Welcome to the USS Washington NCC-81533!

Welcome to the Federation starship USS Washington NCC-81533-B, a member of Independence Fleet.

This sim is set in the year 2390 of the 'JJ Abrams-verse', as shown in the 2009 Star Trek film. It is assumed that the future (2300-2387) has unfolded as it has in the 'Prime' timeline.

Romulus has been destroyed. The Romulans who have survived are scattered around the quadrant. They pick fights with anyone and everyone in an effort to hold together as they search for a new place to call 'home'. The mission of the USS Washington is to protect the Federation's allies against these rogue Romulan factions, and as always to explore the unknown.

The Washington-B is an Monarch Class Vessel that has been through a lot and has been retrofitted with new armor and improved weapons. The decks have been redone and restored for more efficiency as well.