain or repel, something, in or from this galaxy. Those who are affected by it are driven mad but that simply is not the worst of what happens because some, a few, are granted incredible powers. Our experience teaches us that it is these powers that drive the wielder of them insane; their minds are not equipped to deal with what they are given." His expression was grim and sad, as if he knew people that had been killed in one of those instances.

"Powers...?" Charybdis asked, not liking the sound of this. The Enterprise had attempted to breach the barrier in 2265 and it had resulted in a dozen deaths on record. "What sort of powers?"

Suddenly the concept of a very powerful Carlow came to mind and she shuddered inadvertently.

"The ability to make desire reality," Siivas replied simply. "Without an intermediary stage, thought becomes real, insanity becomes destruction, genesis and cataclysm in an ever-clashing and escalating spiral until annihilation caused by the breaking mind collapsing into psychosis."

There was a pause before the curious captain replied flatly, "Oh. That sort of powers."

The discussion was interrupted by Lieutenant G'urgh at the science station. "Captain, the warp signature does lead into the barrier... however, it arcs through it, and the remnant energies make the escape trajectory much easier to plot. There is a mining colony not far from here on Delta Vega... though we are not within sensor range, I believe that is most likely the shuttle's destination."

"Outstanding work, Mister G'urgh... helm, lay in a course. Keep watch on the sensors to confirm trail as well as being on the lookout for any... unusual activity, Mister G'urgh." Char and T'Vyn exchanged glances, then the captain turned to the ship's surgeon.

"Is there any cure for this... affliction, Siivas?" she asked quietly, with a sinking feeling that she already knew the answer.

"Death is not the end captain," Siivas replied, "but for us mortals, it is salvation."

"That's not an answer I came to the edge of the galaxy for, old man... I'm not abandoning Carlow to this if I can help it. He may be a lunatic, but he's our lunatic. Find us an option, Siivas... please." The words were confrontational, then softened by a plea... and even as she asked, Charybdis knew that if he had another option the experienced traveller would have presented it.

"I will not lie to you," Siivas told her, "nor soften the truth with pretty words. I do not think that we, as mere mortals, can amass the power necessary to thwart the will of a power such as that." He paused and looked at the barrier through the viewscreen, "But I will try."

"Where there's life there's a chance. We're in over our heads again, but one step at a time... keep me posted, Doctor. Carlow, for some moronic reason is down there after having brushed the barrier. As to what he's doing and why he's come all this way... I suppose we'll find out when we get down there."

"And so, Captain, at what point would you like me to begin jamming that signal?" Andurean noted dryly.

"Signal...?" the captain spun her command chair to face the Kolari communications chief. "What signal, Mister Andurean?"

Casually the communications officer tabbed a speaker online, and carlow's voice came through. "...I am being pursued by my Captain who has gone mad. I barely escaped with my life. If they reach me they will likely destroy me..."

Rolling her eyes, Charybdis facepalmed. "Oh, right... that. Yes, Lieutenant... please jam that until we can deactivate it."


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